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Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'

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Yes, I'm with craigi (and also AC above). I don't feel particularly good at reading this and I'm positive this was entirely unneeded.

Would you like whatever sound comes out of you to be reported when you die ?

I wouldn't, and I do believe Jobs wouldn't either.

Microsoft replaces Xbox 360s after disc-format switch

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Well done !

Not being myself a big fan of consoles (as their games are too expensive) except for the WII, that is, I find it largely appaling that MS, as their sole response to piracy is gonna:

- come back to the solutions of the 80s (proprietary FS, allegedly readable by no OS except the xbox FW) with for sure the same success: no stop of piracy, and breakage of legit. game media

- kill one of the only pro I reckon for game consoles: you don't have f***ing MS pushing patches to it on a daily basis, turning your computer into a chaotic mess

Well done MS !

/me notes to never envisage to purchase an MS console

Linutop feeds mini-PC fans tiny Tux box

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Fit PC

largely cheaper and less power hungry:


And the box is all in aluminium !

Linux vulnerable to Windows-style autorun exploits


autorun-based malware has been here for decades

The first time I saw one occurence was on an Amiga 500. Something like 1989, a funny message saying: "you have been infected ... by a virus !"

Quite uncommon malware time by today's standards ...

Anyway, it's a bit sad that some people still think autorun, in whatever OS and for whatever type of executable content, is a good idea.

/me fires up my Amiga emul to play Lemmings

Extreme makeover: HP storage edition

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As Guus said

I'm with Guus on this one (Hi Guus, by the way, long time no see :-).

HP has only been capable of meta-integration in the storage area, so far. Look at all their tapes libs: all of the market manufacturers (Overland, Quantum, STK etc ...) with an HP sticker and some HP-stamped software to give a marketing point that it's "integrated", where it is not.

The XP has never been any different: one layer of HDS SW, one of HP, the goal being to be able to get rid of HDS at any time to buy from another shop.

You simply can't build storage nowadays with the assumption you can change HW vendor at any time.

That's the difference between EMC/Netapp/IBM and HP: the focus.

Now, maybe it will change, but as far as I'm concerned, I'll come back to assess this in 5 years time. After they've bought a dozen new storage companies and will still struggle to put all of the pieces in place.

Thieves drive off with 10,800 Western Digital drives



"Thieves drive off with 10,800 Western Digital drives"

That'd be EMC, for sure !

Microsoft expects to flog 300m 270m copies of Windows 7 in 2010


Good luck

"Until we can work with China to respect intellectual property ..."

Good luck with this one. Kingdom will have come long before ...

CIA, PayPal under bizarre SSL assault



"Shadowserver has identified 315 websites that are the recipients of the SSL assault. In addition to cia.gov and paypal.com, other sites include yahoo.com, americanexpress.com, and sans.org."

Let me see: CIA, Paypal, yahoo (with their infernal webmail system).

They're targeting the most evil web sites of da Internet, maybe ?

French mock British G-spot probe


Research methodology

I have to say the King's College London team's research methodology is appaling to a very high degree.

Research on sexuality using polling on women *on their own perception of their body* is probably some kind of scoop !

It's just like asking "do you have big breasts" and concluding all women have small breasts !

I suggest them to draw conslusions on what to eat tonight by a large study on flies and the ratio of them having apetite for excrements.

Like they say "Eat sh**, billions of flies can't be wrong".

Like I say "Whatever a given point, there's always a statistical study to prove it"

IT angle ? Many IT studies are conducted in the same way ...

Opera and Firefox downloads soar after IE alerts

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Drop it, FFS

"Opera was quite clear on how it sees the matter: "Security issues continue to plague Internet Explorer users, and the latest recommendations from the German and French governments against using the browser are in line with what the security experts have been saying for years." "

Indeed, what to say on top of this ? It's been written all over the place, in El Reg and elsewhere: Drop the *darn thing* !

French top MOT failure league

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Spot on

"VOSA said MOT failure rates: "do not necessarily reflect on the ‘reliability or longevity’ of the particular make and model of car concerned – and very often say more about the owner and the way the car has been used and maintained.""

