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Sims 3 leaked two weeks before release


I beg to differ

"But obviously, the reverse psychology bit doesn't work either. Fortunately for EA, if Spore and other headlining leaks like Wolverine can make tons of money despite the rampant piracy, there's a good chance The Sims 3 will be lining their pockets anyway."

Indeed, as usual, 1000 pirated copies don't equal 1000 lost sales. A lot of people download it anyway since it's possible and easy, try it, and leave it since it's not their thing.

They would have never paid 10 quids for it !

At contrary, 1000 legit users pissed off and prevented to play due to DRM = 1000 honest folks that won't purchase next game if DRMised. Spore was at least one lost sale on EA from me.

Just due to that, I'll purchase SIM 3, no matter how easily I could get it from da interweb.

Good to see EA back in sanity world !

University emails 'blocked from Hotmail'



"According to Oxford Brookes university on Friday, Microsoft was blocking email originating in its network and those of other universities "on what appears to be a random basis". "

Hmmm, yes, what's the scoop here ? Mikrosoft and "random basis" in the same sentence ?

Google caches payment card details for 19,000 Brits


No big deal

Really. Since the people in question have been stupid enough to post their *real* visa number rather than a one usage number like all serious banks (and certainly all in this country) provide, sometimes as a free service.

And in case the said numbers haven't been used for many weird usages already, I find it cool that Google help those morons to *really* understand they should have a clue, by pushing the numbers to world + dog.

That way, they'll learn.

EA: No DRM for Sims 3


Bizarre title

"EA: No DRM for Sims 3"


"The game will have disc-based copy protection "

Funny how the 2 sentences can be in the same article.

I think we live in interesting times ...

As others has said, disc-based copy protection, depending on how it's implemented, can be a real burden and a game life diminisher.

In other words, a rip-off DRM.

Newfangled rootkits survive hard disk wiping


No physical access needed

"Of course, injecting code into the BIOS is no easy feat. It requires physical access to the machine or an exploit that hands an attacker unfettered root access."

No, it doesn't always require physical access to the machine, unfortunately, nor any exploit, only the SDK from the mobo vendor (admitedly the sources are not public, but easily reverse engineered, since is in their public exe).

Nowadays, Gigabyte for sure (with @BIOS) and probably others have moved towards SW updated BIOS.

My Gigabyte card (http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2695) is best updated this way, via this Windows app, and there's NO physical or BIOS switch to disallow this ! And it doesn't ask for the BIOS password !

What is even worse, is, as much as I would have liked to do it "the old way", I had to go this way, since the last PC I assembled was floppy-less.

As everyone said, bring back the old days of jumper to allow BIOS update !

Nvidia trapped in x86 pipe dream


@AJ Stiles -

"Why the fuck should they need a licence anyway, just to make an x86- compatible processor?"

Yes, because they'd use Intel IP, the x86 insctructions set. It's not the idea, but the implementation which is licenses, here, so there's no abuse.

But if they want, they could also do as others have done, come up with an entirely new instruction set, call it NV86 ! But then, they would have either to wait a decade before seeing customers adoption, or emulate x86 atop, which is back to the license.

Firefox update tackles critical memory bugs

Paris Hilton

@sick and tired

"I am sick and tired of these updates and am seriously considering going back to IE"

Ah ah, good luck then.

Be informed, when Windows tells you that 149 updates need to be applied, at boot time, making booting a more than 1 hour process, that it's reinstall time.

Once you'll have wasted many hours waiting for windows to boot, and 3-5 hours in reinstalling your OS + drivers and apps + restoring all of your data (supposing you backed them up), you'll cease rapidly to be "sick and tired" of the FF updates.

PH icon, what else ?

Windows 7 test build 'turns off' Internet Explorer 8


Yes, cos it's a malware

"Many are speculating that Microsoft has added the IE8 “turn off” feature to the upcoming Windows 7 in an effort to satisfy Brussels’ anti-trust regulators."

Erhm, no, Ms has moved to security, remember ?

Thus, they commited to remove malwares from their OS.

And yes, 2 reboots, as most malwares do take more than one to get rid of.

Google blames Gmail outage on data centre collapse

Paris Hilton

@What about us free users

"Are they going to provide any compensation for us free users for the amount of hassle it has caused our businesses?"

Yes, you're provided 2 additionnal months of free service.

*shakes head* People have a great service at 0 cost and they complain for a couple of hours of outage ! Try Orange webmail if you like !

PH icon obviously, for clueless.

