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First article from Dabdy I've read

And I liked it a lot.

Thanks El Reg and Dabdy for the re-run !

Scientists love MacBooks (true) – but what about you?


Why I use a MacBook pro


- it works, and very rarely crashes. I only reboot to install patches, each and every 3-4 months, rest is suspend/resume

- there are not 50 useless keys cluttering the keyboard

- if someone stumbles in the power cable, it doesn't throw my laptop on the ground

- OS X is way easier to use than the Win 8 madness. Also, OS X doesn't change the UI each and every f**ing update

- for legacy apps, Parallel Desktops is really good

- there is a cool bash xterm in OS X, an ssh client, and not the totally retarded DOS-style term of Windows

Condoleezza to China: 'The rules' mean cyber-spying isn't allowed


"Only 30 per cent of young Americans, she said, pass the US military's basic entrance tests. Failure can be due to medical problems including obesity, tattoos in the wrong places ..."

Really ? Tattoos blocking people from getting into the US army ? WTF ?

Obama issues HTTPS-only order to US Federal sysadmins


Why now ?

TLS today shows its shortcomings (static and unmanaged list of trusted CA, some of them that don't have a clue), after years of good services, and just today, Obama signs this off ?


Freeparking web hosting services go TITSUP after migration


Few post-migration issues ...

And a huge backlog tickets.

Yeah, right ...

Microsoft to TAKE OUT THE TRASH in the Windows Store


intrusion in the pricing = bad

"Not a bad idea in general, but I'm wary of the part about removing apps because they are more expensive than equivalents. Seems like it would favour new copy-cat apps over the original innovators and it might also favour larger vendors over small independents. Neither of which are a good thing. Vendors should be able to set their own prices."

Agree, upvoted.

This is gonna put down a number of devs. And possibly ol' dear Gabe Newell from Valve.

It's a really surprising move from an US company like MS ...

But, still, they may back this off completely ...

Windows 10 won't help. The PC biz is doomed, DOOMED, I TELL YOU


Lack of trust

The problem is, MS has failed so much to deliver, after XP, Win7 being just Vista working, not really giving anything more than XP, and Win8 being the turd we know, that no-one, except the most fanatic fanboys, will bother before they see extended press reports on how much it's freaking great.

That's not gonna happen, so sales forecasts, as far as I'm concerned, are gonna be on-par with the ones of Win8 ....

Too little, too late.

Land Rover's return: Last orders and leather seats for Defender nerds


LR 90 to be purchased, here

Funny to see an article on LRs, here at El Reg, as I'm on track to buy a 90 from 15 years ago.

It's superb, but will cost me 14 kE (only 60 000 km).

That's gonna replace a Toyota Prado, as it's called in Australia, where it's common.

Choose Deutsche Telekom for all your bargain spying needs



To see the BND has acted as a proxy to NSA. It seems Germany wanted to keep control, but was disturbingly keen enough to pass on non-terrorist intel to the US ...

Deutsch Telekom's response is surprisingly honest, franck and out of the usual bullshit on those matters.

Kuddos to the PR bloke.

Milking cow shot dead by police 'while trying to escape'


Re: A cow is actually quite dangerous

"Last year 2262 cattle-caused injuries were reported in NZ. Even sheep caused 1500 or so injuries."

No, a cow is not dangerous, unless you're stupid enough to hand over some grass plus your fingers to it , as it's not really clever at making the distinction.

No-one should ever have the need to shoot a cow.

Want it no to walk on your toes ? move away from its path. Want to force it back to the barn ? Use a stick.

End of the problem.

I have wandering cows every single week on my roads, and fortunately, there's no lunatic copper here stupid enough to shoot them, with or without an helicopter.



Re: This sums up the problem:

"Ah yes, the "Call of Halo" genre of FPS. I really, really hate that most FPS games have dumbed down to the 2 weapon limit, linear levels, regen health and checkpoint autosave systems, it has even infested games that used to be better, like Bioshock Infinite and Dead Space 3. Oh, and Duke Nukem Forever, which didn't suck because it should've been released in 1998 ... it sucked because DNF was basically following all the BAD things from the "Call of Halo" genre."

I feel for you, as I'm the same. I made the fatal mistake to play Bioshock Infinite after 1000+ hours of Borderlands 2. A 2 weapons game after the weapin-fest of BL2. Guarantied frustration.

Solution ? Stay away from "Call of Halo", stick to better genre, and don't hesitate to play old games.

Doom 4 is on my radar, but get out if of the "Call of Halo" style.

