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Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year


Re: Where's the profit for Microsoft then?

"So either Microsoft is leaving a lot of money on the table, or expects to recover it in Office365 subscriptions (doubt it), or I've understood this incorrectly and they mean that W10 upgrades from W7/8 will run W10 for a year and then you'll have to pay for using it after that first year?"

Or they're gonna go the pay for patches updates, which I'm increasingly seeing coming, in light of the recent "we don't patch difficultly exploited reported bugs". Since the whole thing is a security nightmare, there is money to grab, here, and probably nowhere else.

How it's gonna go with users is anything to go by ...

Will fondleslab's fickle finger of fate help Windows 10?


How would they do that ?

"Rather than making money from the license fee, Microsoft’s goal is to cash in on services – bundling things like Office 365 for free for the first year and charged thereafter, when you forget to cancel."

Even that is gonna be a challenge, unless you need to issue you visa card number to MS upon acquiring your licence or system ?

Who on their right mind would do this ? And who would pay a service they don't use, after receiving an email from MS ?


Re: No need to anything Microsoft in the home anymore.

"There are possibly loads of other Linux/BSD based devices I am forgetting (Nest, Router?)"

Yep, on top of those, for people into videogaming today on legacy Windows/OS X, there are the steamboxes, apparently coming in march, which allow people to run their already purchased games for Windows/OS X (if they are provided for Linux) on them, basically shifting the gaming population to a Linux, Debian-based solution.

So, same here, bye, MS.

Scary code of the week: Valve Steam CLEANS Linux PCs (if you're not careful)


Re: It's shit programming

Yep, and it is even worst timing:


So basically, they're gonna unlock the steam machines from their stasis, running on SteamOS, which is a modified debian.

And they stupidily screw up in the steam Linux client !

I'm sure the dev's butt has already been nicely kicked.

‘Whatever happened to Vladimir Putin?’ and other crap New Year prophesies


Re: @ Chris Miller Y2k - in your experience

"For 1, assuming you had the source code, there were code-scanning tools that could help."

Part of the problem was, a lot of companies had no longer any source code for their executables. Sure, it's totally retarded, but staff turnover and no source mgmt in place made the problem.

Paris terror attacks: ISPs face pressure to share MORE data with governments


Re: half of the week only

You need to read, AC, or work for NSA.

Have those 2:



David Cameron: I'm off to the US to get my bro Barack to ban crypto – report


Re: The Project for a New Oceanian Century

"Does anyone have the totally unwarrented feeling that he had a big folder in his desk and was just waiting and hoping for someone's cat to fall downstairs?

Totally unwarranted, I am sure."

Yep, obviously, he just needed the opportunity, which is appaling at best from a gov. leader. I'm happy someone else's prime minister is a bigger clown than mine ...

It's 2015 and home routers still leave their config web servers wide open


They don't care

"Novella discovered the first problem in April 2013 and the second in September. He has notified the ISPs and hardware vendor, but says he has yet to hear back, prompting his decision to go public last week.

"Neither Movistar nor Pirelli answered my attempts for fixing the problems," said Novella. "Only Arnet Telecom Argentina replied the first email. After I explained the vulnerability, they disappeared and never got a message back."

El Reg asked ADB Pirelli for comment on the reported vulnerabilities last week, and received no response. We'll update this story as and when we hear more. "

Frankly, El Reg shouldn't hold its breath, as Novella has apparently aited for one and a half year, for no answer :-)

This gives credit to Google blackmailing strategy (3 months, then go public) towards Microsoft.

Simply, to any SW vendor, security is customer's problem. They don't care.

FBI has its fingers deep in NSA surveillance pie, declassified report shows


Of course

in each and every such matters, we must seggregate:

1- who intercepts and stores/decrypt the data

2- who consults the data

1 is unique (otherwise, it's really too expensive). Can be X or Y, is NSA in this case. Other countries are different, but still a unique 1.

2 is going to be 1 only, at first, then it's gonna evolve as each and every new security law is passed, going from FBI, to IRS, your mayor, his assistant, and any freaking Mac Donald's manager. All of that while slurped data is being stored for increasing periods of time (again, new anti-terror laws).

That's how privacy laws are being scope-creeped for still a number of decades, as an ultimate achievement for terrorists.

Windows 7 MARKED for DEATH by Microsoft as of NOW


2020, I'm bought

"Security patches will continue to flow until 2020."

Very good, as those are the only things I'm expecting from this Redmond lot. Staying on W7 on my Mac VM until 2020 ... I'm happy with what I paid for W7, with (just) that.

