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Virgin Media takes itself in hand after punter-package tickle whoopsie

zar athustra

10 will go to 30

Virgin Media introduces P2P throttling

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From 1.5 Mbit/s to 5 - gratis!! Cap is 6Gigs, so no real worries there.

Thanks again, Virgin - I loves my 50Mbit pipe. =]

Google ordered to pay out for automated defamation

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Sounds like it wasn't entirely unwarranted...

"The man in question had been previously convicted of "corrupting a minor"."

Dirty paedo has nobody but himself to blame.

Google: pay the onion-munching surrender-monkey scumbag nothing, nada, zilch...

Nine Inch Nails cracks net distribution (maybe)

zar athustra

NiN "Freetards" report Comments Section Locked After SIX Posts?

I wonder why. Perhaps it's due to the erroneous reportage therein...


"[...]TorrentFreak has verified that the accounts in question, ‘NIN’ on both waffles and what, and ‘NINOfficial’ on The Pirate Bay, are indeed accounts belonging to the band’s representatives."

Man siphons info for 300 credit cards from hotel kiosks

zar athustra

How did he get caught? I don't want to make the same mistake... :P

"...and I would have got away with it, if it wasn't for those pesky, meddlesome kids."

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

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Stop reading you modem logs...!

All of you unqualified to interpret your modem logs: why do you even bother to peruse them? FYI, all the 'SW update' failures you're seeing are failing precisely because they're for alternate models of modem to your own.

IOW: they're _supposed_ to fail.

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