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'Crash tested' e-voting machines spread doubt on Super Tuesday

Dead Vulture

Evoting = no democracy

Reminds me of the DVD player market. Once again, how many are "secure" in the sense of respecting zones without any way to unlock this ? Who bothers with zones nowadays ? Why is that: follow the money, no manufacturer is dumb enough to not provide the unlock "feature", and customers *DO* want it.

Now, same reasoning with evoting machines. What do customers (aka elected people that pay the bill) want ? Control, to be re-elected. What manufacturer will be dumb enough to make it absolutely secure and audited ?

See ? Evoting is not democratic.

"Physical locks in Sequoia's Edge system could be bypassed by unfastening screws. "

That's a good one, really, which proves the point. I bet they even had standard screws rather than torks to make it easier ...

FTC and DoJ will fight for the right to rule on YaMicrohoosoft!


Synergies between both

The are synergies between yahoo mail and Exchange 2007: they share the "slow as hell" feature, thus this move probably makes sense !

After that, surely google will get closer and closer to Ubuntu, and win the remote/local desktop war. Maybe ...

"And then there's the bigger question: If Microsoft acquires Yahoo!, what happens to The Register's Yahoo! headlines? ®"

This one's easy forecast: El Reg will make yet another of those titles after the merge, get sued by Kro, after some furnitures in Redmond get Balmered, and will loose. That'll be the end of this.

IT problems force HMRC to extend tax deadline


root cause of the problem

"No word yet on what caused the problems. ®"

Probably a 500GB export of some UK citizens DB flying from HRMC to whatever google repository via the same internet circuit, what else ?

Bizarre El Reg missed that one ...

Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head


Happens all the time ... not only in the US.

I recall clearly watching the official ceremony for a police officer that died that stupid way, cleaning his weapon, removing the loader, forgetting it has a chamber with a bullet in it, and actionning the trigger while pointing to him. Was in France, by the way, 25 years ago.

I was 14 or something and never had put my hand on any fire weapon, but clearly thought it was a really darn good thing for everyone's security that such a moron, autorised to bear a weapon, shot himself. Never understood why on earth they did such a ceremony though with the prefet and all, speaking of "duty" and so on.

Probably here lie the roots of my passion for sarcasm :-)

And yes, unfortunately, the density of morons being the same in every country, having >2 fire weapons per inhabitant will make the US beat anyone else at that game. Pity, as someone said, from a logistics point of view, noone will ever succeed to remove all those weapons, unless they leave it rust for one century ... After forbidding by law to sell them.

Spotted in the wild: Home router attack serves up counterfeit pages



"As it turns out, the attacks Ramzan has since witnessed were even more effective than he expected, at least when used against certain brands of routers, which were penetrated even without a password being entered (Ramzan didn't identify the specific router or vulnerability that made this possible."

Bloody scary, this one, whatever the mean to penetrate ... Also, I agree it's only a bonus to hackers, since average Joe will leave the default passwd anyway. The only way to make it better is via S/N provided of course the S/N is printed on the box, since the documentation will be lost anyway.

Do we need computer competence tests?

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The car metaphor

Speaking of the very good car metaphor, here's one that happens endlessly to me:

At a family event/in the pub/at a reception/in a train, chatting with someone I've never encountered before:

- him/her: So, you're in IT

- me: yeah (not elaborating, too risky)

- him/her: I've just recently changed my PC. It was full.

- me: What was full, hard disk or memory ?

- him/her (baffled to learn there is actually more in a PC than a box, a screen and a keyboard): Errrr, it was just saying it was full ... So I bought a new one.

- me: ...

Now, let's do the same, at the very end of a driving license test, when the examinator is asking basic questions, to be sure he's not giving it to a dangerous maniac:

- examinator: Say, let's suppose a light suddenly lit, when you're driving, saying the petrol tank is near empty. What do you do ?

- candidate: I change it.

- ex.: What, the petrol tank ?

- cand.: No, the car ! I buy a new one because it's empty.

He's not gonna have the license, is he ??? If he did, we'd have even more deaths on the road ...

So, it's a darn good idea to get some tests, really. I'm up for it.

2008 - the year VoIP gets hacked?


