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'Data storm' blamed for nuclear plant shutdown


Not cheaper ...

""Such failures are common among PLC and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, because the manufacturers do not test the devices' handling of bad data, said Dale Peterson, CEO of industrial system security firm DigitalBond.

What is happening in this marketplace is that vendors will build their own (network) stacks to make it cheaper""

Not cheaper, as was pointed out with FreeBSD, but totally locked-up in terms of integration. Strange eth. packet sent to strange controller. Reminds me of the Banyan Vines protocol that would assemble ethernet broadcasts packets ...

Thus, captive market, and very high prices ... and vulnerability to anything from outside ...

Liverpool police get mini-Black Helicopter


nice toy

"According to the Guardian, the spy drone will also "track criminals and record anti-social behaviour"."

Well, nice toy for a kid. Not sure it will eradicate crime, however, since:

- 20 min of battery (including 10 for to go on zone, and return) is pretty short. Except if the whole police forces are converted to (black) helicopters pilots. Yeah, sure it can land in case of short battery. LOL. Guess what the baddies will do of it when they discover one miserably off battery on the ground ?

- the zoom function doesn't seem to be here. Means we saw, on the demo, a whole lot of people, but no way to see if there were any cute girls :-)

Exploding curry menaces 747


same power as ground based owens ?

"The missive notes that food intended for high-altitude reheating needs "special packaging" since the aircraft's ovens have twice the power output of your ground-based domestic model"

Well, then, why not changing those owens to anyone with a common power ?

We're all used to use the same microwave owen time for a given meal, thus, whenever we come across any turbocharged one, shit will happen.

Come on BA, just change the darn thing !

US 'war czar' to attack internet safe havens


Kubrick-style motto

"You need a network to defeat a network."

Am I the only one to think immediately "Doctor Strangelove" by Kubrick, when reading that ? Even the Kubrick dialogs were more elaborated than that, by the way ...

To me, it seems to bear the sad sign of cluelessness, and, as stated in the article, the forecast that something extremely stupid might happen.

At least, during WWII, all parties understood the radio signal couldn't be shutdown, at least not easily. Thus, they took this opportunity to gain intelligence.

I also read the article from http://www.washingtontechnology.com/online/1_1/29734-1.html. Geez, he speaks of “the long war".

I really hope it doesn't become "the infinite war", like in Supreme Commander, waiting for this bloke to understand the Net, to end.

He should in my opinion retire, and play video games.

Oh, by the way, most of them are also played on this "network needing a network". LOL.

Info Commissioner audits HBOS


ICO: useless

"The ICO can audit organisations to ensure their procedures are adequate to protect people's privacy, but must have the permission of the organisation first. "

Ah, rather long sentence to say "useless", then. I'm still hoping the same

applies to the revenue tax dept in France. No way, sadly ...

The day it does, however, guess how many people will pay their

revenue tax ?

Half a million kids' DNA on UK police database


How, yes ?

"By Gary McCabePosted Friday 11th May 2007 13:13 GMT Vague on detail. How, and under what circumstances have the govt obtained these samples?


I have to say I'm with Gary on this one.

I humbly suggest El Reg to do a follow-up and more

in-depth investigation on this one.

I mean, if all that has been obtained, you know, with

the help of any, er... education fund ...


Wikipedia bot-swarm foretells snooker result


Oracle says "you are incorrect"

"Tango wrote: "For your information, Wikipedia user Betacommand was stripped of admin privileges at 1:36 [GMT] - a few hours before your article on Wikipedia's Gerry Adams article was published...Your article is therefore incorrect...update it.""


Very interesting, those wikiers' conception of The Reality.

Anytime anything changes, The Reality and all of its affiliates (newspapers) must be updated, in order to supremely comply ...

This is quite like some sci-fi story about travel in time causing incoherence, and consequently, change in the future/present.

But here, a single deposit exists, which sole purpose in life, is to hold The Truth.

I'm wondering what is wikipedia's entry on 2nd WW.

Maybe the status as of april 1945 ? Like "USRR and US (plus minor nations) invaded germany and arrived in Berlin. Many civilians were missing."

