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'Faith-based' investment firm fingers holiday's most sinful games


and The Register?

One wonders how much The Register ranks?

The constant ant-christian message, sexual references, and prostitution to Microsoft....

HP warns of Nvidia problems

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what about the rest of them?

Pavilion laptop dv6122tx. Dead mainboard, 2 months past it's 12 month warranty. The web is littered with the same sorry saga. HP couldn't give a fat rat's tushy. Costs more to repair than a new one would cost. Come on HP , stop dropping your crap onto us, and at least make an effort at quality control.

Windows Update to trumpet Vista Capable debacle?


Sounds like tattoo time

Ballmer needs "Windows Vista Capable" tattooed on his tush. Just ask Rev Peter Mullen (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/10/06/audacious_tattoo_plan/)!

DoS attack reveals (yet another) crack in net's core


o luverly

yup, that's all we needed

World goes mad as Bill and Jerry eat churros


Money better spent elsewhere

Or they could have hired the OSDL, Canonical, Novell, and RedHat to write them a real operating system.

Mystery web attack hijacks your clipboard


XP Antivirus 2008

It is the same malware/crapware as "XP antivirus 2008". I've seen Google ads for this gem, that is worse than a real virus infection. They demand money to fix a problem they caused. Oh the joys of windows.

I did a quick Whois on the domains : xpantivrus.com, xp-vista-update.net, internetscanner2009.com. All registered under estdomains.com, in Delaware, US. The latter 2 use estdomains' DNS. Doing some more digging, some of the DNS servers come back to eosads, in the Motherland:

Registrant Name: Daniel Adams

Registrant Organization: eosads

Registrant Address1: 13 Baterman Street

Registrant City: London

Registrant State/Province: London

Registrant Postal Code: W1D 3AF

Registrant Country: UNITED KINGDOM

Registrant Country Code: GB

This forum:


shows that this stuff has been going down since April or so.

So, maybe you Brits need to go door-knocking?

God makes you stupid, researchers claim

Paris Hilton


So does that mean that me and my 148 IQ gotta stop talking wid God?

Gimme a break. "academics" will say anything to get there 15 minutes of fame.

Paris icon, cos' that's the closest most of these academics will get to seeing a real human being.

Shuttle astronauts: Aliens are definitely out there


New Open Sauce project

Time for a new open sauce project: STI.

You figure it out.

YouTube rolls out Scientology double standard

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Get the facts?

LOL "Get the facts"!!! Proof that the Scientologists are just another arm of Microsoft.

Wombat rape ordeal turns NZ man Australian

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it wasn't me, I didn't do it, yer honour!

Honest, it wasn't. Never even been to Nelson.

Al-Qaeda seeks geek fanatics for Jihoo!

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next Microsoft acquisition then?

What better way to take over the world, Mr Ballmer? Acquire all the stock in Jihoo! now!!!

NZ charidee cybersquatter fears burning in Hell



This guy had the guts to act on his convictions. No, i don't give a rat's tushy if you think the Bible's a crock. He believes it, he's trying to follows the guidelines laid out in it. Wouldn't the world be a better place if there were more like him?

Proud to be a Kiwi.

Map paints gloomy picture of world's oceans


Clean and Green Nz

Where I come from, the clean and green Godzone, we don't have any of your problems, and don't want'em either, thanks. That's why we ship all of our waste back to China (where it was first manufactured anyhow), so we can keep on sucking you yanks and poms into coming to "the most beautiful country on Earth", and spending your almighty tourist dollar. At least, you tend to use airplanes to get here, and not many of them end up in the sea.

IBM hits back against over-timers with pay cut

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dirty buggers

Come on, IBM. Who do ya think makes the recommendations to use your services and products? The very people you are doing the dirty to- those who know tech and love it, not those who know how to push people around and love it.

Paris, cos' you screwed those poor sods. But you will get your reward in the end.

Kaspersky false alarm quarantines Windows Explorer

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Wrong name

I reckon they had it right in the first place, but the wrong name. It should have been W32.Monopoly.Worm.