Free Telecom

"Fixed/Mobile convergence is also suggested as a security weakness, with telecos connecting their systems to IP networks but lacking the skills to maintain the security of such connections."

Bingo on this one for french provider Free Telecom, and their unsupported SIP service (not so unsupported since it's the only way to have their Black and White phone work ! Read on here (in Voltaire language):

- http://www.freephonie.org/topic3319.html

And this was half a month ahead of 2008. Rumours have it they restricted the SIP service to non-international after they realised some smart ass in their Morocco support teams had stolen SIP credentials from Free customers, to use them as a free tunnel to backcharge calls to their "customers".

Don't look for Free Telecom words on this, as they have yet, 2 months after the incident, to say anything about it.

SMBs grasp Vista nettle

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Above expectations ? Morons.

"The reseller said the survey, which was taken by 772 IT bosses, also revealed that confidence in Vista's capabilities had improved with nearly half scoring it "above expectations" particularly on security, performance, productivity, search, and updates."

I'm skeptical about those 772 IT bosses. Are they of the Dilbert type ? Does their brain so severly limit their expectations ?

I'm using XP on a 5 years old laptop at work, and Excel for example runs ok even with large sheets.

I was, 2 days back, physically forced to work for 2 days on a brand new laptop running Vista, with HW specs 8 times above my work laptop, and opening an XLS sheet of 300 lines was a *hell* slower than anything I've seen.

Oh, yes, and since I caught the local WIFI spot, it did install stuff and wanted furiously to reboot. And at the time I had to reboot it, it took ages.

What a pile of sh*te !

As the others have said, in 2009 maybe, and if the folks at Ubuntu have stopped the distro, maybe ...

I'm beginning to believe the slowdown in semi-conductor market is due to Vista ...

'Draconian' Microsoft promises to make Office work again

Paris Hilton

OOXML and MS credibility

Would have been interesting to question Shaffner on how cool this complete debacle could impact MS credibility on OOXML ...

It seems to me noone is too enthusiast at letting the whole thing be proprietary, and probably even less at being the property of a bunch of nutwits unable to find the sources of the parser to fix a critical bug ?

PH icon here, because of the word "nutwit" ;-)

French government decides mobiles 'may not be safe'

Paris Hilton

real point of this news

There should be a "real point" comment, yes ? :-)

The really interesting things are:

- this was announced by our lovely minister of health (and sports, don't forget that, even if it seems to me a good 50 kg weight reduction is needed, to only try to qualify for any such type of activity), after it's been noticed a LOT of mobile phones were sold to kids during Christmas, some with a GPS

- this was announced one week AFTER Christmas

Source: France Info radio station

PH icon. At least, she CAN do sports and even sell movies showing night sports ;-)

UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban


gov = Perl script

1- "a man agresses another with a screwdriver"

2- "the gov. bans the use and distribution of screwdrivers"

Replace screwdrivers by anything from dildos to knifes, mp3 players, bretzels (it's been proved it could shortly fail of killing one US president, some time ago :-).

I think a simple perl script can replace the gov to automate laws generations ;-)

US warrantless wiretapping predates 9/11



"Secret surveillance operations that enabled the National Security Agency (NSA) to access telecommunications traffic data have been in place since the 1990s, according to the New York Times. "

Ah, pretty much embarassing for the bushists, then. Since it apparently didn't prevent 09/11, thus might not be called for an absolute anti-terror measure.

"An AT&T technician at the time has provided evidence supporting the allegations. However, other AT&T technicians are due to testify that the project was confined to improving internal communications within the NSA."

Those guys really are discussing a lot if they need dedicated circuits of this type :-) A bit too much for an intelligence service, even so.

Why Borland trashed its spreadsheet

Gates Horns

it *does* happen

"Instead of the expected SECOND appearing, the characters "FUCKME" appeared. I was shocked. No, that doesn't really cover it: I was traumatised."

Poor thing .... Was it the shock of your life ? ;-)

I'd be shocked if only that caused the product to be ditched ...

Mind you, I used to embed sarcastic comments or parabols in my sources years ago, about some colleagues or other event. Not rude words of course, but kind of private jokes, in the hope it would one day make someone have a good laugh. Sort of legacy from me.