Hmm, political talk, here. It does say a lot as most owners won't waste their investment due to no servicing, right ?

And by the way, it's totally in line with what I've seen over the years and in cars forums:

- Peugeot 307: You realise after 50 000 km the price you paid it is in fact a tiny portion of the total cost. Gear boxes can die at 80 000 Km under normal usage, large parts of the body will fall off unexpectedly, plus the famous recurring clutch problems etc ... Possibly the worst reliability record in Peugeot's history, largely accountable for the problems the firm is through. Gone is the longevity of the 205 ... Better rent such a car ...

- Renault Megane: A lot better than begginning of the last decade, when engine accessory belt would snap and take with it the timing belt (geez, have they heard of timing belt protection ?) but still many issues, in pure Renault style: windscreen joints problems, brakes problems, tires wearing out at mad speed, ...

- Toyota Corolla: you can have problems with it, but very rarely withour jumping off a cliff. Unbreakable. I drive one from time to time as a replacement in the garage. Has been the same for years. Is probably 350 000 km now ... Still driving solid.

As for pre-1999 Alfa Romeo, I'd like to say any statistics here are inaccurate. There are how many of them still able to drive ? 100 ? 80 ? Rust have burnt them since long :-)

Microsoft Office 2007 migration aches foreshadow 2010


backfire at them

"Hell, I could barely find my way around it. The trashing of the classic "File Edit View" menu structure is likely the #1 reason for the slow utilization rate of Office '07."

I'm with you on this.Took me a while and a lot of blood pressure to find how to print and how the f*ck to undo something !

I instlalled OO one week after :-)

Change of UI for the sole purpose of having the user locked into its ill logic is going to backfire at MS. Probably as usual, on the second issue, when Office 2010 hits the shelves ...

Drop MS, join the militia !

Pants bombs vs America: The infernal conflict


latex gloves

"Previously, on 30 December, the Los Angeles Times had informed its readers of a rectum bomb."


"This was flabbergasting - and wrong. But in the US, and for the mob journalism which accompanies every domestic terror story, careful thought has no place."

Right, so now that the US is gonna make body scanners mandatory any time soon, I think anytime one will be asked to come here for a minute, at an airport security gate, he'll meet a staff with latex gloves ...

Geez, I'm not flying to the US during the next decade !

Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide

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Last 2 ones ?

Are they genuine, I wonder ...

The paper one, probably, I've seen once a tape library jammed with paper, so this one is not too far.

But the second, I hardly believe the mice would nest here ...

Anyway, very good pictures !

Microsoft admits Mac was Windows 7 muse

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@Vista *is* stable

"Over the last few years I have 3 Vista laptops in the house and a big fat gaming machine that the eldest built and have had no problems. You do have to kick it around a bit first, ruthlessly remove any AV, turn off UAC, disable auto updates, stick in a hosts file, shut down more than a few services, etc., but nothing beyond the capabilities of the average Reg reader. A bit like moving the seats, mirrors and steering wheel of a new car, peeling the plastic sheet off a screen, just those things that you do."

Actually, funny you mention this, but even if doing all of the service on my cars alone, I've never moved the steering wheel. Just because I like it to work *all of the time* and dislike re-engineering a product (after all, if that was necessary, I could have built the product myself, without the flaws).

Vista is actually the only OS apart from WIN95 I've ever seen killing itself totally with no user action, just by auto-patching (remember, user nod is not important to patching, in MS land)

and f***ing itself entirely for good at next reboot, with BSOD. Worst than 95 since 95 would just lock up and any reboot would be successfull.

User was very baffled, OS was f***ed, user was lost to MS cause.

What if you had a launch party and nobody came?

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Good one

Nice article, looking at how things used to be and are now ... different,

for MS.

Good step back.

I'd like to see more of this at El Reg.