Which leads us to wonder what wikipedia will leave in a, say, several hundreds of years, when historians will devise how the early 21st century people were handling knowledge sharing. Absolutely nothing since the thing will have become, in time, an absolute oracle, giving no explanation, censoring the past for lack of compliancy with The Truth, and be long destroyed for sanity reasons.

MIT eggheads plan Israeli airstrike on Iran nuke factories


Why, version 2 ???

"One thing's for sure: student life seems to have changed a lot since our day. Maybe Raas and Long need to get down to the pub a bit more. Or just join the damn Air Force, already. "

Well, yes, how can any egghead from whatever university get the needed information in order to produce any clever paper on this ?? Either they don't, then I feel confident in the US maintaining secret on highly sensitive military intelligence, and their work is a pile of shite, either they know something, and I grow very worried about military intelligence in the US, which would appear as being disseminated across whoever has the right religion profile ...

As Jesse Melton stated, it's up to the military, even if everyone will have his fav. comment on this (technical or political).

Student expelled for high school Counter-Strike map



Baffling to see part of the US, even Texas, go straight towards the fanatic mode, in such a unified move. Being tasteless may apparently cause you to be locked-up, in this other planet ...

Is a matter of time before they burn books, crucify the

heretics again, and generally go into crusade against


""They got more stuff that doesn't look too good," Smelley told the website."

Oh, dear, you mean, .... naked women ????? Geez, death is

too darn good for him !

Hey, Smelley, I take it you believe those heretics have fluorified water, in order to poison your bodily fluids *.

* from "doctor strangelove" by Stanley Kubrick

Jesus appears in Samsung Flash memory chip


Last orders, pls

" ... and before we all nip to the pub for one last pint before the final judgement ..."

where, I take it, the bartender will throw, a la

Douglas Addams, a "last orders, please" :-)

Home Office promises proactive powers for info commissioner


take model of the french HALD

Although not leaving in the UK, I follow the school fingerprints scandal, and I have to say, given the current ICO behaviour in all that, giving him any more powers (yes, it's largely needed) won't change anything.

The guy (or his office, can't recall) has basically stated, on school fingerprinting, "Too late, it's done, can't do nothing", which has been reported by El Reg. How can it be anything but bollocks to give any proactive powers to such a moron ?

The UK gov. would be well advised to take the model of the french HALD (Haute Autorite de la Lutte contre les Discriminations) which, even with a probably lower budget, manages to sue people for skin color (and other) discriminations, and gradually change minds (yeah, I know, still a long way).

It works because the boss is good and they have control powers.

The ICO will have to find a boss first, then get control powers.

Without that, it will be, as others above have posted, a waste of space.

HP: 'IT, as we know it, is over'


How is it ?

"“We are saying that business technology is an evolution from the Adaptive Enterprise, which was all about synchronizing business and IT,” Nelson said. “We are beyond that. We are to a point where technology is powering business and where we need to be held accountable at the same level as other parts of the business.”"

How you can be "beyond" synchronising business and IT is ... beyond me :-)

Is it about anticipating business ? Please Admiral Nelson, explain how you require budget for that, and more than that, obtain it ? And not be fired for unacceptable levels of bollocks ?

Next HP marketing campaign will surely be full of terms like "prescience", "spice", "fremens" and other Franck Herbert stuff.

Survey: young Brits ready to embrace evoting


No way

""Local government is often a shining example of how to provide online services, as such allowing local citizens to vote online would be very much in keeping with the digital age in which we now live."

Hmmm, no. Voting is unlike asking for a bloody tax form !Unless you're present during the counting, you can't say whether your vote has counted or has been binned. The only business case of online/electronic voting is, as everyone that's approached a computer over the last years knows, fraud.

Hardly is it quicker (french elections serving as an example), but the owner of the machines (and their friends, and to a lesser extend, knowledgeable hackers) can without leaving any tracks, build any results of the elections, regardless of which buttons have been pressed.

You pay 7kE/machine and you get control of the results, end of the story.

Cloud Jesus floats over Mount Sinai


Slartibartfast ...