12 years after, some ex-colleagues told me they re-read the sources to update/adapt them, and got a very good moment remembering the joke.

It *does* happen even in big companies, even if the SECOND.BAR thing seems to me bad taste and 14-years oldish.

Surprise: Ohio's e-voting machines riddled with critical security flaws


business case of e-voting machines

Someone will have, one day, to explain that the sole reason of going from a proper and transparent manual voting system to an e-voting system is in fact concealment.

Why else pay 7 kE per system + maintenance ? Gain of time ? Rubbish, it's been proved to take longer. Automatic results ? Why care, since it's all benevolent time (at least in France), there's no shortage of people to do it, and it anyway only happens once or twice per year. Faster results ? What's the problem with waiting one night more on top of the usually 5 years between the same elections ?

Final question, left to the readers, why concealing the voting process ?

Darling plays wait and see on HMRC disc loss


Captain Darling strikes forth

""Let us wait and establish the facts rather than jump to conclusions," he said in response to a Conservative question."

LOL. I really hope his home address is not in HRMC DB !

He's really spot on for another Blackadder season.

MI5, EPA clean up dirty bomb dirt


Scary been article

quote from the beeb article:

""I wouldn't say these are weapons of destruction, so much as disruption," Mr Williams said."

Well, hopefully, he judged wiser to drop the "mass" word but that's obsolutely frightening tone, while of course this stuff (particularly the stuff found in university) is mostly measuring sources, that would only make anyone vague after 20 years sleeping on it, and would require more work to purify and compile billions of them into a bomb than starting afresh.

Good spot on El Reg to correct a bit Burnie on this ...

EVE Online update kills Windows PCs

Dead Vulture

Yeah, not nice a patch

Contrary to a lot of commenters, I don't believe most gamers are able to see a failure to reboot of Win XP (or before) due to that stupid patch, and fix it OK.

At least none of the folks of the villages around me would be able to do that, even if some are players ... And only 5% of them actually have recovery CDs since most dealers don't give them at all.

Thus, is indeed a pretty crap patch. Where is the icon for QA angle ?

Ex-HMRC boss gets shiny new civil service post


Proposale for Gray's new job

"Gray will report to Sir Gus O'Donnell, cabinet secretary, and run "special projects to develop civil service skills"."

Right, what about data confidentiality as far as "civil service skills" are concerned ?

"They believe the discs are still somewhere in the system."

Ah, funny, this one, isn't it the one I've heard so many times: "The System can't do it. It is somewhere in the System, etc ...". Is always better than "I don't have a clue where it's gone !".

Senior officials now in frame for HMRC data fiasco


Elaborate, Darling ?

"Chancellor Alistair Darling also said yesterday that the disaster actually strengthened arguments in favour of ID cards. "

I'd be very interested to read how he could elaborate on this one. El Reg to call him ? Worth the cost, IMHO.

Even in my banana republic, the press would collapse from laughter on this one ...

Sun's top brains salivate over storage kit and code

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If only ...

Sun had started to sort out the tape business in their acquired storage division, they could have maybe been taken more seriously by customers, for all of the new products (VTL, etc ...).

Today, they have 3 libs:

- SL500: atrocious sh**e

- L700/1400: obsolete, as per STK themselves. They removed all L models, 3 years back, except for this one to fill the gap.

- SL8500: gigantic, can't fit anywhere else than Los Alamos labs. 2.35m height, 4 m long, nearly 3 m large and oh, yes, 1 m needs be empty all around. Entry ticket at 1500 tapes ! What a footprint ! On top of that, that massive thing still runs under the ill-designed ACSLS, which is the SPOF of the architecture (except if clustered).

Mozilla hits back at Firefox 3 quality slur


yeah, better bugless (mostly) than dead on crashes

My own experience of FF:

- switched to 2.X by way of 2.0.1 (after reading of it in El Reg !)

- it crashed any time I visited one web site (that happens to be the one I read most): nwvault.ign.com

- switched back to 1.X

- only was back to 2.X when it popped out in the automatic update

- is solid ever since

Lesson learnt: switch to 3.X only when it's general deployment, and pops out in automatic/manual updates.

This article confirms this even more.