"You've got either a few months – assuming Windows 10 ships by year's end as planned – or five years to find out. ®"

Let's assess the situation every year within the next 5 years, to see if MS finally has a clue on UI, gaming techno, and what not.

After the deadline, the market (gaming, tablet, office, etc ...) will have an answer. I really hope MS will be part of it, but I'm not betting a single E on this ...

Microsoft patch batch pre-alerts now for paying customers ONLY


Re: That Nadella fella is worse than Ballmer

Agree, here.

In a couple of years, security patches will be paid for on top of maintenance, at MS ...

Tax Systems: The good, the bad and the completely toot toot ding-dong loopy


Re: Ctrl-Alt-Delete

I'm somewhat surprised the most messy tax system known to human kind in this Unverse has not yet been mentioned: our sublime french system.

I need to renovate part of my house, and here is what I've been blessed with:


All of this because there are 2 VAT ratios, 10% and 5.5 %, depending on which work is carried on.

I'm sure noone sane will go through all of this, but rest assured when you have (as I've done myself), you still need to read the article of Code des Impôts it refers, in order to know which ratio you'll get.


Last year was utter rubbish. Thanks for being part of it!


Cracking, really

"Is it Facebook’s fault that you spent the year uploading pictures of demised pets, crematorium jars, and cheating boyfriends? Is it up to Facebook to decide that you didn’t want to be reminded of all those workplace selfies you posted of you urinating in the boss’s waste bin shortly before being sacked, or that you were accidentally tagged in 200 images of revenge porn?"

This one just cracked me up. Nice one, Monsieur Dabbs.

Renault Captur: Nobody who knows about cars will buy this


Re: An ideal car for the French market

"I once asked a group of French ski instructors why they all used "Atomic" skis, when the brand had a piss-poor reputation of snapping in half after a weeks gentle use."


I agree the french market is chock-full of people that "buy french", and therefore, we indeed build crap to maximize income. Note it is now changing, as Peugeot learnt their lesson, after shafting their customer base for one decade, basically building cars with all parts to be replaced within 30 000 km, at insane costs.

However, Atomic is actually a good ski brand. I have a handfull of Atomic skis and they are great and don't snap, at least if you're under 150 kg :-)

Google unveils Windows 8.1 zero-day vuln – complete with exploit code


Re: 90 days?

"I find their attitude astounding. More arrogance from the chocolate factory, as usual."

Whether this is arrogance or anything else is irrelevant. As has been said already, Google IS the internet for Joe User.

The point is, with people like MS, who have utterly failed to even think about security in their OS (remember 4-5 years back, when they said they would put security at the core of Windows and all dev processes ?), don't give a f**k, and don't have a clue, you need to break their arm to get get any bloody security fix.

This is what Google is doing.

Arrogant ? Maybe. But this is in the interest of users, pending their migration to other solutions ...

Internet Explorer 12 to shed legacy cruft in bid to BEAT Chrome


FFS, it's been the same code for decades !

From IE 6 up to IE 11, it's all been the same thing again and again, along multiple decades !

Only some UI changes, some ActiveX deactivation (late), but that's all, same code, same patches over and over again, same bloody virus nest ...

It's too late, MS, for a rewrite you've been promising for too long, now, move along, mates, you're now history to Web browsing ...

Security awareness were promised decades ago, again, move along, this didn't happen.

VMware says anyone - not just EMC - can play with its best bits


Fo sure, confused

"No wonder investors are confused."

Well, if Vmware strategy is anything to go by, surely, they'll continue to be more and more confused !

It's nearly 2015 – and your Windows PC can still be owned by a Visual Basic script


JPEG, really ?

Back in the days, the JPEG group had provided the code to read all the format ...

Is it their code which was faulty (hardly believe it) or any defective further implementation in whatever MS basic ?

Now, I'm worried.

Drone in NEAR-MISS with passenger jet at Heathrow airport


Re: disaster waiting to happen

"we're all very cool, aren't we, until a passenger jet DOES go down. Given the steep rise in popularity, this is bound to happen :("

I'm with you AC, on this one. A small airliner (2 engines) is likely to be impacted seriously in case of impact with a drone, to the point the pilot may not be able to recover the situation. Heck, The 2010 flight Rio-Paris was downed by one 30 s incident (recovered after that, therefore plane was fully functional) and the 2 pilots panicking and stalling the plane for what, 4 mins before crash !

Imagine them losing one engine out of 2 at 200 m altitude during landing !

So, a drama WILL happen, and then relevant authorities will likely install radio detectors for drones (triangulation of radio freq ?) around airports, and I take it, also shooting devices.