World of the strange: There will be NINE KINDS of Windows 10


Re: Home users

"So do I take it that the Windows 10 Home users will have autoupdate (whether they like it or not) so that they can be first to be hit by any screw-up from Microsoft?"

This is becoming more and more obvious. Same goes for W7/W8 adopters within the first year. They'll get it free and will test it before paying customers come.

Note it's the first time MS is stating openly about 2 classes of users: those guinea pigs, and the rest ...

This is really telling !

Red-faced Germans halt NSA cooperation after Euro spying revealed


Re: Industrial espionage

"There is still no evidence that the NSA are spying on German car companies and leaking data to their competitors though."

Read NSA's charter and come back here when you have a clue.


Re: Well...

"UK gets caught colluding with NSA and nothing much happens.

Germany gets caught and the outrage causes cease of collusion.

Hmmmmm........ says more about us Brits than the Germans, I think..."

Well, to be honest, GCHQ has long said to be a subsidary of NSA. It has been largely confirmed by Snowden documents also.

So no-one should be surprised by the fact GCHQ is running hand in hand with NSA.

German BND, at contrary, is another thing. Never was it allegated they were a sub of NSA ...

Quite a shame on them, actually ...

Lenovo system update flaws plugged, security world not impressed


Just wondering why ...

I'm just wondering what is the justification for Lenovo or any PC maker to have ANY update system at all on the user-owned (pun strongly sugested) PC ?

WHY ? Even if it was not Lenovo, I'd do everything to remove this updater.

Windows 10 bombshell: Microsoft to KILL OFF Patch Tuesday


reboot fest

I'm probably the only one to bother about the following:

1- every day or so, my laptop will have to reboot

2- I'll never have the same OS booting between week N and week N+1

3- 2 will make my OS behave funny/bizarrely/buggyly

And what's worse, I'll never know which patch is bad, has to be removed, because they happen so frequently.

What is really pissing me off in W7 is the weekly patching. I really hoped they'd aggregate patches, like Apple is doing, so that you'd only install/reboot once per quarter.

But no, MS doesn't learn ...

New Windows 10 will STAGGER to its feet, says Microsoft OS veep


So we now know why upgrades are free for one year

That's because it's even less finished than Vista ever was.

Yahoo! Mail! goes! titsup! in! Blighty! due! to! mystery! error!


Re: To be fair

"It actually used to be quite good. At least up until gmail came along."

Yes, true, but that was, what ?, 10+ years ago ? I've used them myself but the GUI became terrible, and gmail was indeed ramping up with interesting services, like the POP/IMAP service to consolidate all your ISP-bound email addresses.

Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs


Re: Really?

"That was advertised on the App Store as a new free thing you could download and install, not in the update section."

Exactly. And if, like me, you ignored it, it will NEVER come back again unless you request it.

The problem with Windows is all of the fear is here with the "update NOW or you're screwed". MS is taking this as a lever for selling their shit.

But anyway, MS fans will go the MS way ...

Good riddance to them !

The Internet of Stuff is a gigantic ultra-perv robbery network – study


Time to play Watch Dogs

Just to have an idea of what to do with IoT.

NZ used XKEYSCORE to spy on World Trade Org election emails


"Actually yes.

More specifically, I think that the combined Five Eyes countries - population 448 million, GDP 23 Trillion USD - have access to rather a bit more interception, storage and analysis capability than those mentioned nations."

This. Plus the good support of collaboration inside 5 eyes. This shows the perverse relationship of those 5 nations: give me access mate I need your support locally, and I'll share some of my really nice toys (without being too picky about theyr usage).

Dear departed Internet Explorer, how I will miss you ... NOT


IE won't die

Am I the only one to have 0 trust in MS to ditch IE ?

Spartan is just a different name aimed at having user-agent not match IE, that's all.

Code base will still be IE. After all, IE 6 to 11 share most of their code, as seen in every patch, every f***ing week, so how will Remdond re-write a full web browser ? Only the UI has changed ...

Funny to see MS being entangled into their own mess (messing up with internet standards for decades) to the point they need another name to dodge the usual user-agent conditionnal code in web sites.

But, yes, we'll see patches for IE 6 to 12 + spartan in all W10 patching sessions.

US threatened Berlin with intel blackout over Snowden asylum: report


Re: Black & White

"It might explain why no country has offered Snowden asylum, despite the fact that he is one of the most obvious cases for it in the last decade or so."

Exactly. Let's remember, although only this german bloke has yet confessed the pressure, it's very likely it was used on other governments as well.

This woud explain France for example blocked the flight from an ambassador, on suspicion Snowden may be in it.