The sand thing is in fact another issue of Slartibartfast's

portrait, as the one carved in ice described in

Hitchhicker's guide to the galaxy !

Everyone knows that.

I've got some sawdust: can I call it chocolate?


Too late for us ...


I'm sad for the US chaps, indeed, but,


In the small island just across the channel,

this stupidity is now reality.





Advised readers are warned against the danger of abuse of

extremely bureaucratic french papers.

French politicians vote non to voting machines


that was french *voters* not french politicians !

Indeed, with the failure of the e-voting machines, voters

went upset forcing some local councils to ask for a


Those machines were sneakily introduced by local councils

(mostly from Sarkozy's party, pretty much like in the US

with some Bushists in fact), without conseil constitutionnel

(Supreme Court in charge of correct elections run)

seeing any problem in this complete re-engineering of the process !

But their members were all renewed by Chirac ...

There's been a funny interview in Canal +, of a local

right-wing council head (the one keeping Sarkozy's seat

warm in fact):

- jounalist: what is the added value of those machines ?

- head of council: well, we spare 3 hours for the results


- is that all ? 3 hours once per 5 years ?

- errr, yes.

- is not a bit expensive ?

- well, ... no.


Why the world has lost interest in IPTV services


IPTV is a dead-end

I have to write here, I simply believe the concept of

IPTV is just a technical dead-end ...

At best a marketing wank for the couple of hundreds

blokes in London that have loads of bandwidth and

feel frustrating at nothing to occupy it with ...

Why on the nine hells, with all technical limitations

(end of local loop limiting bandwidth (I have 512 Kb myself),

ISPs bottlenecks, ISPs struggling to keep their network up

and running despite P2P) plus users wanting sensible

things (no latency for voIP, web., mail, games etc ...)

would anyone want to clobber his DSL bandwidth with

MB/s of TV/video when all channels are better available by

an one to all media like satellite ???

Even if I had 20MB/s, I woudln't do it, sparing the bandwidth

for better web access/downloading photos of nephew and


I say, get a sat dish, with a motor and enjoy hundreds of

channels !

High level Night Elf druid saves PC gaming


Also, DRMs are to blame for the decline ...

"Things have gotten worrisome for the PC game market as consoles start to act more like computers and increased online support makes it easier for developers to take the console plunge."

True. However, I for one believe also DRMs are to blame.

Numerous times have I seen a game not work on a given

PC because Securom/Starforce or one of their stupid

competitors, needed whatever mark/model of CD/DVD player.

That is, of course, whem those SW don't screw the PC

totally, sending players right into the console market !

Hopefully, the DRM tower is collapsing, and the PC

games market will see this as a story of the past.

PS: what about an article on this, eh ?

Program Names govern admin rights in Vista


Metal detector, really ?

""The Vista feature you've run into is the equivalent of an airport metal detector," explained Dr Brian Chess, chief scientist at Fortify Software"

Ok, good. Now, how good would those detectors be if

any object could just be able to reshape (change names)

when the beam hits them and after ? Wouldn't the scan

operator be misled some times ?

The comparison falls flat, to me, Chess ...

I'm no Windows expert, but it's down to the very

implementation of Windows here, that "security" relies.

Not a design paradigm, like Redmond likes

to claim to the masses.

There have been vulns of Unix system in execve() in the past,

in the exact same way it treated suid #! headers ...

Can happen to Vista, given where Redmond starts from,

in terms of security !

UK and US agree plan for joint space missions


Is it a scoop ?

<sarcasm from a closeby country>

Well, giving the now closer and closer space

exploration and defense matters as seen from the

bushists, and since UK has been an affiliate state

of the US for now more than 2 decades on defense

matters (mostly due to spy satellites agreements),

how surprising is this ?

</sarcasm from a closeby country>

Wipe your arse less, suggests Sheryl Crow


Elaborate ?

"[SNIP]I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required."

Please, nice lady, pray elaborate on this ? Can we factor the

sex of the person also, in order to refine the analisys

(no pun, here :-) ?

Good point, also, Lester, on the CDs, probably not, indeed,

made of "recycled bog roll and algae-derived bioplastic" LOL.