Wanna see how to use Win 7 UAC to pwn a PC?

Thumb Down

Brillant, Thomas !

"Thomas Kristensen, CTO at security notification firm Secunia, explained "This isn't a major issue; after all it requires that the user already downloaded some executable code and decided to run it. No matter which security features have been built into the operating system, then the user should never run code, which they don't trust in the first place. Untrusted code should only be run on dedicated test systems.""

That appaling statement shows that today's world can turn any idiot as a CTO in security.

Repeat after me, young Thomas: "user is insecure, admin is secure, thus there's a very strong need of seggragating between the 2. And it needs being done properly, FFS"

""UAC should only be considered an extra security feature, which will remind users that the code they run potentially could harm their systems - it is not meant as a guarantee against code's ability to harm a system," Secunia's Kristensen added."

No, the admin/user seggragation is vital key to security, not a mere option, and not some freaking marketing material !!!

As SO many others have pointed out, after that kind of bollocks, you no longer wonder why MS various OS have so many security problems. What a moron.

Child porn in the age of teenage 'sexting'

Thumb Down

Moron judge

The real problem is not the law, but the utter moron, hugely paid as a judge, who decided to hijack it and make it a tool of teen abuse, by interpreting very literally the text, apparently unworried there was no victim whatsoever.

Apprently, this person is so hugely deranged with the concept of sex, that he used it as a repression towards the teens.

In a normal country, the ruling would be appealed, and the judge would be disciplined or kicked out.

In this case, apparently nothing happened, which means a lot of the mindset of the rest of the authorities. Mad.

Microsoft smooths Windows 7 snafu

Thumb Down

/me demands to know why so many downloads

I'm actually baffled by the huge number of people downloading this.

Are they actually out of games/hobbies/life that they compulsarily need to install a beta OS ?From MS, and based on Vista ? And requiring activeX or a hack in the download page source ?

And that would possibly wipe out some of their files ? And don't tell me the data partition is hidden/not mounted/invisible, since it's totally irrelevant in MS world of "the computer decides what is better for your partitions".

To me, it's a proof that lots of people actually have a PC as a permanent test bed, with 0 data worth backuping.

Atari promises it won't suck this time

Thumb Down

Rest in peace

"Major plays in the MMO space also follow Atari's recent public venting about the used game market - which the company said is "extremely painful" for the video game publishing industry."

That means company execs are totally out of touch with the market and players and know they can't play with competition, including their own products from the past. Retrogaming is here to fuel competition by still having old products to compete with, and ensure new games will bring something.

And some companies do business with it: look at Nintendo with the WII ! Are their old products so painfull to their market ? No way, they're reselling them in Wii shop !

"Atari is also now betting big money on the success of massive multiplayer online (MMO) games."

Yeah, "betting" is the right word, here, and after the next fall, they'll buy lotery tickets, as the sole way of geting back into business. The truth is you need talented people and not a legion of DRM-obsessed fuckfits that have killed more brands (NeverWinter nights, don't even start me on this one) than they have created, to have the slightest chance to earn money from a MMO. It takes more than the n00b new prez's speech to turn this long undead company into a Blizzard competitor, I'm afraid.

Atari, do the gaming world a favor, unplug the life support, and rest in peace.

Net pedants dismantle Quantum of Solace


anything stronger than "pedantry" ?

Sorry, I'm not english, so I wouldn't know.

At the point of posting 30 mistakes on "Monster's inc.", you really have to wonder what those people's life is like, I mean, after 48 hours with no pills ....

So they write 2 pages letters to the editor, full CAPS, for each typo in the local paper ?

HP breaks Japanese excessive packaging record



Bah, this is peanuts as compared to what HP can *really* do.

Whenever we install a fully loaded blade chassis, I'm not kidding, there's a full *palet* of small boxes, of which we keep only one sheet per 4 boxes: the licences.

The rest is countless times the same HPUX install DVD + docs etc ...

All of that because of the moronic way their logistics is organised.

Mine is the chainsaw icon :-)

Sun gives StarOffice ninth life

Thumb Up

The only reason

"Or you may find yourself paying for StarOffice simply because you don't know any better."

Actually, you have a point. It's the only reason, really ... Except noone remembers StarOffice anymore, nowadays, so it's gonna be some years before that only reason begins to be valid ...