Linus Torvalds releases Linux 3.18 as 3.17 wobbles


Re: Linux future

"It'll all be fine after Torvalds. Lennart Poettering and Kay Sievers can take over. Only they can make the "Open Source community [..] one happy place"."

Quite possibly you are sarcasting. But, truely, this could happen: bunch of crazy egos forking the kernel everywhere. Scary.

systemd row ends with Debian getting forked


Re: Hasn't this happened already with Upstart?

Is it just me, or I'm starting to see why SysVinit is script-based ?

This was to avoid ANY dependency ! Dependencies are a complete evil,

and the only way is likely to have the start sequence be script-based ...

One year on, Windows 8.1 hits milestone, nudges past XP


No more Windows for me

I know there will always be people hoping Windows N+1 will be freaking awesome, good for them.

But if you have a look at the last versions of Windows (from XP to 8.1), it's always the same thing, with a completely different UI, because some idiots thought they needed to change all the UI to justify the tax.

Same goes with MS Office (from 2003 to 2010): very few improvements to speak of, change of UI, new bugs ...

Today, and MS hasn't got that, almost no-one can afford, each and every 2 years, to spend 2 weeks solid, to learn the new UI, before being able to work.

I can't, I don't want to, and f**k them !

Since they haven't understood, they're history in the whole house.

Netflix: Sacre vache! French resistance from the vestibuleurs de consommation


Re: Joker in French is just "joker"

"You chose to complain about this, instead of "vestibuleurs de consommation"??"

Ah ah ! Or the whole "french" title for what matters. Has anyone decoded what they meant by that ? Is Jar Jar Binks working at El Reg ?

Leaked screenshots show next Windows kernel to be a perfect 10


just marketing

MS has already shown their Windows versioning system to be upper marketing bollocks.

8, 8.1, 10, then probably freaking 20 and so on.

It doesn't come as a surprise the kernel versioning system is going the same way ! Always the same code, with a crapped on UI, but V20.0 vs. V2.1, people will pay for it, yay ! Same goes with IE, from 6.0 to 11.0 ... And patches going for all 6 versions ...

Frankly, move along, nothing to see here ...

Alcatel-Lucent buries EDGE routers in x86 server fleet


Re: Virtualize hardware?

Years ago, many people would say that of OSes, now they're more or less all virtualized, because chips can't go faster anymore (since years) and actually can only be better by having more cores/functionnal units.

Same goes for network stuff: it is possible to have special cicuitry for network on current mass market CPUs (ARM or X386 or anything else). This will rapidly bring virtulized LAN systems on-par with ASICs based classical systems, therefore they will prevail.

Exactly the same happened for virtual OSes: their performance was sub-par without special virtualisation HW API that brought them, at the end, on-par.

Latest Firefox and Thunderbird updates plug CRITICAL SSL vuln


funny small mistake

" a security researcher at Prosecco"

No, he's working for french INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique Appliquée). It's his team whose name is Prosecco.

Hey, what's a STORAGE company doing working on Internet-of-Cars?


Really ?

"With predictive maintenance, auto manufacturers will be able to gain insights such as key maintenance data points and the ability to predict wear over time. The outcome is lower costs of service and support, and increased driver satisfaction."

Let's wait until we see this for real.

I have yet to own a car which is able to signal about my brake pads being gone, so the M2M hype is probably gonna wait another couple of decades ...

'Windows 9' LEAK: Microsoft's playing catchup with Linux


MS always bleeding edge ... not

First time I saw the concept of multiple workspace was early nineties, I think with the twm windows manager. I think, from memories, it was also available on SunOS 4 SUN workstation ...

So yeah, good job, MS for bringing those ideas in 2015 ...

It's a pain in the ASCII, so what can be done to make patching easier?


Re: Windows.

"Still not ready for the desktop.


The very slight disagreement with this would be the word "still". I think XP was OK as a desktop, but all the rest after, including 7 has been utter bollocks as far as desktop goes.

Heck, I built a Win 7 VM a while ago, and it took me a stunning one week (day and night) to bring it up to current patching level ! One freaking week !

If you screw your mac's OS, it takes no time to restore from backup (yes, I know, a couple of bugs with Maverick as far as restore goes, but still), and only 1.5 day to install from scratch via internet (on a 2.5 Mbps link). And patching occurs only every 6 months or so, and they're bundled, not distributed into 100s of sets that take forever to download. Updating a Mac takes no time and a single reboot, while Windows is now a permanent download/reboot thing.

I still remember when this bloke brought me a Win 7 laptop not booted since 6 month as a tool for a jogging race. Upon plugging it to WIFI, 5 hours after, after everything was finished (on my Mac), it was still updating and was still unusable !