Aussie Sex Party in evangelist head-to-head


demonic strongholds LOL

"This would culminate on Saturday 17 October 2009 with "an offensive spiritual warfare attack on the demonic strongholds over the nation"

*shake head* See what happens when you leave some utter wackos play WoW for the whole night ?

Seriously, whatever they've taken, I wan't it to stay the other half of the planet.

US special forces tool up with 'plasma blades'


Starcraft 2 is coming ...

"Disappointingly for any wouldbe kimono-clad combat mystics out there, the handheld energy cutlass isn't intended for hand to hand combat ..."

Shame, really. 2 of these and a protoss suit, they would be really fearsome against the Zerg swarm.

NASA iceberg-finder prangs into Moon's south pole


No plume ?

I bet they missed the moon, because the darn thing was GPS piloted, and it went out of the sphere of operation.

FBI chief barred from online banking by wife

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"We know the game plan of our adversaries. They will keep twisting the doorknobs and picking the locks until they find a way in. But we must not let them in. We must change the locks. We must bar the doors. And we must sound the alarms when we notice anything out of the ordinary."

Yeah, stay at home, you loonie, bar the doors, shoot at anyone knocking at the door, never get out, die alone, paranoid and as stupid as one can ever be.

Is it really that difficult to do online banking with your password only in your brain, and no compulsive click on whatever shite comes into your mailbox ?

Geez, I'm glad my security has nothing to do with the FBI. No way I stay in a country which security is even remotely influenced by a moron told by his wife: "It is not my teachable moment. However, it is our money. No more internet banking for you!"

NASA tweaks killer asteroid's trajectory of death


How can dr. Mabuse predict this ?

"it is expected that the 2068 encounter will diminish in probability as more information about Apophis is acquired".

I very well understand how one can evaluate probabilities of an encounter, but how they can state this probability *will* diminish when more data is available is beyhond me.

Why more data wouldn't raise dramatically this probability, even to 1 ? What's the probability of this ?

I really don't feel secure anymore, all of a sudden.

Ballmer mixed on Windows 7's success


no more ammo

Balmer knows, probably by reading through smoking remains of smashed furniture, that MS shot its one bullet per 5 years ammo with Vista.

Consequently, except for the one who has a really obsolete PC (>5 years), noone will spit off the cash for a new one, even less the ones recklessly raped by the Vista debacle, who, by now, has noticed a top-notch PC with Vista runs as a P75 under Win98.

So PC sales will remain flat and apart from the "me first" crowd, who spend all of their cash anyway on whatever new bells and whistles, the rest will just wait until W7 is proven, to envisage it as an OS.

AVG goes toe to toe with MS in consumer security fight

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false positives

"Recommendations from tech savvy friends were one of the main reasons consumers latched onto AVG in the first place. AVG lost a lot of goodwill in this area with the traffic-spewing fiasco that attached to version 8.0 of its security scanner."

I think mostly this was the ridicule false positives that got people either mad as dogs (would be me), or seriously doubting it would ever catch a brontosaurus in a one way corridor.

Windows 7 OEM prices revealed

Gates Horns

@Gil Grissum

"Maybe the bankers and Stock brokers will be standing in line anxious to get Windows 7, but in this economy, the average consumer who still has a job and a computer aren't likely to be in a big rush to get Windows 7 any more than they were anxious to get Vista. Good Luck Microsoft."

I've actually been surprised of how many people rushed to Vista and its new GUI, forgetting, possibly because win98 is so behind us now, any element of prudence.

Taking this, plus the ripoff policy of Vista only on new PC and the no-install disk of integrators, what I'm curious about, is how many of those folks, having crashed into the Vista wall, will spit so many bucks again for the service pack, while their neighbour having stayed out of Vista, will happily enjoy XP running at the same speed, with the same features or more.

Most of Vista sales were poor captive Joe Average sold a laptop with Vista. They won't be buying yet another one for win7 ...

First prison sentence for extreme porn


@anon and Major N

The point I'm trying to make is eating horse is not at all common in this country.

3 horse butcheries out of 45 butcheries in Grenoble (see www.pagesjaunes.fr) don't make horse meat common. At all.