Will Christmas sound the death knell for Atari?

Paris Hilton

De Profundis

Rest in peace Atari. The positive thing is this iminent and much awaited death, might release the D&D licence they have, which no one is too happy to see captive of the bunch of morons that lead Atari into the wall.

As others have said, loads of clueless managers and noone able to compile hello_world.c ...

I didn't know about the ET story from the link below:


Interesting, and how does it compare with some recent disappointments. NeverWinter Nights 2, for example, crippled with performance problems and neverending bugs for one year now, because rushed for christmas 2006.

Last time I checked the NWN2 forums (more in flames, by the way, than any plane in hell), there was a thread started by a dev of the title "What's the most buggy character class". Erm.

And of course, to be sure to upset people, it's been found out the performance problems were largely due to ... Securom, the famous and extremely moronic DRM, for which only the editor (Atari) can be accountable, not the developper.

See how they managed to have a one year running (and over 1600 posts) in a petition thread here, where many people claim to boycott the mark:


PS: PH icon also for me, to illustrate the amount of stupidity of Atari mgrs.

Flying cow destroys minivan


Sperm whale from Hitch hicker's guide to the galaxy ?

And what about the last thoughts of the beast ?

Maybe, like in Douglas Addams' famous book, something like "Oh, what is this object coming at very high speed ? Big, brown. I wonder if we'll be friend." or more "hmmm, this van seems to come very fast, maybe jumping off the cliff wasn't the brighest idea ..."

Fight malware by upgrading to Vista, urges MS


Vista more secure than Linux ? Not.

"Ben Fathi, corporate vice president of development for Windows, claimed on Tuesday that Vista experienced fewer security vulnerabilities than either Mac OS X, Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux."

I won't be making comments on Vista vs. XP or MacOS X, apart from the usual "less Vista than any of the others, thus have the numbers been compared fairly ?", but the Vista vs. Linux, I'd like one day to get a demo on how you infect so many Linux boxes so as Fathi has anything close to a valid point.

I've put my Linux PC direct to the net, unfirewalled, for years before DSL routers were the norm, and never saw any malware/virus or anything like that. Anyone up for doing the same with Vista for 8 months ?

Is this Fathi guy of the same family as Ballmer ;-)

Neanderthals had key speech gene, researchers say

Gates Horns

Yes !

"Dr Paabo has grown a batch of lab mice whose FOXP2 genes have been replaced with the human version, and says that although their behaviour is unchanged "there seems to be a change in vocalisation. They squeak in a different way". The mice also have extra connections in their brains."

This is terrific news ! Once this bloke has sorted out the exact genes sequence, surely, he'll be able to work out a treatment for "her" being too talkative !

Ballmer: I will buy 20 web companies a year

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Ballmer. Again.

Let's portrait Ballmer as a linear combination of:

- http://www.politicsforum.org/images/flame_warriors/flame_42.php

- http://www.politicsforum.org/images/flame_warriors/flame_45.php

- http://www.politicsforum.org/images/flame_warriors/flame_70.php

- http://www.politicsforum.org/images/flame_warriors/flame_76.php

I'm leaving for all El Reg's readers the calculation/estimation of the coefficients.

May we never loose his genes, just like Ebola's virus, so as to be sure we can still fight him in the next centuries.

Ballmer: All open source dev should happen on Windows

Jobs Horns


"People who use Red Hat, at least with respect to our intellectual property, in a sense have an obligation eventually to compensate us,"

"I would love to see all open source innovation happen on top of Windows"

"Google's had the same experience - even though they read your mail and we don't"

No doubt, someone will have to give back his pills to Balmer. It's been a while, come on, it's no longer funny, naughty boys !

@El Reg, we've seen uncoherent statements receive their fair share of sarcasm, in those columns, why not those ? Well, sure, I understand Ballmer is now a very vulnerable target, making the world collapse in laugh, but come on, someone will have to deliver !

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'


Ah ah, good one Kro

“While we’ve been pleased with the positive response we’ve seen and heard from customers using Windows Vista, there are some customers who need a little more time to make the switch to Windows Vista.”

LOL, what a pleasant way to say punters are waiting for next gen. CPUs and more than that, a config with 2GB of RAM for an affordable price, in order to at least be able to run any app whatsoever like they could on XP with 1GB or even less.

