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Dell's Ubuntu dev laptop gets much-needed display boost

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oops, sorry made a mistake.

Currently, there is a 100$ reduction in the US, and the price given by El Reg included the bargain and the one I gave did not.

So, in fact, you can get the Windows 8 version at 1499$.


The same hardware with Windows 8 loaded : $1599,99.

iOS 6.1 KNACKERED our mobile phone networks, claim Vodafone, Three


iOS 6.1.1 update is now available


Space Shuttle Columbia disaster remembered 10 years on


Re: Models

No, in the case of Challenger, models were proving this was below tolerated temperatures ...

Challenger should never have been allowed to take off

Swedish boffins: An Ice Age is coming, only CO2 can save us


OK, I am starting to tune my car into a peat burning engine.

Am gonna save the world !


and by the way, who wrote the nice comment at the end of the article ?


we are doomed

When we'll have no petrol nor coal left, it means we will be freezing ?

Fans revolt over Amazon 'adware' in Ubuntu desktop search results

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This is bad.

The 'those are not ads but product placement' is a joke.

Apple 'hasn't really run out of iPhone 5s AT ALL'


I doubt there is any nervosity in Cupertino at the time being about selling iPhone 5

I doubt there is any Dry Throat. Or, in any case, he is saying a lot of nonsense in the middle of plenty of perfect sense.

Google offers tool to bridge Android and iOS app dev


initial version

"with the initial release given version number 0.8 as an indication of its release status."

Rather looks like 0.5.2 as far as I can see

Arctic ice shrinks to ‘smallest in satellite era’ - NASA

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Not a problem

Lewis Pages is controlling ice melt.

No impact of CO2 or mankind activities (Lewis Page is god).

Nasa is a nice band of marketing teenager that never understood engineering.

And, proof above all, Curiosity has found positive temperatures on Mars, although there is no mankind activities there.

Sorry for polluting this topic.

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul


I have read carefully the article.

The article is very poor.

At the end of it, I have no idea why Apple has lost its soul (did it ever got one ?), and when.

Video shows armed assault on Kim Dotcom family home


Re: There used to be a time

sadly very valuable comment

Anonymous declares war after French firm trademarks its logo

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On a low note, the firm has finally decided to cancel its registration ...

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Cool ! Anonymous is going to bring EBay down ...


Apple cracks down on black market in iOS beta passes

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Apple must act

As a developer, I consider that Apple must act quickly.

They must act quickly, not against people getting their hands on iOS beta releases, but against people complaining against iOS beta releases not being supported by App developer.

Last year, from beginning of July to end of September, my app got several 1 star note and negative comments by users of iOS5 beta complaining because of crashes.

This is really a burden.

This year, the day after iOS6 beta 1 was out, I had a 1 star note from an iOS6 user, because of a standard telephony feature my application is using, and is in IOS since version 1, and that is broken in IOS6 for the time being. It was not even a problem of my application not working correctly under iOS6.

Apple should prevent those people from noting apps on teh market. Apple must act quickly on that.

Antarctic ice shelves not melting at all, new field data show


Once again a partial lecture and analysis from Lewis Page only taking a few fact into account, only facts that goes in his direction.

Why this guy is allowed to write those articles here ?

Amount of ice in Bering Sea reaches all-time record


Re: Polar Bears in the Bering Sea

Matt, you are a joke.

"In insisting that any change is caused by man and dooms us and the rest of the planet you sound just like some desperately guilt-ridden and very unscientific cult."

Did I ever said that ?

So, claiming that I insisted that is a joke.

You are a joke. End of the story.


Re: Polar Bears in the Bering Sea

Matt, you are a joke ...

Did this gentleman said he wanted to stabilize the World or ot play god ?


Re: So far the toll is 0

Histerically yours ...Blaming those posts being histerical, you are using exactly Lewis twists


ok, did I say that anyone died in Fukushima ?

Yes, Nuclear "energy" is more green than most of other fossile energy.

But also potentially more dangerous.

When Lewis wrote his article saying that this was a minor incident winding down, he was completely wrong. This was a very serious incident growing and growing.

He wrote a series of article saying it was impossible that only iodine would be release and that it was impossible that cesium would be release.

Those prooved to be completely false.

Then, because this industry is potentially very dangerous, we have to be on the knees on the enterprise to be sure they keep on improving their security standards. Exactly the contrary of this Mr Agenda.