You can prepare your next story about SUN ditching StarOffice again :-)

AVG slaps Trojan label on core Windows file


F***ing AVG

Even if I thank El Reg for the information, I'm extremely ennoyed to read this

2 days ago, I've been called by my neighbor with exatcly the same symptom (boot loop). Since he's blind, lives alone, and relies on a vocal SW which only speaks french, and he doesn't understand english (the only language for AVG free ed.), he could never tell me what happened, only that AVG "said something", he pressed "something" and next reboot was a loop.

End of the day, at the date of this news publication, I had reinstalled the OS, and finally lost my whole day on this, to recover the situation.

The only good thing is he now has avast, which even speaks french when detecting something suspect. Like approx everyone here, I've grown already tired of AVG's inability (V8) to update patterns and ditched it. I'm gonna send a mail to all people I know to ditch this cursed piece of malware.

OMFG, what have you done?

Paris Hilton


Like it, guys, thanks for the head up.

PH icon, because I can't live without it :-)

Amazon flash mob mauls Spore DRM

Thumb Up

At last !

"Spore's DRM limits customers to only three activations after the game is installed. That number isn't restored even if the game is uninstalled."

Eh, seen that ? El Reg discovering DRM are not only on music !


Serisouly, good to see El Reg at least trying to catch up on what is seen by gamers as a major nuisance, putting them in the "be screwed or apply warez dodgy crack" situation, just after purchase.

It's to the point it is now frequent to see people ask in forums, before release date "What DRM does it use ?", makeing it a purchase criteria. It certainly is, by the way, for me.

I'd suggest a further article on the economics of DRM on games, and how the whole story is spinned up so as to make game acquisition more and more a de-facto rent with some expiry period (here, the 3rd time Windows collapses under viruses/malwares, which can be approxed to 6 months for Vista, and 3 years or more on XP).

That would make for an interesting read.

PS: by the way, I recall reading here the above was also a tactics on some expensive CAD SW. A SW market trend, maybe ?

Google publishes Chrome patch details



"The first of the two critical bug fixes addresses a buffer overflow bug in handling long filenames"

Here we go again. New browser, lesson 1.

One decade after Netscape ...

Good luck, guys :-)

Alcatel-Lucent bosses walk as net loss tops €1bn

Thumb Down

time to quit, indeed.

" ... However, she added she felt it was the right time to quit."

Well, yes, minutes before the plane vertically hits the ground, it's time for the pilot and co-pilot, to jump out, with the only 2 parachutes available and leave the other stakeholders to appreciate the last moments. Bravo ! That's what I call corporate responsability ! </sarcasm>

As for Tchuruk, only for setting new records in auto-awarded options and salary, will he be reminded.

Chinese takeaway biodiesel man in garage explosion horror


lucky you, in the UK

"Home biofuel making is legal and tax-free to the amount of 2,500 litres per annum."

Ah, lucky blokes, you, from Blighty. Is totally illegal in France, without any explanation whatsoever from the Sarko Circus.

I guess they now have one. In this article.

Divorce for shouty YouTube wife

Thumb Up

Well said

"We hereby petition for her to be deported from the gender, which has problems enough as it is."

Ah, well said. It's raising my faith in the said gender.

US court sides with Janet Jackson's breast

Paris Hilton

Darwin wins

.2 % of a country's population signing such nonsense is a lot !

But, looking at the positive angle, if they are so shocked at something that used to be present (and permanent) even on some country money bills (100 french francs), there's actually not any chance they'll give birth during their life time.

So, Darwin wins, and this country's people will actually be better.

PH icon, for trivial reasons ...

EU abolishes the acre

Thumb Up

@Ken Hagan

"What's wrong with square metres? Why would one ever want more than one unit of area, except to amuse El Reg readers?

Oh, I get it. There must be a French IT news website that has a penchant for inventing bizarre new units and "hectare" must be one of theirs. I expect it's really funny in French or something."

LOL, read the first comment, square meters and hectares are all part of the international metric system, the one used by everyone except UK and US. Hectare is just here to spare ink and trees when dealing with big surfaces, like cubic meter is for liter. 1 ha = 10 000 m2.

Frankly, given the huge misunderstandings you can spot from time to time in forums, in threads on cars MPG, which ends up eventually by one guy realising the other counts with *US* gallons rather than *UK* gallons (yes, they're apparently different), converting everyone to the same system is much needed. Sorry for old times.

Sun unfolds 1TB of tape

Thumb Down

Why still invest in proprietary techno ?

Same thing as others, I can't see why SUN/STK still invest in a proprietary techno, which is only a couple of dozens of percent more capacitive than the widely deployed LTO4.