Surely, this time, Microsoft won't have to support any old driver since the OS ressource consumption will have killed all config older than 1 year.

Pentagon chief: no more oil for blood, man



"Alternatively, of course, the West would merely find itself embroiled in new wars, fighting for control of the rich mushroom fields or algae lakes of some other region. "

I'm afraid this one dooms our dear region of Bretagne ... It's been so chocked full of algae for so long, due to the insane number of pigs farms, that it will soon be an attractive target.

HP puts customers to another Itanium test with aging gear


What leaves itanic afloat

It is software, indeed, as stated in this article. Mostly low-level OS layers, like LVM, not even application, since still today, a lot of them haven't found the time/expertise to recompile under itanic ! HP-UX + LVM always do the job in a SAN environment and costs nothing as compared to vxVM, its heretic descendant (heretic, because, being exactly the same, it decided to change all of its cmds to absolutely insane names/concepts).

Only HP-UX and its integration to storage env keep itanic afloat. In a world where Linux (with a single distribution) would have ruled, Itanic would have sunk long ago.

Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad


actually maybe not racist but really full of seggregation

I for one think this ad was maybe not intended as racist, but was anyway intended at showing that "some" people cross their arms and be a bit lazy and round (with a very stupid smile on their face), while "some other" people are going to run, and have a body shaped for that very purpose, like most athlets. A very boss vs. employees thing (struggle of classes).

Thus, for me, maybe not racist (I can accept some doubt on that), but tainted with a stupidity as serious as racsim.

The whole point of fast CPUs is to lower the effort of employees to achieve their goals and certainly not to make them sweat and have that superb athlet body shape consequently ! Thus, that ad is a load of s***e by any means.

Or is it the Vista (the preferred OS for core duo) syndrom ?

Teachers vote to ban internet


optic fibers to all schools PCs ?

"But Phillip Parkin, general secretary of the Professional Teachers Association, told the organization’s annual conference yesterday that the nation’s children were being used as “guinea pigs” in a massive Wi-Fi safety experiement."

LOL, then, why not put optic fibers cards behind each PC, then ? That way, the whole school would be RF-sanitized, believe me. Surely we can find some moron to believe CAT5-ethernet dangerously emits RF (Oh dear, I'm contamined !), thus only fiber is safe. Of course, that should follow a complete ban of mobile phones in an area of a good 150 km, all level of emission being equal ;-)

Small problem: the price. But that would be the price of stupidity, no ?

Virtualization software to crush server market


quoted for truth !

As has been written in the article, virtualization won't affect servers market, since HW provisionning is only dictated by funds availability ! IT depts will just stack more apps in the datacenters, and the systems bought will just shift from 1-4U boxes to blade systems with a lot of memory.

Also, in the consumers market, same thing, will people buy less systems, because the video games only use 1 core, never use bloody SLI, or use less CPU power ?

Nah, won't happen, people will buy the same newer gear because of Vista using 1Go to run miners !

IT loath the void, thus will fill it up !

'They threw my laptop into the atmosphere'


Darn impressive

Really impressive that they've lost $94m in a decade ! That makes close to $10m per year, or 0.03% of assets each year !

Considering most of the NASA assets are REALLY hard to loose (like a whole shuttle, borrowed for the wife, maybe ?, or a launch ramp or a whole sat station), this is mad ...

As for the excuses, I like the one of the burnt laptop in the atmosphere, really cool. I'm unsure anyone would get off a space station, in his space suit and be able to even switch a laptop on, though.

Can Osama keep Bush afloat?


Keep it on !!!

As others (lots actually) have said, very good article, which I believe is on topic since at least the IT angle, IT being a grandson of maths, is reprensented by the facts rather than Fox News ;-)

Keep it ON, El Reg !!!

As for the sadly usual "Europe has been saved by the US" low-education rethorics, I suggest to Fox-educated people to try to read history (Fox, indeed, failed to broadcast that) :


Allow me a couple of comments on the quotes of this article:

"White House flack Tony Snow summed it all up, explaining to sceptics that, "when somebody tries to argue that al Qaeda in Iraq is not a key part of the problem, it creates a basis for saying, well, you need to go someplace else"."