This confession anyway shows how freaking furious the US officials were, when Snowden fled.

Windows 10 build 10041: 99 bugs on the wall, fix a bug, add a feature, 114 bugs on the wall


Re: Anyone trying with low end hardware

"Is this build working with lesser hardware? For example a Atom D2700 based small PC with 2Gb ram?"

Have you lost it ? This is Redmond,'s policy of N+1 needs 2Xtimes more gear than N. I wouldn't expect 10 to even boot on less than 8GB RAM.


Re: Is it just me ...

"... or is that first desktop screenshot somewhat reminicent of early 1980's GUIs ???"

Have an upvote.

I'm, myself into retro-gaming, therefore into the said 80s GUI (AmigaOS, this stuff). And yes, W10 seems exactly like this thing !

We apparently have an OS running on 4-8 cores at 4 GHz with 4-8 GB of RAM look like my old 7 Mhz and 1 MB RAM Amiga !

World has officially gone banana.

Data centre dangers: Killing a tree and exploding a UPS


Re: Many years ago..

"Subsequent investigation revealed that the main fuel tank (under a car park) had had a leak for quite a while. There hadn't been a policy of testing the level of fuel (the fuel gauge measured how much fuel had been put into the tank, not how much was actually there) so no-one had actually checked.


One version of this one, I have heard severall times is this:

"refuelling fuel tanks is under facilities dept, people didn't budget it since it's rarely done, and no-one has asked for it, fuel is almost exhausted when the power cut happens". Same results.

OpenSSL preps fix for mystery high severity hole


Re: Conspiracy of Optimism

"Coders love their half baked poorly crafted code since they made it. "

Well, I think it is worse than that as far as openssl goes:

- they indeed love the undecipherable crap openssl coding is, love the inconsistent API you can short-circuit at will

- none of them understand all parts of the lib

- since it can compile on platforms long gone 25 years ago, no-one touches low-level parts by fear of disrupting WIN16 support, DOS 4 or Ultrix

Another symptom of openssl being out of control is the versioning. 1.02a, 1.02m, 0.9.8zf, seriously, WTF ?

Here comes Vulkan: The next generation of the OpenGL graphics API


Re: Great...

"How is this going to kill Microsoft off the gaming market? It might hurt Microsoft's aim of DirectX everywhere, but OpenGL runs on Windows, and so will this."

Because, once devs have a non-proprietary alternative to the monopolistic DX, they'll switch to it for more platforms integration. Then MS, will loose more market share, typically the likes like myself who only still have windows because of gaming.

Those will switch to things like SteamOS.

Then, when another reason for loosing Windows (gaming) is there, the question of having it for classical personnal desktop will arise, and given some severe misaps I've seen amongst all my computer illiterate neighbours (win 8, viruses everywhere, vista insta-killed by a patch, etc ...), this would shift more market share to alternatives. A lot of people have fallen to MS's failures in the last 6 years or so ...


Re: Great...

"The real question is why we haven't had this until now.

I wish it success."

We never had this up to now because of MS-imposed vendor lock-in. As simple as that.

MS was clever enough to see that a nice 3D API would attract devs and lock gamers to Windows (or Xbox).

Now, MS is struggling and Valve and others are seemingly backing this up.

I also *really* wish them success. This could kill MS off the gaming market, and also off the OS market, where they are really performing like crap.

25 years of SNK's Neo Geo video gaming platform


Pleasure Dome

Just a heads-up, for those that want to replay their fav. Neo Geo games and many other (legit.), head over to http://www.pleasuredome.org.uk/

Be sure not to be shitlisted there :-)

Redmond's Patch Tuesday to kill off the Windows FREAK show


can we just shorten the wording ...

"MS15-018 A cumulative update for Internet Explorer 6-11. "

Should really be shortened as "every single IE versions, 'cos the code base is all the bloody same"

Bite my shiny metal Ask: Java for OS X crapware storm brewing


Re: Bloody hell, when will this nonsense ever stop?

"For fuck's sake, when are these disreputable practices going to stop? How the hell can we expect the multitudes of nefarious exploits to cease when supposedly reputable companies resort to such treachery by only being one step removed? The excuse being by example.

This disreputable nonsense is truly getting out of hand, it's time we users revolted, big-time."

There's only one way, mate: uninstall the whole shite, and tell every single person you meet in the street how it's an awfull pile of dangerous shit. People are becoming *very* suspicious each time they're bitten by crapware, so they are eventually listening.

