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Beijing scales back RFID ticket plans


RFID Protection..

Just a bit of info for those who aren't aware, if you want to protect your privacy a little better, there are RFID shielding wallets you can buy, so only when you remove the ticket from there to present on entry will details be made available, but no other time than when you choose to.

Small, Cheap Computer countdown continues


PCWorld Advent 4211

Apparently some people on here picked up one of these a few days ago even, and others in the last 1-2 days, so it is already out.

Family Guy creator's sellout to Google almost complete

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Family Guy

Series 5 rocked, quite twisted in parts but lots of original ideas, series 6 isnt as strong but still OK. If you dont get season 5 you probably hate Drawn Together too.

That said, i reckon these ads will be bollocks. Bring on more Family Guy.

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face


Firefox 3

Got it last night (around 8pm London time), works very well, I use Opera 9.5 as well, and it gives Opera a run for its money speed wise. Both however are now fine browsers! (I had been turned off Firefox in later updates of V2, but now back again)

Apple takes the operator's shilling



The iPhone will also be available in Australia via 2 mobile networks (unlike 1 in the Uk/USA), and will offer contract or PAYG too. Also in Australia as there are laws which forbid operator lock in, not only can you buy out of the contract, but you can also pay around 30 pounds to get the phone unlocked to any carrier too!

Keyboard PC design recalls Amiga era



The Amiga was never an 8bit computer, the C=64 was. The A500 was 16bit, the A1200 (which had a similar design) was 32bit, and the BlizzardPPC mobo-like device you could put in the 1200 was 64bit.

Oz admits $85m p0rn filtering FAIL


John Coward...

As others have said here, it was the previous CONSERVATIVE administration which implemented this and many other right wing agendas. The party was the closest thing Australia has had to a facist party in its history. ISP level filtering that is opt-in is a good idea, as long as its opt in, that way businesses, governments and parents can chose to limit what is accessible, and those chosing not to have it, don't have to. Having working for a software filtering company I know many ways one can get around them, and the product is one of the market leaders, so i wont name names, but ISP-based filtering wont stop people bypassing it, but certainly limit the probability.And anyone who thinks Aussies are afraid of sex have obviously never been to Oz, you must be mistaking us for the brits :P

Wal-Mart blogger claims retailer will ditch HD DVD



There's already been a sub $300 player announced, and with the shift to Blu-Ray exclusively, economies of scale / popularity will come to play and you can bet before you know it there'll be chinese/korean imitation BD players on the market for $100-150. And when the market size for Blu-Ray reaches mainstream levels of adoption, the prices of Blu-Ray discs will drop as well.

Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection



MS is revisiting its early days, where they engaged in takeovers of dubious natures just to eliminate competition. They've consistantly shown complete lack of innovation, acquiring other technologies and just integrating it....... How very Borg like :P

If MS does do a hostile takeover of Yahoo like they are threatening I hope the DoJ screws them sideways. Doesn't the DoJ have to approve this action anyhow?? But yeah if they succeed, say goodbye to any non-IE support in Yahoo products, wouldn't be surprised if the use of flash on Flickr got changed to MS's stupid alternative, just to further tie in dependancies. And no doubt they'll screw their open source projects too, as it is in competition with Microsofts.

16GB iPhone to launch today


IPod Touch

The US site has both the 16gb iPhone and a new 32gb iPod Touch... I'm quite tempted to buy the latter, as its a reasosnable amount of space to put a decent number of vids on there and a bunch of music too.

Plunging player prices to reveal Blu-ray vs HD DVD winner?



As i was traveling Europe recently, i saw more consumer electronic stores with larger (or only) Blu-Ray collections than I did HD-DVD. The occasional shop will have more HD, but at worst the collections tend to be half and half. But yeah i've noticed more exclusives for Blu-Ray than HD-DVD too, but during the Xmas consumer wars, both seem to be selling exclusives equally, but PS3 is finally actually getting some advertising from Sony and has dropped to 299 too, so no doubt this will influence things too.