Yes, Tony, and basically, this is probably what history will recall. They're just insurgents, and they probably don't get a damn about Al Qaeda. The problem is the US troops being in the wrong place and doing the wrong thing.

"Interestingly, the NCC report says: "[the real] al-Qaeda will probably seek to leverage the contacts and capabilities of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), its most visible and capable affiliate, and the only one known to have expressed a desire to attack the homeland". (our emphasis)"

Brilliant. So, rephrasing this, it's actually not sure al-Qaeda is at all connected in command with AQI ??? Taking the WWII comparison, was there any doubt whatsoever that Army Group North of Germany would "leverage the contacts and capabilities" of Army Group Center, in Soviet Union, in order to crush them ? Surely not, same army, same command.

That NCC claim stresses the point there's no fact behind the "connection" between AQI and Al Qaeda.

American women prefer weather to sport


Weather polls

"The study also looked at the kind of content mobile users are browsing - though it excluded adult services, ringtone downloads, and gambling."

Good it excludes adult services. That spares us some nomination in the Master of the obvious Award.

"Woman are more likely to use their mobile to get maps or directions - with men presumably reluctant to admit they're lost even to a mobile phone - while in Europe weather slips below entertainment news in the female priorities."

LOL, women and direction :-)

Truth be told, this summer, having a poll on wheather contents is not a good idea. I'm a meteo fanatic this year, but only because of the weather being utter sh*t, not my habit normally. I bet the statistics are all biased the same way across Europe ...

Brainless civil servant amazes doctors


Once upon a time

Hmmm, is it a scoop that in that poor country of mine, we do have shitloads of civil servants dumber than a stone ? Even some carrying a weapon !

Don't even start me on this .... OK, that's your fault, mate :-)

Once upon a time, some french chap went to the Gendarmerie, since he needed to change his start train station, to go to military conscription (was mandatory at that time). The train ticket being paid by the public authority, it was based on home location, and the chap wanted to departure from his studying location. And the only military authority was Gendarmerie.

After explaining the problem, the gendarme went on to type on a very old Tryumph typing machine, the new departure place of the said chap, onto the train ticket. That was some 25 letters + signature.

No kidding, it took him 4 attempts to slide the sheet of paper in the typing machine, before having it correct:

- 1st attempt: typed in the name of the chap. Was baffled the machine typed on the verso of the inserted sheet

- 2nd attempt: same thing (yeah, it got inserted the same way ;-)

- 3rd attempt: the guy got creative, here, reversed the sheet sense, but same side, not good either

- 4th attempt: after what all witnesses thought would blow his brain up, he managed (took 30 s. of INTENSE thoughts) to insert the sheet the right way, and had the enthusiast look of someone that just discovered the secret of turning lead into gold, on his face.

The chap went outside, happy he finally did it.

Turing test challenges spam filters


No big deal

Although it's defintely worth mentioning, as it does impact managed anti-spam services pretty badly, as far as the average geeky user is concerned, that's not a big deal. The number of times I receive a mail from a valid sender with a PDF/GIF attached is probably counted on the fingers of both hands, per year !

Thus thunderbird has learnt the trick after 3-4 times of that crap ...

Looking forward to the next spammer trick ...

Police hunt renegade cow sex youth


Felt something ?

Well, apart from the laughing, I'm technically doubtfull at whether she felt anything at all ... Surely the article lacks some metrics here ...

Heathrow to trial RFID tags


Re: "update the information stored on the tag without recourse to a central database."

Unfortunately for passengers, this is the point and goal of the project: to identify the luggage *locally*.

Outside it is my and your problem of chasing up lost luggage !

I can hear them say "Sorry, that was out of the scope of the project".

Microsoft tells Ultimate Extras fans to 'hang on'


Teach them a lesson !

To people that cough up loads of cash for something with buggy drivers, just as many apps as the previous one, loads of bugs, that needs 700 MB to just boot, and with only a promise for additionnal killer apps (Oh, wait, a poker game .... right, a store passwd thingie, er ... yes, and a looping vid player for your background, well, right, superb ;-), for the only benefit, like an unmature school boy (or girl, and even this one, I doubt it, being the father of a 8 years old girl), to throw to the others "I have Vista !!", in the classroom, I just want to express my deep contempt ...