Back in 2000, 9840 and 9940 made sense since they were a lot better than LTO/DLT, but that is simply not true anymore.

Sure, raping captive customers recklessly with a whoping 37 kUSD per drive and who knows how much per tape (200 USD ?), is bringing some revenue, but I doubt it will work nowadays with so late new products (latest SL 3000 model) and their f***ing ACSLS in lieu of modern dual-path FC access.

As for disks vs. tapes, disks is just easier at the cost of more risk. It's all mecanical and rotating pieces ....

Upgrade drags Stealth Bomber IT systems into the 90s


yes, ADA, not C

"It seems that the current OFP was written in a now-obsolete programming language called JOVIAL. Northrop are proud to announce that they have figured out how to translate the code into a "newer, more modern programming language called C"."

I'm with the others on this one. I like C but if they're gonna switch to another language for an airplane, it should really have been ADA.

For a good tour of the scary things you can do with C, check:


Actually, I've seen things close to that bad in real life, from people that didn't do it deliberately. I'm not joking.

Telegraph falls to the Tw*t-O-Tron


send him to Australia !

"im 83yrs of age, if i was a young man i would jump at the chance, i wish i had gone to australia on the ten pound scheme in 1947 my one regret in life, i watched this country go down the drain the last fifty years, and become a dust bin for people that hate us but come to live on our benefit system till it barely functions for the native britain. god help england.we dont seem to want to help our selves in this debacle."

Geez, can I send the 10 pounds to Grandad (for whatever scheme he's talking about), via El Reg, to send him the f*ck on the other side of earth ?

I feel dirty to know only the Channel + 500-1000 km separate me from him ...

Need a svastika icon, here.

UK gov publishes 'kids and videogames' action plan

Thumb Down


"On its approach to internet safety, the government plans to create a UK Council for Child Internet Safety to monitor the ‘kids online’ issue and report back to MPs."

Ah, we could have this one here in France. Let me picture it: average age of the council 65 years old, none of them knowing what a social network site might be, last time they saw a nude picture was when Tatcher was still PM. Brilliant.

The outcome will surely be a raise of the classification to 18 years old, for each game with a car crash scene.

As the other posters have said, parental attention is the solution.

Intel says 'no' to Windows Vista



"Windows Vista is not for Intel, it has been claimed. The chip giant will not be installing the new operating systems on its many thousands of desktop PCs. It has "no compelling case" to do so."

Really unfair to Redmond which, with Vista, has given them such a marketing push !

Bloke crams 13 into Volvo S70


@a ban for that!

Well, the guy is lucky. Nowadays in totalitarian UK, it's easy to get shot at for such a "serious dramatic overloading" on the grounds of anti-terror laws !

Terrorists completely won in 2005.

Microsoft says ‘hasta la vista XP’ - well, kinda

Jobs Horns

Dear Kro,

Dear Kro,

I'm not buying any of your OS until all below conditions are met. I'll be running with the win98 licence you force-sold me years ago, propagated by some undisclosed magic, and yet morally acceptable to me, on the only OS that worked after this defective win98, aka XP pro, until then.

1- no DRM whatsoever in your new OS. Anywhere

2- new OS needs to have more features than XP

3- new OS needs to run better on better HW than XP

4- needs to be securely designed, not riddled with legal disclaimers like Vista ("are you sure ...")

5- needs to have a browser, not a huge security hole like IE

6- needs to be at least as stable as XP SP2 fresh after install

7- needs to run all versions of directX since V7 (yeah, I have some games requiring this) and also opengl (yes, it's been used for games also).

PS: I'm certainly not buying the actual failure to allow you to fund the next OS dev. Geez.

@ Simon Aspinall: I'm doing an internet training for elderly people in my village, in august, at their request. Is gonna be done on Linux.

Virgin Media collects customer banking details on CD, then loses it

Paris Hilton

Time for ...

a whole new category of articles at El Reg ?

Like "Personnal data loss". Honest, you need it.

Maybe with a hall of shame. HMRC will be hard to beat, but who knows ?

Paris cos her very personnal details have been exposed also.

Blighty admits 'national shortage' of nuke engineers


@James Pickett

Pls switch Fox News off, it's not doing you any good.

Here is the map of french nuclear power plants:


It's distributed over the whole country, including (sorry), the north. There's no conspiracy, here, just optimization of loss in the cables transporting power. And yes, there are people actually living in the north of France, too.

As for having the french build it, since it's the only country with over 70 % of its power on nuclear, built in the 70s-80s, and no serious accident to date, sounds like a reasonable idea, no ?