While toilet paper is normally made of bio-degradeable matter.

If Google kills penguins, is it doing evil?


Google's exec taking the piss

"We're in a highly competitive industry and, frankly, one or two little pieces of information like that in the hands of our competitors can do us considerable damage. So we can't discuss it."

As (and even more than) you stated, Ashley, pls someone

knocks this moron's head into the wall for the cubic meters

of p**s he's pouring onto us !

How on earth can one disclose anything out of a datacenter,

from power and water usage ? It is easy to have the same

power/water footprint and be anywhere on a 1-10 scale of

processing power, thus, good luck for getting the secret

algorithms of Google, even if you forget they are in each of

the boxes they sell, and thus open to reverse-engineering !

Notes on Vista forensics


Vista and forensics, a whole chapter of law history

"Another interesting change is that Vista is configured by default to not update the last access time on files, a decision made to increase file system performance."

Ah, yes, no Windows version would ever be considered as

complete without the Moronic TM mark !

Why, after all, updating the "last access time",

each, er..., last accessed time, eh ?

How long before we hear in court from the so-called "experts":

"Your Honnor, the suspect has viewed/not viewed the file

just before the event, since the last access time

has/hasn't been updated" ?

"Vista ships with Windows Internet Explorer 7 for web browsing and, although forensic examiners will certainly encounter other browsers during Vista's lifetime, it seems reasonable to assume that IE7 and its Microsoft successors will represent the vast majority of browsers whose use comes under investigation."

Possibly the only one that comes under examination,

yes, giving the sometimes narrow mindset of "experts" :-)

But IE 7 seems so far, as per my IT experience and furiously "out of IT" neighboroud experience, a bloody

pain in the lower back, at best !

Again, "experts" might just rule out that "the user

has viewed/not viewed something" based on IE history only

while firefox history might be cleared on exit.

"For the time being though, the fight between those with something to hide and those tasked with uncovering electronic evidence continues."

Yes, indeed. And as with all fights, collateral damages is to

be expected. A lot due to Vista.

People with something to hide should switch to Firefox, while

others should shout loud and clear they're loyal to IE7.

(Agence) France(-Press) surrenders to Google


not a bad deal IMHO


Probably not a bad deal for google, since AFP

is more or less the only independant news channel

remaining in France, nowadays...

Most of the rest belongs to Lagardere, Dassault, Pinault

and Arnault, who takes news off AFP, filters it from

boss personnal interest, and broadcast to the masses.

SGI hires serial CEO


it's hard time, indeed

"SGI is trying to reach outside of its graphics and high performance computing niche to sell to a wide range of customers."

Well, that's f***ing time to do that, honest, since SGI

sank Cray Research back in 1997, on the ground of, if

I recall, reaching number one in computing !

Plus giving away the whole IP of high-end graphics

engine to Nvidia.

Would I be an investor, I wouldn't invest in their share,

with objectives of 2007 being the exact same as 10

years back !

Smut-swapping sailors leak secret missile specs


No, sir !!

"General Bruce Wright, commander of US forces in Japan, said: "I know the Japan Self Defence Forces take operational security seriously.""

General, Sir !!

No, Sir !! They don't give it a flying fuck, Sir !!

Otherwise, why on the nine hells, would they allow

any random personnal PC on the destroyer, Sir ???

And more than that, allow connection to storage

holding classified information, Sir ???

Or get on the destroyer with a full necklace of USB

storage keys, Sir ???

They're absolutely rubbish, Sir !!! Don't give them access

to secret info, for God's sake, Sir !!!

China reveals nuclear lunar rover


As Mad as M.Madman in a mad day at bonkersville

"China is planning to send a nuclear powered rover to the moon in 2012 on its first unmanned mission to our natural satellite."

So ... everyone can then relax a bit and forget those

complicated issues of global warming then, since this

bunch of morons will have, by then, rendered the whole

atmostphere brighter than it ever was at night, and

warmer than anything from current predictions .

And if we are lucky, they might even screw the Moon, so

remains only Mars to inhabitate !