I surely have no respect for them, wish all of their cash gets swallowed, digested, and turned into a turd, then be used as a faulty replacement for the foundation of a soon to collapse empire.

However, I believe they're usefull, in the evolution pyramid, like cattle that gets the wolf's attention and spare the farmer.

Thus it would be a good idea to farm them.

Nvidia to beat AMD to release on-the-fly GPU switching tech?


Maybe they could fix SLI first ?

I have yet to see any game support forum that hasn't the first line of the top most sticky post say "disable SLI, it creates loads of problems" !

While it's certainly a good idea, I believe it's already largely dropped by gamers, due to the loads of issues with the drivers, thus pointless to use as a marketing label.

That is, until it's fixed.

Swedish man gets benefits for Black Sabbath addiction


Dilbert story

300 shows per year ? No wonder he's having difficulties at work ! Being deaf most of the time, with no sleep won't buy him a job ! Last show I was into, I heard a beep with lasted for 3 days. Was right in front of the bass amp. Got me worried :-)

I say, send him to Dilbert's office, that will cure him.

See: http://www.dilbert.com/comics/dilbert/archive/dilbert-20070617.html

Investigators find secret White House email accounts


copies of mails ?

"Karl Rove's PA, Susan Ralston, sent an email to Abramoff's associate Todd Boulanger, which said: "I now have an RNC BlackBerry which you can use to email me at any time. No security issues like my WH email.""

Yeah, no security at all, thus no issues I suppose ...

"The next step in the investigation is to discover whether other copies of these missing mails exist. The committee has written to 25 government agencies to see if they have copies, and initial responses are encouraging."

I really hope the NSA _is_ able to find some bits of it ! With all of the keywords contained in the mails ("Cheyney", "real president", "business", "Alliburton", "my a** full of money" ), and all of the public channels they travelled trough (most of them being warrantlessly wiretapped), it would be embarassing otherwise ...

French-led continental stealth-bomber robot firms up


Stealth only for the US ???

"Furthermore, Neuron is a Stealth plane; its development will give European designers who haven't any access with the USA an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of radar-invisibility. "

Errr, you *do* know better than that, don't you ? Many european countries have developped radar image reduction techniques, mostly in the Navy, by the way ...

Of all the public info on that, you may check http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread281932/pg1

Spammer faces 11 years in prison


not a big deal

"A New York man who was snared in federal investigators' sting operation targeting senders of junk email pleaded guilty to spamming 1.2m AOL subscribers."

Well, since AOL users spammed the hell of usenet, 10 years

ago or so, and for a very long time, without any penalty, I don't

see how they could claim damage for only 1.2m spams ;-)

Probably nothing as compared to their traffic or "me too" and

similar ...

Ok, I'm going out ...

UK foreign language teaching hits all-time low

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Connery says nay to Indiana Jones reprise


yes, really too old

As others have written, Sir Sean is now 77 years old.

Pls, Spielberg, give him a rest ! Or plan the follow-ups

before key actors reach that age.

As for Lucas, oh, man, just sort out the mess of Lucasarts

and that will be good ;-)

Paris Hilton goes down for 23 days


What fans, V2 ?


What fans anyway ? Oh wait, I have this vid. on the torrent ;-)

And yes, I think "highly talented" (which you've been witnessed

using a lot, and maybe too much not to ask exactly *why* ;-),

is a bit over-stated.

Quite a lot of girlies can do the same, ya know ...

'Data storm' blamed for nuclear plant shutdown


Not cheaper ...

""Such failures are common among PLC and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, because the manufacturers do not test the devices' handling of bad data, said Dale Peterson, CEO of industrial system security firm DigitalBond.

What is happening in this marketplace is that vendors will build their own (network) stacks to make it cheaper""

Not cheaper, as was pointed out with FreeBSD, but totally locked-up in terms of integration. Strange eth. packet sent to strange controller. Reminds me of the Banyan Vines protocol that would assemble ethernet broadcasts packets ...

Thus, captive market, and very high prices ... and vulnerability to anything from outside ...



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