Overall, Grenoble being a big town, horse butcheries must account for 1% ? In the 100 km around me, I can certify there are 0 horse butchery !

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@Chris Collins

"The French eat horses"

Care to elaborate how you came to know that ? I've been living in this country for 4 decades and never came to meet anyone consuming horse meat. There are few horse butcheries in the Paris suburbs (north), but nothing more than a handfull, throughout the country.

Maybe another myth from someone never been in this country ?

OMG! US science quangocrats surf porn at work!


pr0n kings

"TWaT did note that:

The foundation is hardly the only government agency to be embarrassed by disclosures about employees looking at pornography at work.

The inspector general for the Securities and Exchange Commission noted in a report last fall that it had recently conducted three investigations into employees who misused government computers to view pornography.

Nearly 4,000 people work at the SEC."

Yeah, and given none of them actually had a second in years to have a look at Madoff's filings (otherwise, things would have been crystal clear), guess how many have become pr0n kings ?

Swedish military bras burst, melt during 'rigorous exercise'


market bras ?

"The Post apparently brought the related bosom-combustion issue to light, noting that bras can catch fire during combat and then "melt onto conscripts’ skin"."

Ouch, that ought to be *really* hot action, then.

Side note: those female soldier, they really must wear gov. bras by law and can't buy market ones ? I'm sure a lot of them don't catch fire :-)

Undead COBOL celebrates (another) 50th birthday


@George Schultz

"Close - Fortran (even Fortran 77) is still used because for heavy lifting numerical calculations it is fast compared to all of the 'modern' languages."

I'm amazed this myth is still alive 10 years after I left the supercomputing area ...

I suppose myth just mean that: a lie that can live for decades or centuries :-)

F77 was only known to be faster in the very early 90s, when Cray only started an optimised C compiler for their systems. Ever since, on open source platforms, Fortran and C have the same backend so the code is the same. There is 0 reason in the languages themselves why one would produce more optimised code than the other. At all.

No, Fortran 77 is a retarded language, with no syntax to speak of, and no dynamic memory allocation, only still present because many programs are still here and no one has the time/money/energy to rewrite them, and also because a number of IT people can't learn !


Swedish bloke attempts lactation

Paris Hilton


"Women breastfeed after they've been bathing in estrogen during a nine month pregnancy, so obviously it takes some time."

Indeed. How anyone bathing in testosterone and with no estrogen whatsoever is supposed to reach the same state is largely beyond me.

What a loony. He'd better prepare syringes with massive doses of estrogen as a contingency plan to his missus being out. Bottom line is his shape and mindset would change a wee bit :-)

As Rob said, "We are truly destined to become exstinct".

Paris icon, as she doesn't need more estrogen ...

Spooks' favourite IT firm tells Reg readers to grow up

Paris Hilton

time factor

""The debate should be about how you process the data," Sutherland said."

Kind of accurate, only lacking the time factir. The debate should in fact be "you get the data, *now* (if harvesting is allowed)", and you process it in the *future*.

The consequence is, then, that you have no idea *how* it's processed when you give it away !

Given some of the data is DNA samples that last from birth to death, you then get why people are worried about it, quite rightly.

PH icon, since she got it back then, and it's been put all over the place, some time after

Connecticut man misses dental appointment



"Christopher Hoff earlier this week arrived at the Stratford clinic stark bollock naked, provoking a fit of the screaming abdabs in the female receptionist. He then legged it, later to be confronted by police at his house."

I suppose the random female receptionist, in the US of A, has never seen a naked man, in her whole life ... Probably all lights have always been off when she's been doing stuff with her BF/husband, as well. Puritans ...

In France, recently, they shot a vid as a joke with naked girls walking in the street and singing. There's never been any complaint so far.

Google for "baby baby vid".

Google laying off more 'second class citizens'?


Name a company where it doesn't happen ?

"One ex-Googler calls them "second class citizens."

Yeah, like all companies I've been remotely exposed to, during the last 15 years yes ? Pls name a company where it doesn't occur ?