$250K: That's what Lenovo earned to rat you out with Superfish


Re: $250,000

"$250,000 will barely pay the annual bonus of the marketing 'droid who thought up this scam"

Indeed, and this shows how low the Lenovo customers' security is valued.

F*ck them, for the 20 ongoing years, really.


Re: Just goes to show....

"But these days consumer PC/Laptops etc you don't even have that option; You only get the OEM's rebuild partition"

Yes, indeed, and this just shows MS will have to amend their policy on this, as some vendors are just f***ing bonkers, selling their customers' security for a mere couple of USDs.

Previously, vendors would only add mid-usefull bloatware, but not any security-destroying fuckware. This time is gone.

The model is screwed as hell, and MS has to re-gain control of *their* OS !


";...promising to never again install bloatware...', '...six month subscriptions to McAfee...'

It may have been a PR disaster but at least Lenovo still have a sense of humour"

Is it really humor ? I have yet to see anyone else paying their users a sub to an anti-virus company, to clean up *their* mess ... Geez.

Visa: One million bonks a month for Europeans from next year


Re: Some of us don't want...

Well, yes, the service case is very unclear.

pros: contactless, no password, faster

cons: can of security exploits if not done well (and contactless techno opens quite a few)

So far, I failed to see how the cons wins ...

SSL-busting adware: US cyber-plod open fire on Comodo's PrivDog


Re: If I were a layman

"I never got why we need a CA anyway.

If I trust Facebook, then I trust Facebook. I don't necessarily trust every website ever created by anyone who's bought a certificate from the supplier that Facebook's bought their certificate from.


Key security should be in the DNS, and should be tied - the .uk root should be saying THIS is the cert for the .co.uk TLD and it's the only one I specify. And then when asked, .co.uk will say THIS is the cert for the facebook.co.uk site (and here's the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses). And then Facebook can specify what THEY want under that domain as required. All signed, all authorised, back to the root."

Actually, I don't think security by network (which seems to be your point) is enough. After DNS is secured, you have to secure the transport, and the physical layer etc ... Long efforts before you're SURE www.facebook.com is really facebook.

SSL took the approach of end to end cryptography, which is desirable and good.

The only problem is there is a gap: all CAs are hard coded in the browser and no user ever look at them (they're so obscure ...) and there is no secure directory service. That's the current security hole exploited by superfish and its siblings and the real short-coming of SSL.

'Utterly unusable' MS Word dumped by SciFi author Charles Stross


Re: complex documents

"Use LaTeX"

Well said. Upvoted :-) LaTeX was my first Word Processor.

Speaking of this (formulae processor), has anyone managed to write some complex sigma formulae with Word 2010 ? The formula processor of 2010 is totally awfull. I thought it would be OKish, but not. That very day I tried, reminded me how simple it would be with LaTeX.

Superfish: Lenovo ditches adware, but that doesn't fix SSL megavuln – researcher


Re: @Halverflake @P.Lee

"Lenovo produced the hard drive image, not Microsoft.

Lenovo is fully reponsible for including the bloatware, not Microsoft.

Microsoft makes operating systems and office software for many laptop/PC manufacturers, not just Lenovo.

Is "SuperPhish" present on those units too? Not that anyone has heard."

The problem, here, is MS has let OEMs, like muppets-Lenovo and many others, package their OS, to their will, including the possibility to add any full-scale spy/mal/bloat-wares, if it brought revenue. And this is gonna hurt them, even if they've only been naive.

MS really need to regain control of Windows from the OEMs and provide certified (whatever that means) install media that can bring a secure baseline to any HW. It is abolutely pointless to have invested in things like secure boot and have let OEM act as Lenovo had.

MS is not the culprit, here, but they've let things go titsup.


Re: @Halverflake

"If you issue a false certificate to intercept secure communications, don't you open yourself up to criminal charges?"

Who cares, when

1- it happens to a chinese vendor (law ? What's that ?)

2- you have 0 judge or lawyer on earth who can understand this SSL stuff

3- you can easily spin it to the "usefull app that gives nice ads to the user"

For pity's sake, you fool! DON'T UPGRADE it will make it worse


Still baffled ...

we have this kind of problem, now in the 21st century, aka, problems of issuing the right letters with a keyboard.

Me, I'm still in my walkaround from back in the early 90s: map my keyboard of employer provided (crap) laptop to french kb, no matter what reads on the keys, then type by memory.

Good for french and english, wouldn't work with spanish, russian, chinese or arabic.

Also, gives me good laugh whenever anyone else is trying to type anything :-)

Would appreciate any Windows or Mac perma solution ...

Lenovo to customers: We only just found out about this Superfish vuln – remove it NOW


Re: Orange Alert!