Hey Lewis ? You great futurist might remind this one :


Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear"

Hysteria rages unchecked as minor incident winds down

By Lewis Page • Posted in Physics, 22nd March 2011 13:49 GMT




News about Fukushima ?

Hey Lewis ! Any news about Fukushima ?

Is it back in control now ? Did anything happened there ?

When are you going to start again your flood of erroneous and wrong articles on the incident ?

Trying to get back on track with climate change ?

ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. - Humans begin artificial CO2 emissions



I am impressed by your imaginative way of using use of fire by prehistoric man to pretend that gengerating CO2 is what makes us human, and trying to get to our minds that we have to continue to generate the more CO2.

Brilliant Thesis.

What about demonstrating that lying is an essential part of being human ?

We have an actual proof here ...

'Cheap' Oracle box bashes NetApp benchmark

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Really sorry, but I rated the article as 'utterly terrible' because it obviously lacks plenty of information to make it bringing any value to someone actively interested in it

Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate


reactor n°2

1000 millisivert per hour this morning in some water found in reactor n°2.

Everything is fine.

Radioactivity released in the environment keep on growing.

What you can't understand, is that the crisis is not because of the current situation, but because of where the current situation could drive us.

Before the tsunami, all that happened could never have happened.

After the tsunami, the "experts" told us that as the reactor had been stopped, this was just a cooling problem.

After the first explosions and the first releases of radioactive elements, again "experts" start to pretend that there was no problem as the situation was under controlled and only short halflived element could leak.

Every assertion done by "experts" in the last weeks have proven wrong.

Do we really have to wait for the situation to go to the next level to have the right to say that this is a crisis ?

Steve Jobs vindicated: Google Android is not open


Google TV


As far as I know, it is the same for Google TV at this time ...

But I never heard any noise about this one.

Is that linked to the "limited" success ?

Radioactive Tokyo tapwater HARMS BABIES ... if drunk for a year


great !

Any comment from the 500 millisquivert per hour near nuclear reactor 2 ?

Is this no harmfull for TEPCO employees working on reestablishing the cooling system ?

Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear


radiation level close to reactor 2

"It remains highly unlikely that the workers themselves will suffer any measurable health consequences from radiation"

With levels of 500 millisiverts per hour close to reactor 2 today, they have a little more than 10 minutes to spend there before they should run away.

That does not give time to do a lot of work.

If ever this increase and prevent worker from working close to reactors 1 and 3 before being able to reinstate a proper cooling system, this situation might become critical.

Clearly, a triumph for the nuclear industry ...

Fukushima one week on: Situation 'stable', says IAEA


not exactly

The threat level has never been taken down from 6 to 4.

It was a different agency that set the level to 6.

Gmail's daddy predicts Chrome OS assassination


very poor article

As already said by anonymous coward, natively, chrome OS is targeting netbooks and not tablets.

This is a very important distinction.

Is there a touch based layer at the time being in Chrome OS ?

I don't know.

But reading such a short article based on a single tweet, and mentioning twice that ChromeOS is targeting tablet is really clear on the level of this article : bullshit written by somebody of very little knowledge of the situation

Sharp launches Galapagos tablets


OS is ...

Android. With a GUI completely redesigned around media consumption

Zuckerberg: the iPad 'is not mobile'


the "incident"


around 55:18

Google TV mimics Android's closed openness


GPL violation ?

So logitech will start selling in 2-3 weeks a device running mostly on GPL code, but the source code will be made available in summer 2011.

Looks like a GPL violation to me.

They have to offer the source code of all GPL based code they are using as soon as they start selling the device.

Google ordered to pay out for automated defamation


one last thing

Sorry for that, but this Mr X is the head of the blogging company most teenagers in France have been using the last 4 years. He is also the head of a radio plenty of French teenagers are listening to.

That's why it is worrying to learn what this person is capable of ...

Big Brother


Then, if you read the complete judgement (http://legalis.net/spip.php?page=jurisprudence-decision&id_article=2985), and you are native speaker, you will understand the "people condemned" :

- Eric S. (as it is stated although the 'directeur de la publication" of a French web site can not be anonymised

- Google Inc

(Google France is not condemned because Google Inc is directly responsible for running google.fr)

to pay :

- 5.000Euros for the costs to go to court

- 1 Euro of damages (M. Bellanger had asked for 100.000 Euros)

- 500 Euros per day and per occurence starting one month after the judgement (so should be october 8th)

I imagine that an occurence is when one of the following terms

" “M. X... viol”,

- “M. X... condamné”,

- “M. X... sataniste”,

- “M. X... prison”,

- “M. X... violeur"

appears on Google suggest after having typed the name of this person (and you can judge by yourself now cause it still works). So I imagine it's a maximum of 2.500Euros max per day.


some details

ok, so Mr X is not Mr anybody. He is said to be Pierre Bellanger, CEO of a French radio that has turned into a big web blogging company (skyrock).