Redmond will need to change their OS update schema or they will loose even more to OS X and/or Linux.

Dodgy Norton update borks UNDEAD XP systems


Re: equips tinfoil hat

"Norton AV has been a disaster area since 2007. Uninstall it already. MSSE should be enough for anyone."

Not sure about the date, but indeed the darn thing has been shite for years. Too intrusive to OS, and not providing any significant cover.

Use avast, destroy anything bearing the Norton tag you can see ...

Mozilla certification revocation: 107,000 websites sunk by untrusted torpedo


Re: No Excuse

"There really is no excuse for a webmaster not to have updated to a 2048bit certificate, it's not like we haven't been aware of this for the last 3 years.

All the major CAs have had big warnings plastered across their sites for a long long time."

Agree. And I also praise Mozilla for taking the lead of the cleanup of the smoking mess that is TLS CAs signoffs. They are doing it at the expense of pissing off the clueless, but ultimately securing communications of everyone. Hence, hats off to them.

Rubbish WPS config sees WiFi router keys popped in seconds


" I bought a Netgear DGN-1000 a few years ago. Disabling WPS was disabled (if you see what I mean) and the company explicitly announced that they weren't going to issue a fix. (They expected owners to buy a newer model.) "

Pretty retarded indeed.

Solution is to buy only those routers that can install one of the popular freewares.



"My router allows you to specify allowed internal and external UPnP port ranges - better than nothing?"

Barely. Security through obscurity. Let's hide the port which opens the firewall ...

And how is it hard, for someone who almost get the notion of port, to do any firewall config explicitly, rather than relying on UPnP ?



All switched off at first setup time, whatever router/firmware you use.

UPnP and WPS are security suicide tools and SNMP can be used as an attack mean if not implemented correctly and is in 99% of cases not used at all.

AVG stung as search revenue from freebie scanners dries up


And you forgot one of the worst aspects: false positives on Win XP core libraries !

Geez, how much time this costed me for local neighbours that failed the "fix/ignore" button !

Has Europe cut the UK adrift on data protection?


UK leaving the EU

I'm always baffled by the number of people supporting Cameron in leaving the EU and/or wielding the dangerous threat to do so, at the risk of having to do it for political reasons. Who cared a single second when he went berzerk on Junker election ?

After all, the UK is one of the few countries to still have a full sovereign currency in the EU: it can print money ad nauseam to start the economy again, so doesn't suffer from one of the sole EU problem.

Then, it seems unavoidable, to me, UK (minus Scotland) will leave the EU, so noisy was the spin around how it would make things better. This data protection ridicule posture and how no-one cares is one more syndrom that it will make everyone outside of UK happy.

End of the day, this will only kill UK exports to EU (yeah, no painful security/safety requirements anymore, china-style, only to be treated as the same rubbish).

I really hope Cameron gets to his senses again, so as to avoid the UK going down ...

iWallet: No BONKING PLEASE, we're Apple


Re: Really?

"Apple won't use NFC because they don't hold the patent.

The patent for NFC payments is owned by Visa & Samsung <-- because this?"

Possibly. However, Apple is taking a risk in offering an "Apple-only" payment solution. Having the tablet OS and hardware by the same vendor has a lot of merit, but such is not the case of the phone manufacturer and payment provider. This is a problem as sellers will face 2 standards: Apple only or NFC based.

I don't see Apple winning this one.

BMW's ConnectedDrive falls over, bosses blame upgrade snafu


Re: we are doomed

"Actually that pedal to the left is merely an interface to an electronic device - i.e. 'brake by wire' - for more and more vehicles on the roads. As are the shifter and shifter paddles, as have been most dashboard controls for years."

Not in my cars. All 3 pedals (yes, if you know how to drive, there are 3 of them) are mechanically connected to either a cable (clutch and accelerator) or pump (brake). Steering is mechanical as well.

There is no way I'm buying a car where any of those is electrical because I see the risks but not the gains. A mechanical or hydraulic device is always more reliable than an electrical system.

And yes, my most recent car is from 14 years ago, but still doing great.


"It's a gimmick anyway. Seriously, it's only use is for the fun of seeing peoples faces when I make my car do a retarded Herbie impression."

Actually, it's a gimmick NOW, but if desirable, they're gonna put more services on it, incrementally.

Of course, without checking what if the service is down, each step they go through ...

And one day, someone might get killed because of this.



" complete re-programming at the server end, and starting again from scratch ".