French claim fastest train title


Maglev is not a rail system

"The previous record of 515km/h (320mph) was set in 1990, although a Japanese Maglev managed to reach a cool 581km/h (361mph) back in 2003."

Yes, indeed. However, the Maglev is a different system,

no rails, but magnetically sustained train.

Thus, TGV is the fastest system _on rails_.

This is about the effort/cost of having

each km compliant with that kind of speed. Rails are

cheaper (minor reinforcements) than brand new systems.

Ah yes, for some of the blokes above, no way any rails in

the UK, with only one nail out of 3 could sustain

anything close to 125 mph !

Herve (who was really scared in the Edimburgh/Glasgow train

last month, even under 100 mph).

US nuke boffins rubbish polygraph testing


amazing !

"Another friend to the polygraph, apparently, is the CIA. The spook agency "cited classified research to support its use of polygraph testing but declined to share its research". Well, it was secret."

Better rephrased as follows:

<bollocks-mode off>

"Errr, ... we issued quite a number of reports along the

last 5 decades, some of them having tremendous impacts

on the US defense, and they were based on polygraph

obtained/deduced intelligence.

So, we're not keen in publicly admitting polygraphs don't

work, due to the understandable embarassment it would cause to us.

</bollocks-mode off>

Utah backs calls to boot porn from Port 80


Won't work, and even if it did, what about the rest ?

"CP80 is led by Ralph Yarro III, the chairman of SCO, who wants porn to be kept off port 80"

Well, that's the explanation of SCO's plunge, then ?

Even if some bright brains would succeed in seggragating

porn from the rest, is it the only danger of the net ?

So, nazis groups, scientology groups recruiting in public

areas (since no point in doing it in a secret place), paedophiles etc ??? Not a problem surely ?

And then our kids wandering in the Net, reassured by

Yarro III to be confident since it is now a sure place ?

No, no way, let's wait for next patch, Yarro IV and tell the

kids to watch out ;-)

French succumb to Franglais


noone can go against progress

Hi Lester,

Good article on franglais, vraiment.

Apart from the load of atrocities l'Academie Francaise

decided to inflict to the french masses, in order to fix

their unnatural fascination with the english language,

back in to 90s (to name a few: bug=bogue, email=courriel

or mel, ...), now, after all this blatant fiascos (italian word? Oh dear !), the tactics have changed.

Indeed, nowadays, the fashion is more as following:

- interview = interviouve (same phonetics, unsure of the

spelling, sorry)

- ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) = ABS (Anti-Blocage de


See http://www.presse-francophone.org/apfa/lexique/a.htm

for more.

One has to say it's more of a minimum service now (I even

don't remember the "french" spelling myself, despite being

a native french), before just dropping the ball, which is

the only clever thing to do, if only to be in line with

what americans and brits have done with regard to french.

Still, you'll admit translating ABS to ABS in french is really

cunning, no ? :-) Box ticked.

Israeli envoy to El Salvador found naked in street


Dark age of Israel

"But an ambassador behaving indecently on a public thoroughfare, that has never happened before."

Well, surely.

Probably the same as a prime minister having collected more

accusations of corruption in a 2 years period than any

african leader over a century, or the president being

accused of rape on 5 women, intimidation of witnesses,

plus the top-rank general selling all shares before the Liban

war ? All that, revealed, in a 6 months period ?

LOL. Lester, you're sure you didn't forget the ROFL smiley

when you quoted the israeli official ?

Put down the internet and go get some fresh air


not quite

"University authorities hope the ban will lead to earlier nights for some students as well as more chit-chat."

Ah yes. Although the chit-chat, in my experience,

usually leaded to a *shorter* night :-))

At least in a french university.

Turkey blocks YouTube


Good point

"MacWorld noted that the law came exactly 16 years after an amateur videographer filmed the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers. Under the new law French police should be protected from such an invasion of privacy. ®"

Hi John,

Good point in doing a parallel betwen this shamefull

incident in LA, years ago, and the new law proposed

by Sarko (alias "Joe Dalton", or "Little Big Man" as we call

this 8-bits version of Napoleon), since this is the only motivation behind it.