"MS should take note as well. This is not their fault, true, but they also provide no means for users to do a clean-slate, non-manufacturer bloat, install of Windows. By that I mean provide essentially the same disks/downloads as if you walked into a store and bought Windows off the shelf. Not their fault, but it leaves you with the same question: can you trust your brand-new PC? No, not entirely.

We should get a valid, go-to-MS-when-needed, OEM license for Windows, not just some bloated manufacturer install. I for one have no idea what happens if I re-format my Asus laptop. I assume I can re-install Windows somehow from their recovery partition, but I won't know that unless I try it. I know how to rebuild with a Windows install disk and I would much prefer to be in that position with my Asus."

That's actually a very good point. I've always been very worried of seeing people around me *never* get an MS install disk, and being served the usual "recovery partition" pitch by whatever sales droid.

Now I know why: the OS sold is not the one from MS, but from the vendor, who definitely has incentives to put crapware in it, unlike MS.


Norton Internet Security antivirus update 'borked Internet Explorer'


At last

"Norton Internet Security antivirus update 'borked Internet Explorer'"

At last, Norton did something good for security.

Lenovo shipped lappies with man-in-the-middle ad/mal/bloatware


Re: TEMPORARILY???!!!!?????

"So, long term, Lenovo's intention is to continue bundling software from this highly trustable source.....

Holy Crap."

Upvoted. Well, since this one was not concealed enough (they thought no-one would notice an unusual ROOT CA in the browser), that's exected they'd come-up with something better, no ?

(Re)touching on a quarter-century of Adobe Photoshop


Pascal ? Really ?

"... where you can peruse its 128,000 lines of virtually uncommented code: 75 per cent in Pascal, 15 per cent in 68000 assembler language, and the rest in er… various other stuff."

So, someone actually built something outside university, in Pascal ? Really baffling news to me, and I worked in SW for 5 years during the 90s ...

Different note: a very more accessible and free alternative to PS or Gimp is Paint.net. But, yes, you're nowhere approaching PS functions, but approaching Gimp's ...

Lashed Saudi blogger Raif: Prince Charles has word with new king


"All the receiving dignitaries have my undying respect for keeping straight faces...I would have howled."

Yep, same from my side. Have an upvote.

Really good to see the ol' sacrcastic UK (Wales is still part of UK, I think :-) humor can also be put into official guard music.

I wish we french can do that as well. Sadly, it won't happen here.

French minister: Hit Netflix, Google, Apple et al with bandwidth tax


"I can never understand this attitude that people come up with - oh let's charge them because they are providing content that has already been paid for twice, but let's charge them again anyway."

No logic in there and no point to even try to understand it. Just general "tax to see if they pay", without any regard of fairness whatsoever, then if things go titsup (Eco Tax, geez ...), backtrack all along.

Desperate try to rob any money to close the gap with EU. Bear in mind France is the only country in the world where people pay taxes on raw salary (they don't get) not net salary (they get), due to the wonderfull CSG invented by Michel Rocard's administration (90s I think ?).

Hollande policy, nothing more.

Patch now: Design flaw in Windows security allows hackers to own corporate laptops, PCs


Re: Server 2003

"A typo that's far too common these days. Your too restrained - I tend to loose my temper when I see those, or assume there stupid."

Yeah, happens also on videogames forums where all sorts of people ask tips on playing "rouge" instead of rogue.

French plod can BAN access to any website – NO court order needed


Re: Not so bad really

"Les Francais sont loin d'être aussi cons que certains peuvent l'imaginer."

Je suis bien d'accord !

But in this instance of policy, it is totally retarded and will fail in the usual way:

- extend the powers to any copper (within 2 years I'm sure)

- see any forum being kicked whenever a bot posts something terror-like plus any website any copper don't like

- no more forum hosted in France (are there any to be honest ?)

This plus the smart people who will game the system as alredy devised higher in those columns.

And then a report in newspaper the darn thing costed millions ...

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year


Re: OEM's

"But what happens if many users (highly likely) don't bother buying new hardware and just go down the home upgrade route? Will the large corporate customers go into rolling out upgrades instead of a hardware swap? If they do than MS is really digging a hole here for the OEM's, and they aren't exactly in a strong position as it is. Do think it's going to be interesting though to see how it shakes out down the line."

Easy fix for you: Win 10 will probably not boot on any of the systems running W7 (CPU tweaks, RAM, ...). But surely it'll boot on most default W8 gear. Solved. W7 killed through "no support", and W8 killed through "I want the mistake fixed". Actually quite clever.



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