Otherwise, just use the same workers that manage 80% of your callcenters. LOL.

Gates threatens to buy millions and millions of servers for Microsoft

Paris Hilton

Windows 7 loan edition

"Many millions? Holy hell.

Well, like, you'll need to create special servers to function on that scale, right? General purpose gear meant for the Fortune 10,000 abyss simply won't do. Any bright ideas on how to solve that one, Bill?"

Well, he was just computing based on max. number of concurrent users per Windows server and potential customers, I'm afraid. Thus, yes, millions would be a valid result :-) Remember, he's not really technical.

Of course, that won't happen, and I would expect anytime soon, the bright idea of having a "Windows 7 loan edition" at a bargain cost that gives Redmond the possibility to use your computer power to run *their* paying service on. Kinda like people are doing in some computationnal projects.

Paris, since only she could be screwed by this ...

Tories show they're ready for government...


performance limited by Excel, there is hope !

"Obviously a mere 8,000 voter records is not in the same league as Alistair Darling's benchmark loss of 25m child benefit records, but it's good to see Her Majesty's Opposition showing its potential."

Yes, indeed, not the same league. However, I tend to believe their performance was largely limited by MS excel. You can't really stuff 25m records in excel, can you ?

Once they're in power, they'll have large DBs and plenty of monkeys to extract millions of records and send them all over the place.

Thus the league is not yet over !

Microsoft to ODF, PDF - let's get it on together


Quelle surprise !

"A Microsoft pledge to support current and future versions of Open Document Format (ODF) in Office has been greeted with skepticism by the industry group leading ODF."

Quelle surprise ! I'd be wary about the sanity of the folks at ODF, had they applauded to that.

Mine is the one with the PDF printer and last Open Office CD in.

Bush tests Castro with mobile phone gift barrage


not watching

"[...] and the administration will be watching to see if Cuba allows the cell phones to enter the country. ®"

Probably listening, rather than watching :-)

Activist coders aim to deafen Phorm with white noise

Thumb Up

White noise is the key to counter intelligence

Has always been. I believe any people worried by facebook should take some of their time to create fake profiles also.

As for the "change ISP" brigade, yeah, easy when in Central London, not when you're in a less populated place with only 2 ISPs available on your POP.

If/when they agree on Phorm, you're screwed and only can counter by white noise, until they realise how much it costs them and stop logging.

Sad but unavoidable to counter Phorm's business case.

Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love


@Peter Gathercole

Ah mate, you couldn't write my feelings about that any better !

Been sick of FC for years, no way to update a single pkg without triggering tons of pointless updates. I mean, supposing the updater wouldn't stall. Also, you couldn't (back with FC7) install with a single CD, thus not practical on medium networks of old PCs, even internet connected ... The worst was in fact the pkg system and categorisation of installed components. Has probably not evolved since RH 5 or 6, with still the only PDF reader unticked by default. Who would use a PC with no pdf reader ?

When is it gonna reach the level where SUN/HP/IBM were, 10 years ago in terms of pkg maturity ?

And how would you install your Nvidia driver on FC eh ? Even myself, I've become tired of recompiling the kernel (because the default one was compiled with a different version of gcc, from the one installed, which would sanely prevent the NV driver from compiling) just to get some openGL working.

Geez, we're back to Linux kernel 1.2.X with X an optional pkg to be compiled ! Was in 1994, if I recall.

Since the SW is exactly the same on all distros, I hope one day, they all agree on a common set of pkgs (and format !). Then, they could just put in their fav method of installing the common pkgs.

Would save shitloads of storage on internet FTP servers and a lot of CPU power to recompile the same sources into the same execs, to make different pkgs ! Make it green, unify the Linux pkgs !

Id Dooms gamers to new shoot-'em-up sequel

Thumb Up

bring it on !

As a number of people here, I've been really disappointed by Doom 3. Yeah, "quest for the light switch" LOL. Didn't buy it, after seeing critics and the demo, and went for the largely superior Quake 4, which had relinked to the Quake 2 storyline, after Q3 which was an arena game.

I also love the doom series, 1 and 2 were superb and I'm really looking forward to see Doom 4, hopefully on the tracks of the first 2 in terms of atmosphere. And light :-)

Also, if it's a good title and is avail on the Wii, it might very well put an end to my anti-console religion.

Were the snatched Brit sailors in 'disputed waters'?


Great, indeed

I have a dream, each journalist would check facts for hours before writting anything, as has been done, here.