It seems still in 2014, people are performing a major upgrade on live systems used by customers, with no prior backup of any kind ...

I like the "complete re-programming" term most, either the lad was not totally fluent with IT or maybe ... they lost the apps binaries AND source as well ?

Mozilla fixes CRITICAL security holes in Firefox, urges v31 upgrade


Re: firefox ESR updated too


You have my sympathy, even if I'm ready to let them a chance still.

For people that are looking "where the <BIP> is the about/update button" it is hidden in "new bizarre menu bar on the right"/"tiny interrogation mark button I never spotted before"/About Firefox.


New Star Wars movie plot details leak, violate common sense and laws of physics


H2G2 style

"I have a bad feeling about this."

Same here, even worse than that ... Even episode 1's ridiculous pod racer looks better.

Really sounds, as others have pointed out, like an H2G2 thing, like the sofa that felt in the space time breach, just to en up in the middle of the Ashes cricket tournament ...

There's NOTHING on TV in Europe – American video DOMINATES


French TV those days

Like the article pinpointed correctly, France as well is invaded by US series/movies.

Nowadays, a full week of french free to air TV is:

- loads of US series (all of them, multiple times). Some you can't follow because they're broadcasted out of order by complete retards (Hello, NRJ12 ?).

- loads of US movies

- loads of reality TV (entire channels of it, like D8, NRJ12 M6, and others, about 1/3 of the full specter)

- the obligatory "plus belle la vie" french serie which really sucks

- some rare good french and interesting program (Arte)

- some never seen stuff in new channels (RMC disco)

That's it. I even watch UK FTA channels when I'm bored.

Seventh-gen SPARC silicon will accelerate Oracle databases


Re: Are these the SPARC or the T processors


"Whilst they look good on paper with loads of threads, we have found that for a heavily loaded

transactional systems, they perform like a dog."

That's because the Niagara series (T) has been designed for apps that are light on the communication bus (App servers, web servers, mais relays) and very parallel, not for heavy DB servers. For this, you should use other gear (Power 7 from IBM or M series from Oracle).

OpenWRT gets native IPv6 slurping in major refresh


Re: So much better than original FW

Exactly, all of this.

Also, contrary to popular belief, this come with a full UI, and there is no real need to go command line even for advanced config*.

Nowadays, any time I need a router or WIFI AP, I just go to openwrt hardware list.

* one silly exception: no way to get the WIFI PSK from the UI, when connecting new stuff ...

Software giant CA Technologies dumps arcserve biz


Re: Arcserve

"I remember those days, it was fine until it decided to eat its own database and I would wonder why no backup tapes were ejected (My fault for relying on the inbuilt database)."

I remember Arcserve as well. Was in 1999, on NT 4, and my first backup software (that is after Unix tar :-).

I've never heard of it after this, despite spending a long time in DC and storage ... I wonder what it became after this ...

Wireless-controlled contraception implant is coming, says MIT


Looking forward ...

To all the articles on security issues around those new IoT thingies.

And their consequences ...

Linux turns the crank on code for cars


Re: "key applications developed in HTML5 and JavaScript"

"For this to work it will also need some way of getting software updates FOR THE LIFE OF THE CAR. This does not mean I need to buy a new car every time a new version of the OS is released."

Agree in the principle, but you used the undefined term "LIFE OF THE CAR", which, depending on company's business model can go anywhere between 5 and 20 years.

So this update for life would prove trivial to achieve for, say, f***ing Peugeot but quite more expensive for, say, Toyota or Kia (with their 7 years waranty, which is not even meant to cover the lifetime).

End of the day, that would biaise the market IMO, so to me, the conclusion is a level of automation in the car that would require an elaborated OS (windows/linux vs. Vxworks type of micro-kernel) is a bad idea.

True fact: Your CAT wees ... like a racehorse


Re: Mogpiss Monday Blues

Ah ah, actually, it's probably, from the study, still the same duration, except this very male cat is coming EACH TIME at your place for it, part of its territory domination game ...

Quite a pain in the a*** I reckon, but could be worse (like in your boots) ...

Intel, Ford: Project Mobii will harpoon unsafe, unauthorized drivers


There is however a good use for this

"And if you happen to reach for the navigation console while the car is in motion," Davis notes, "Mobii will gently remind you that's a bad idea, requiring you to speak your destination instead."

Who would buy this for being bugged by a defective program, surely hardcoded not to be able to be de-activated like those numerous bipping systems warning you've not your belt on.

Not me !

There is however a single legit use: driver asleep detection. Will save your life if triggered, and the techno already works. It's not rocket science by the way, only a matter of closed eyes detection + timer ...



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