A link with some information about his story ...


'Huge airships to carry freight starting 10 years from now'


hum ...

not understood : do you mean that, though there was a fire of the whole thing, hydrogen did not burn ?

France floats Google music-and-movie tax



"a former independent label producer - Patrick Zelnick "

independent has if he had never been French First Lady (Carla Brun-Sarkozy) producer. Although her producer he has been.

French cheer on €11.6m heist security guard

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The guy has surrendered this morning to the police in Monaco.

In the end, Mr Musulin was just another French looser ...

France Telecom blamed for another worker suicide


few things

First, French national figures : if you do consider the amount of suicides that are from teenagers, and if you do consider that there are no teenagers in France Télécom, then you can consider that the figures are more above French average than under.

Then, what is worth considering, is the amount of people that are commiting suicide, mentioning the main reason for that is their work, and because of the pressure of their work, they no longer can cope with that.

Then, this is very unusual. People generally comitting suicide because of personal problems. Not because of problems with their manager's pressure.

Then, yes there may be civil servant that were not used to work with pressure. Then, I was shocked to see people (not in this forum) saying that it was the wikest that were failing.

In fact, if you are looking at the average people that are comitting suicide, you discover that they were people that did succeed in the past, but because of the neverending structure remodelling, they were doing job they were not comfortible in, they were failing to cope with their workload, and their objectives. Then, themselves or their manager were telling them that they are weak and should leave.

They are lost and are commiting suicide.

Moreover, one important point to consider, is that in France, as FT is partially state owned, there has never been any redundancy plan. The government never allowed that to FT management, though that is necessary.

But there are great pressure from the management to see people leaving the company. The bonuses of managers are based on how many people from their service are leaving the company. Anf those people are sometimes harassing the employees and bullying them, to drive them to resign.

As a consequence of what, people are sometimes choosing a more extreme solution.

WD TV part two on its way

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why not !

"It says the new box adds DTS decoding - that's surround sound ..."

oh, the DTS fans will love that one !

@Adam 10

1- can you give examples of such blu-ray players because that seems very interesting

2- and let's give WD a cahnce as the y have not yet announced the product nor the price. Maybe this could be as cheap as 30£ (pls do not comment on that one !)

First Samsung Android phone out next week


already in France

This one is sold in France with Bouygues Telecom.

According to the user comments I read, the battery last for one day. And all 10 user comments were about that ...

Intel powers netbook via thin air

Paris Hilton

lost copper ?

Does this Mrs Cooper has something against copper ?

Chrome update completes busy browser patch week

Jobs Horns

safari4 beta ?

"In addition, Apple released a beta version of its Safari 4 browser earlier this week"

Was that really a beta ?

I thought it was the official release. I checked the website, and there is no mention of beta or RC.

LG shines light on world's brightest 3D TV



Sorry, but I also saw some demos of flat panel 3D screen 2 months ago, and there were no such frame per left/right eye and you could have a continued viewing experience without pain.

The 3D experince was great. But then this is a demo, and the sequences are selected. So I would be very interested to see the result with everyday TV programs

iPhone compass evidence surfaces



The T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream) already includes a compass

Google starts selling unlocked G1



The phone is supposed to be for developers.

Moreover, one of the interest for developers is that the bootloader is specific and allows you to completely reflash the OS.

And for shipping costs, read the small lines ...

"Outside the US

For Orders shipping outside the US, shipping pricing includes cost of

shipping service and the applicable customs, duties, import and

country specific other fees."

Adobe's Flex Builder to woo Microsoft C# developers

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lib vorbis ?

"Alchemy also lets you play Ogg Vorbis and Lib Vorbis that were previously unable to run in the Flash Player or AIR"

What is Lib Vorbis ? Isn't that rather a port of libvorbis that allows to play Ogg Vorbis content ?

MS dreams big as IE 6 for Windows Mobile nears

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apart from very poor spelling, the article is really unclear about the version of IE it deals with. Or is it me ?