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PC nerds: Can't get no SATA-isfaction? Toshiba flaunts NVMe SSD action

John M. Drescher

Re: What about endurance?

I guess we will be having the same discussion when QLC becomes mainstream and TLC is only had in the high end with MLC fading away.

'Disappearing' data under ZFS on Linux sparks small swift tweak

John M. Drescher

They have a battery of tests that each commit must pass. With that said it's frustrating that the tests failed to detect this.

Zero-day hole can pwn millions of LastPass users, all that's needed is a malicious site

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Re: Why?

I have several hundred online accounts. There is no way I could possibly remember the passwords or even the usernames for all of them. I used to just use the same password for most but then sites started adding conflicting password complexity rules and change policies. Now I use LastPass for the non financial accounts and have to remember the complex password for the rest. Although technically the passwords are not as complex for the ones I need to secure but LP has been hacked multiple times so I don't trust its usage for financial accounts.

Google asks the public to name the forthcoming Android N operating system

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Re: Nachos

That is already a name of an OS. Although unless you are a programmer in an OS design course you most likely never heard of it.

Bash on Windows. Repeat, Microsoft demos Bash on Windows

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Re: How is this different?

I hope performance is improved versus cygwin.

Do you think spinning rust eats flash's dust? Join the hard drive daddies club

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Re: SSD are not reliable enough yet!

SSDs are at minimum 2 times as reliable as spinning disks in annual failure rates and expected lifetime.

Google study finds users ignore Chrome security warnings

John M. Drescher

Now if this is what they are tracking.. I have to enter a site with a self signed certificate at least 1 time per week for what 15 years now? As a programmer (besides the ones I have generated on my own) I click through the warning a lot in forums, wikis, blogs and source code download sites for individual open source projects.

The 10 best … Windows Server 2012 features

John M. Drescher

I agree on all points. I see no point at all for Metro on the server and worse yet as an administrator I HATE when the buttons for the same operation are moved around on each version. I do however like the ribbon additions to the file explorer but certainly not the metro look..

IBM prepares to demo 125TB MONSTER tape

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Re: "Three days to fill at LTO-5 speeds. This does not matter"

When this is released in 10 to 20 years the drives that would use these would certainly not be reading / writing at LTO5 speeds.

Why is solid-state storage so flimsy?

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Re: SSDs and HDDs both require backup...

At work where I monitor over 100 hard drives 24/7 for at least the last 5 years I nearly always know when a drive will fail long enough to replace it. Although this is not SMART PASS / FAIL. Of the 75 or so drives we have RMA'd ( I test them thoroughly before an RMA - 4 passes of badblocks minimum) only 1 single drive had indicated a SMART FAIL status. Even drives where large portions of the drive were unreadable. Instead of the full drive SMART PASS / FAIL I look at specific SMART parameters like Reallocated sectors, Current_Pending_Sector, Offline_Uncorrectable ...

Western Digital cuts revenue forecast, cites 'muted demand'

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"Toss in the failure rate of SSD drives"

That would be an advantage for SSDs since they have a lower failure rate than hard drives.

There is life after the death of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Start button

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Re: Windows 8 is pretty good....

I do that but this does not take care of all the ugly square windows. They may now call Aero cheesy but to me removing it is very frustrating.

Disk demand after Thai floods drains away - unlike Seagate's coffers

John M. Drescher

Re: in a few years time only fascists will use hard discs

I would expect hard drives to still be used years after NAND flash is replaced. Remember that flash has lower write endurance and lower retention period each time it is the nodes are shrunk and as a result this prevents flash from being a viable replacement for hard drives for video and other data sets that tend to be large.

Drive suppliers hit capacity increase difficulties

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Re: A while yet

Agreed. The biggest problem with SSDs now is that shrinking them with the current materials and process makes them less reliable. There are big problems with write endurance and unpowered data retention times that get worse each process shrink. I believe for SSD to catch magnetic disks for price and size there needs to be new materials used.

Washington cop tases naked lawn sex man

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ID Required?

They were committing several low level crimes. Any police officer will demand an ID in this situation. At least in PA they will. Even jaywalking requires you to show ID.

Microsoft pulls plug on search bribery machine

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They have paid me over $400 US to date. I really like when they sponsor my linux machines..

John M. Drescher

I only used bing for the money.

And at that most of the cashback was earned buying hardware for linux machines..

Ex-Googlers reinvent web search

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They need to change that URL.

Transpose the l and i and you get a porn site. This is the second time I did that at work by accident. I hope the company network police do not contact me about this..

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'

John M. Drescher


Cancel or allow? That is plain annoying. I wanted to copy a file to my program files folder from a network link and I ended up getting 3 dialogs for this one action. The first was a pretty dialog asking me if I really wanted to do that. Next was a plain dialog asking the exact same question. Next was a dialog telling me that I could not do that. What a pain. Ask the question once, please or we will all have to turn this crap off.

HP to reduce PC energy consumption by a quarter

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Only sell low end machines.

I can see this easily happening. All they have to do is only sell low end machines.This is all that 90% of the users need anyways so no big deal.

Toshiba tech paves way for 100Gb Flash chips

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Re: skipping gens

Skipping gens is does not work because each generation has its lessons to learn and new problems to overcome. The tool sets that are used to create the chips have to be refined to work with the new generation.