Really good article, enjoyed every part of it ...


This DVD will self-destruct in 48 hours


Good business case

"DVD-D Germany Ltd has high hopes for its home country market. Disposable DVDs have already been successfully introduced in France, Italy and Scandinavia, it says. Others believe the concept is dead in the water, as on-demand online rentals will kill movie DVDs, of whatever hue, soon enough."

France ? Never seen any. Scandinavia ? I don't see any of those folks buying wastes just to polute the planet and their country some more. Germany ? With so many of them voting green, yeah of course, a new business is born </sarcasm>.

Those guys are under drugs to be so optimistic, let's watch them fail !

The only valid use would be (as others have pointed out) to perform large data transfers operated by hopeless morons, but they would need to make it a writeable solution, which is not easy in the aforementioned environment.

Mine is the one with the pockets full of self-burning DVDs.

London borough lost children's data three times


So, always in pubs ?

"The London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has revealed that staff have had data on children stolen on three occasions, including twice in pubs."

If I lived there, I'd be mostly worried than it occured to the Borough staff twice as often in pubs than anywhere else.

Not jumping to conclusions, but why never in the supermarket, or in their car, eh ?

Microsoft tries to talk its way into VoIP


For real ? Really ?

"Microsoft tries to talk its way into VoIP"

Good luck, Kro ! Probably will end up the same as last time you entered a market with working products on it. Oh, wait a minute, never happened, did it ?

Sarko verbal spat proves YouTube hit


not the same league with Prescott

"While Sarko does indeed show promise as a very unexemplary politico, Monsieur Hollande is evidently not au fait with the public relations skills of our very own John "Slugger" Prescott, who in 2001 responded to an egg-chucking farmer by punching him in the face:"

True, true, but Prescott punched someone who agressed him, while Sarko insulted someone only because he refused to shake his hand (and after Sarko's insistance, told him that it would make him dirty).

Not the same league and I would rather have Prescott have the nuke button than the wee man we have in l'Elysee those days ...

PS: good memories, the Prescott vid !

PPS: kudos to the raising skills of El Reg, in the Voltaire's language !

Investors cheer Toshiba plan to drop HD DVD

Thumb Up

At last !

"Investors approve Toshiba plan to drop HD DVD"

Ah, is not yet confirmed, but time to spare money, at last, for a new gen DVD player !

By the way, am I the only one to to find weird that Toshiba's share price is raising by 6.7 % while Sony's is raising by 1 % only ? Or investors are starting to have faith in reasonable mgmt planning for the long term rather than anal retentive mgmt ?

Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection


The only thing that buggers me ....

is how much furniture was Balmered before the press release ?

Contrary to others, I believe someone as bonkers as him, could likely close the deal, setting a high speed course to the big wall.

We'll see ...

Boffin says Astronomical Unit should be binned


Meters and not yards ?

"The testy boffin reckons variance in the AU could account for the so-called "Pioneer anomaly", in which NASA's Pioneer space probes have wandered off their calculated courses since heading out into interstellar space."

Interesting. Would have been good to elaborate on this one, though, even if it could become a bit technical. Never could get used to AU, myself, as an astronomy student, too odd to be trusted. Same goes for the parsec which derives from AU. Ligh-year is better since defined by physics.

"He proposes using metres instead. ®"

Really ? Not yards, inches and miles ?

</sarcasm aimed at imperial units (all of them)>

Wikipedia ruled by 'Lord of the Universe'

Thumb Down

Anti-blogosphere measure at El Reg

Oh, and I don't usually comment on readers comments, but here go ;-)

I find it appaling so many El Reg readers (well, possibly abusive term, since they're all AC) do complain (some confessing they didn't even go until the end) about the length of the article, without even refering to its content. It's worth the length since it's been a lot of reasearch and facts, to prove the indeed very polemic point. What a scoop: the uber-mod of the COI policy being a cultist ! There is an IT angle, and also a very information in IT angle.

If you guys are unable to read more than 3 quality pages due to an extremely tiny brain, your IT life is over, you're already on the offshored list, and thus, would you pls move to other readings ?

IT documentation can easily raise to 1200 pages, so is several logarithmic scales above your league, and the same and the same applies to encyclopediae. No 3 pagers in this area. Move along, nothing here for you !

To El Reg: Time to take anti-blogosphere measures, like, I don't know, a mandatory login for reading El Reg + a reading/understanding test of 10 pages at the end. Failure would deactivate the login for 1 week.

Thoughts ?



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