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Parallels 4 users want their money back

Rob Uttley

I jumped a while back

I jumped ship a little while agro from Parallels - the upgrade from 2 to 3 was particularly painful for me and for a while they seemed to be rapid-firing patches out, none of which really helped. The networking was broken in one patch, and I couldn't help but feel that we (the customers) were doing the integration testing for them.

Having said that, when it worked it worked very well and if they could just sort out some of their QA issues it'd be a great product.

I switched to VMware's Fusion, which might not be quite so 'bleeding edge' with features but I don't care (I'm a software developer, not a gamer) and it's a hell of a lot more stable.

Still, I'm a bit surprised that the Reg managed to scrape 2 pages out of this - particularly, as was noted above, as you've really scraped comments from the support forum... by definition the support forum is full of unhappy bunnies so it's a bit disingenuous!

The iPhone App Store - a classic protection racket

Rob Uttley
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Meanwhile, in the real world...

The steady stream of blinkered, ill-thought-out anti-Apple crap on the Register has become truly tedious. Has anyone at the Reg actually worked in the industry for a living for any period of time?

I write software for a living (on Windows) - I'd be prepared to provide someone with 30% of the list price in return for them practically preventing piracy of my app, handling all of the distribution (including the hosting etc), all the payment processing and (to a degree) advertising. Under the circumstances, I reckon Apple's approach to all this is reasonably fair. My one criticism would be that really the App Store needs some way of 'returning' apps that don't do what they are supposed to do - some kind of trial system perhaps, although the low price of most of the apps does offset this.

Jodrell Bank offloaded on eBay

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Revenue from sponsorship....!

That quip about Sky gives me an idea....

...why not get Rupert Murdoch to sponsor it? Biggest satellite dish in the UK, image rights (he could paint a Sky+HD logo in the middle of the dish I guess), a couple of million a year is nothing to him (look at what Sky must spend on advertising now - I'm currently a Sky+ customer and every month they send me two or three leaflets imploring me to 'come back to Sky').

In all seriousness though, what a farce. At the risk of sounding like a Daily Mail journo, 'Is This The Kind Of Shambolic Country We Want To Live In?'. :-(

Apple unearths Time Capsule

Rob Uttley

Matt gets it

It's not designed for the sort of people that read and post here. How boring to see (once again) people jumping on the 'hey let's bash Apple' bandwagon - it's a bit like shooting fish in a barrel but don't let that stop you from feeling all superior.

It's a consumer product, it's intended to give non-professional people a simple and cost-effective way to achieve seamless, continual background backups (via Time Machine). It just sits there and backs-up your data, over wi-fi or over wired ethernet (or both), from one or more Macs. That's a pretty noble thing to try and bring to the consumer market. Only time will tell as to whether or not it's actually reliable enough for this purpose, or whether it's genuinely an economical solution, but at least give Apple some kudos for trying to take a confusing, non-sexy but important area of (home) computing and trying to provide a simple, non-invasive solution for the non-techies.

They put it in the same box as their home/soho router solution. If you're setting up a Mac-based home/soho system (and despite what the Reg might have you believe, people actually do), this is a pretty neat solution.

Sure, your router and your backups are in the same box, but this is a step-up from having no backups whatsoever, or only backing up when people remember to backup, which we all know is usually the case with home/soho networks.

Happy face because this is a positive idea - expect to see more of this kind of thing (probably cheaper, probably 'better') from other companies in the near future.

Sony PlayStation 3

Rob Uttley

12 hours?

How did you manage to get 12 hours of play out of the console so far.... or did you review this before this morning's launch? :-)


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