Indeed, almost all incidents involving police violence over

the last 3 years in France, have been backed up by

amateur films, which have proved to be the only way to

get the cases proved, since witnesses are usually locked

up as well, thus "guilty by default" and not reliable. And it

needs dozens of them in front of a court ...

Surely, the lawyer Sarkozy doesn't ignore that.

Herve (french)

Could chocolate protect your brain?


Marketing "science". Again.

"Sadly for anyone who relishes objective science, the work has been funded by Mars.

Even more sadly, the research is being used to promote an actual product, taking it from the realms of science and straight into marketing."

Yep, same thing has been going on all over France for

a great deal of the past 5 years, now.

This is to the point some sarcastic paper, here, is usually

dedicating a whole articles section to the food study of the


(http://www.canardenchaine.fr, in case you want to know).

As long as authorities allow marketing to be actually

fueled by unofficial para-science, we'll see it ...

Skiing tops bunny hopping in lunar races


Which cross-country technique ?

I know you guys at Vulture Central have currently

less snow 500 miles around your location than one

could find in the south part of the Tenere desert, but

which cross-country skiing technique does the bloke

speak about ?

Alternative, where both skiis stay parallel and one relies on

the scales carved on the surface of ths skis, in order

to move ?

Or skating where it's basically the same as ice-skating ?

Surely, some explanation would be needed, and would

prevent my poor brain from figuring out how on earth

(so to speak), one would skate on the moon !

Cheers from Haut-Jura in France.

Darwin Mr Popular again in Kansas


poor Kansas kids

Poor Kansas kids will learn politics the hard way:

Darwin, then that stupidity of ID, then Darwin again. Sad.

Maybe one day, some Voltaire follower will teach them that

in fact, the justification behind ID is the tightness of the brain

of those clerical twats, who can't figure out anything random


On a larger note, that devious idea of ID is in fact something

the catholics are also adopting, making a nice bed for them

as well as any sects, as is rightly pointed out in this article.

Rael and all of the other crazy cultists will have an easy

time recruiting. Even sader ...

Thanks Bush, your minions and Benito (from the 40s in Italy) 16 !

Trenchcoated astronaut on battery, kidnapping rap


Conspiracy theory

To me, the explaination is all in the beginning and end

of this stunning article !

<conspiracy mode>

After tests were conducted, the Government discovered

shagging in space was extremely better than down on

the surface.

Shipman and Oefelein were on the list for some more

experiments during an upcoming space flight.

Then Nowak had accidentally access to the information ...

</conspiracy mode>

Adobe takes on Java and .NET


Have a look at La Banque Postale E-carte service

Also to bring water to this article, see

the very good application from La Banque Postale

, the french bank derived from La Poste, the still

post company (despite not working at all ;-):


Been using it for years, is extremely easy, uses SSL

to connect to the bank and generate the one use only

VISA number to pay online.

Will then show a picture of the VISA card with all

generated numbers on. Very neat.

And of course runs OK on Windows and Linux :-))

Top firms' websites not ready for IE7


All saints day


Anyone out there noticed Mikrosoft chose the 1st of november

(aka All Saints Day for catholics) to push IE7 to the

unsuspecting users crowd ?

This is the day catholics go to their regretted

beloved tombs to remember them and decorate the graves.

Really hope it's not gonna be the day all Windows users

will stare at their dead web service, in the very same

way :-))


This is what happens when an implementation

is the reference for the language, rather than the language


In the meantime, Firefox 2 is out since last week, let's

go for it.


Microsoft needs 'off switch'


Wrong limit to support flood ?

That is the wrong limit to issues of support

teams being flooded with unqualified tickets from

"the clueless", during beta stage.

It will however be interesting to balance the

effects of this quality of beta-test "by ability to pay

$1.50", which may, depending on individuals,

translate into "having no shame to pay for work",

or even "being fanatic enough to believe in a divine

mission", against the bazar schema ("absolutely anyone

can test/report") the open source community

persists to maintain.

Only time will tell, but I suspect, like in the pub,

the seal will eventually break, in the form of

convulsive floods of security articles in El Reg !



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