This, plus what AC wrote just above, which can be true depending on company/contract etc ...

Boffins guess social security numbers via public data

Paris Hilton

what is the probem ?

As many others have stated, what is the problem, here ? It all depends on the processes that need to have this inputs. In my personnal case, I don't mind at all, since those processes are limited to very unikely getting a doctor consultation on my name !

Here is mine, pls don't censor it, El Reg, I'm taking full responsability on giving it away:


1 means I'm male, great news.

69 means I'm born in 1969.

12 means I'm born in december.

01 means I'm born in a particular french department (the first one, pls guess).

The rest I'll leave it to townhall secretaries discretion.

If anyone here happens to have a clue how to do anything bad with it, on top of the above, don't hesitate ! I'd be glad to report any bank account problem, or tax amount leaks or anything else !

Paris icon, since she also gave away a lot of clues on her personal life.

Paris Hilton in Dubai hotel spycam shocker



"It was some sort of transmitter by all accounts. We’re not sure what the device picked up or whom it was transmitting to. But it did leave Paris very jittery."

/me rush to scan the usual porn torrent site.

AMD Istanbul - Time for something new already?

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whatever it's got on the truck

"AMD will sell whatever it's got on the truck - just like Intel has done in the past and will do in the future."

Exactly. And no worries the customers will debug any remaining problems from rushed QA.

As AC put it above also, SW licensing has a HUGE weight in the decision, today, thus QA won't be a problem ...

On top of this, very often, those systems are redundant due to architecture or load-balancers, thus, less stress is put on the QA.

Who will win the epic battle for the kitchen OS?

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Not happening

"Let us not forget that a long time ago Bill Gates reckoned the kitchen would be the natural environment for the PC."

Ah yes, but only someone with the head buried that much into his rectum like Gates would ever say that, those days.

People are asking kitchen appliances to be as cheap as possible and work flawlessly for as many decades as possible without any defect. Given that, who, even the most ubergeek of us would buy any model stating "Vista compatible", or even with anything close to a computer inside ? Prices would be inflated and there would be costly maintenance each 2 years minimum, for what service ? Knowing better than you what milk or what butter to purchase ?

MS has already taught everyone to be very suspicious about technology working for its interest rather than the user, so I don't think we'll see home appliances with an OS prior to MS disappearance from the fact of earth.

Even car manufacturers are backtracking on that ...

Microsoft takes hard line on Win 7 hardware


Bring it on !

YES, bring back the natural keyboard, which proved MS could actually make typing one of the most atrocious torture ever:


I still see a couple of users here with that. They all suffer severe articulations trouble, I still wonder why ...

Firefox users flip out over sneak MS add-on


What's next ?

Surely an activeX plugin in FF ?

Time to disable MS auto-update. While we still can.

Also time to put Windows behind a Linksys router. With a changed password :-)

I find the "it's up to Mozilla to fix it" very entertaining. Kiddies reading El Reg ...

Linksys router ripe for remote takeover


can't sympathize

"The flaw is trivial to exploit when users fail to change the administrative password that's used by default."

As best as I can try, I fail to sympathize with people that don't change the default passwd. If it's default, it's known, and it's no longer a password, shouldn't be hard to understand !

If they can't, they should really stay on the ISP's box and all the proprietary stuff and price.

On the other hand, that kind of attack is probably the proof all vendors will have to move to unique passwds, as this is the only way against Joe Average User ...

Sims 3 pirated 180,000 times in three days

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How to analyse DRM effect

Pls, El Reg, while there has been progress in the analysis, I woud suggest to do a further analysis, in 2 months time in light of the following facts (not "theoretical" sales):

- volume of sales

- critics of the game

- volume of illegal download (well, estimated)

- DRM status (with, without, or with terrible f***ingly unplayable)

That would once for all enlighten us on DRM impact on sales, lost sales, etc ...

I still have some hopes the impact of DRM is negative on sales ...

Fans decry tennis gal's breast-slash plan


What to say ?

I'm breast^H^H^H^H^H^Hspeachless.

