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TalkTalk kills Tiscali

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No tears here!

Good to see 'em go.

When will telcos learn that outsourcing wins you lower overheads but loses you custom, when the poorly trained, careless muppets screw it all up...


"greatest ISP"?!?!?!?


Their own product was a joke; their whitelabel was a joke; their tech support was a joke; their attitude to their own staff was a crime.

They swept up loads of decent companies in their wake, destroyed them all and have died the death they deserve.

TalkTalk-Tiscali merger proves fraught


Well, I never saw THIS coming... ha!!

Been there... Suffered about 18 months of redundancy from Pipex/Tiscali fuster-cluck (do your own syllable-swap there).

There's a lot of people there who will have been doing their best for myriad of punters for years (after various acquisitions) and they'll be alright for a while but for the upper-levels of management, who 're-aligned' the workforce out to India/Manilla and who are now having the speak to HR drones like everyone else did, no sympathy...

Web firms seek Royal Mail rivals with GSOH for delivery fling


Hold the phone...

Has anyone actually seen/heard the specific demands from both sides?

The unions must be aware of the backlash they will receive by holding a strike at this time of the year so the repercussions for their members must be pretty bad... Either that, or they're completely out of touch!!

Apple and Snow Leopard take-downs - just say no

Jobs Horns

Fighting talk from el reg!!!

Go guys!!!

O2 coughs to data failure


@ AC (22nd July 2009 12:32 GMT)

nnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyesssss.... Not mission Critical? I think there might have been a degree of sarcasm implied in the context!!

I mean, what use is the "resurrection phone" without a data connection?

BT brings jobs back from India

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'Bout time...

I am glad of this and hope that some of the other telcos will do the same.

How about onshoring some of the support workers too? You might save money and you'll certainly save time!!

Banned US shock-jock demands Clinton intervention

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Let him sue

Let him lose

Tiscali titsup fears grow



This is hardly a surprise! Nothing brings me more pleasure than the news that this particular ship is firmly-holed beneath the waterline and not long for this world. Never have I had the displeasure of working with a more deluded, paranoid bunch of boys and girls... Of course, by the time they do eventually go under, there won't be any customers left aboard!!

...Mine's the one with the Pipex mug in the pocket.

Sky channels return to cable

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Yeaaaah!!! the Simpsons returns!!

Why Microhoo! is like, so, totally dead

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Did anyone see my sense of Humour? I coulda sworn I left it here...

Well, I thought it was quite funny but all you guys taking it seriously is rather wonderful!

Essex youth's cop headbutt heads for YouTube

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hanging's too good for them

Good for the cop. Hanging's too good for those little chavs.

Indignant reader defends Idiot 2.0™

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Good for you Lester

I think the line has been firmly drawn in the sand...

Now, in case the line is not enough, all we need is a wall, some machine gun nests and perhaps the odd "Red Alert"-style Tesla Coil to keep the whinging warped masses on the other side of the line from the rest of us..