HP confirms job cuts will hit research labs



"HP said: "HP Labs is streamlining its research portfolio to further sharpen its focus on creating a pipeline of high-impact innovation with a clear path to market that addresses the most important customer challenges. HP is committed to bringing breakthrough innovation to market quickly, and HP Labs will continue to play a significant role in this effort." "

I'm sure this one has been done with this: http://www.dack.com/web/bullshit.html

Cisco touts self as Unified Computer System pioneer

Dead Vulture

Yeah, not normalised

"Rather than rip and replace, Cisco already had Nexus 7000 switches - which have the converged Fibre Channel over Ethernet fabric - [snip]"

FCoE, which, small detail, is not yet normalised, and thus, being non trivially a lossless protocol (FC) mapped onto a loosing frames protocol + random retries (Ethernet), is surely going to go through a period of try and fail. After normalisation.

Microsoft loses NZ Windows government deal


Not that a loss for MS

"Microsoft has now agreed to provide "recommended retail price certainty" for government agencies that will conduct their own, individual negotiations with the company, while the State Services Commission said it would support agencies exploring trying to "maximize their ICT investment and achieve greater value for money". "

Given the above, it's not that a failure for MS. I bet they'll get more money at the end from the NZ gov. than what they let go with that failed nego !


Even if perfectly possible to deploy a complete Linux solution for office, I wouldn't go that far. But at contrary, there's 0 reason today to use the horrifyingly expensive and definitely anti-standard (read PDF) MS office rather than OpenOffice. Anyone believing there are still compatibility problems with MS office should check toroughly with current versions.


Western Digital slips todger to horrified Brit

Paris Hilton

what aout on the HD itself ?

Did the guy check what was on the HD ? Maybe this could be _really_ NSFW.

PS: yes, El Reg is becoming worryingly abusive on the NSFW label.

Paris icon, since this is about sex.

Who wants a giant poster of the history of Unix?

Gates Halo

SYS V rel 3 anyone ?

"That's right - this 40 foot poster includes over 1,000 versions of 150 different types of Unix."

<SIGH> There used to be a time when there was only SYS V rel 3 and maybe its competitor BSD UNIX. Someone at that time told me "Now, everything will consolidate into the SYS V branch". Boy, how could he have been proved more wrong than that.

Linux is still only a kernel with a miriad of distros, accounting for many of the poster I think, and each commercial Unix is as proprietary as MVS could ever be.

As the first poster said, only Windows is a standard.

US military shows off hack-by-numbers battlefield gadget

Paris Hilton

Good for movies

The only very successfull use of those is probably gonna be in Hollywood, where surely the "sliding level" is going to be a winner.

Paris, 'cos she works here and might use one.

YouTube flooded with porn

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Really really sick protest

At contrary to some, I don't have any problem with sex or porn, but I have a 10 years old, which is doing the same thing as all other girls in her classroom, once she's back home: browse for songs on youtube.

Yes, she's unsupervised and that's bad, but since both parents work 40 km away, we don't really have any alternatives.

Now, I understand why youtube has been put 2-3 weeks back on the "light_sex" list of sites, on a black list I download each week for squid.

The kind of behaviour of the morons that did that is beyond me. If that's their form of protest, that's a very sick one.

On the topic of "don't worry, she'll discover it" or "I've seen nude/porn when I was 14", I understand this, did the same at, what, 12-13 ... But there's a HUGE difference when you actually go to see something "forbidden" as we've all done, and have the darn thing pop up unexpectedly when you actually expected something else !

Now, again, a big thanks to those sick morons, as I'll have to check youtube tonight, as I've done the mistake of putting it in the white list, thinking of a false positive in the black list.

PS: Also, on the good side, this black list is good, it banned youtube 3 weeks before the story broke in El Reg :-)

Google: Let us keep search data or die


@Dude's fucking insane...

I'm with Will on this one.

What kind of pills did Page forget to take to say that amount of gibberish ?

Oh wait, is it because someone has already expired search queries and Page got some very serious form of Alzheimer ?



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