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Apple 'real cost' comparison shows inflation beaten mercilessly

Gav Powell

My Definition, in depth

Event at high end, assuming blu-ray, a 20" screen, core i7, 6GB RAM, 1TB drive, blu ray and a HD5770 gaming graphics card, you're only looking at about 900 quid for a Pc and monitor, and that from 10 minutes' work on ebuyer. As you bought a mac and a laptop at that, you obviously don't need the graphics to be too great, so knock another 100 off that, maybe 130 iif you can manage with onboard graphics. The graphics card means your PSU requirements go down so that's another 20 quid or so we can ditch, and you only got 4GB RAM with your mac, so at least another 50 there.

If you're going to buy Apple, it will cost you about a thousand pounds. If you buy anything else, it really shouldn't.

Gav Powell

You're Overpaying

By a substantial margin if you're paying a thousand pounds -= that might be what Apple charge, but a self-build PC including a monitor can be at low as £300 including monitor, with maybe 600 for a decent ames machine. I wouldn't dream of paying a thousand for a PC for home use.

Microsoft Security Essentials shakes up consumer antivirus

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No Time To Test Its Efficacy

"Testing MSE's effectiveness in detecting and removing malware was beyond the scope of our quick run through"

What, really, is the point of having a hands-on with an antivirus package if you're not going to test its ability to actually, err, detect and remove?

Ooh the interface is nice, and it installs quickly. That's very helpful, but if it lets your PC contract something like Antivirus2009, you're no less boned for the ability to install it speedily.

Deleted cloud rebuilds self from scratch

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Online Storage

Is sdomething I've never trusted since Streamload/Mediamax started having problems. I signed up to be a carbonite reseller but have refused to offer it to anyone because I can't trust any form of storage I can't access directly.

Tiscali titsup fears grow

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Think of the (adopted) Children!

I feel very sorry for some of the people who have been with the various companies Tiscali has acquired over the years since day one - LineOne, Bun, Gateway etc. A lot of these people face a nightmare of finding a new ISP and changing their email address rather suddenly.

Vanessa Redgrave braces for The Day of The Triffids

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Here's a Thought

Rather than taking the Hollywood route of remaking everything, why not actually produce original work? I'm sick of seeing the classic films and dramas of years gone by turned into recycled tat.

Carbonite nabbed with hand in review jar

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An Odd Apology

CEO David Friend said "I will personally see that the reviews are updated to disclose their employment affiliation. Had they been brought to my attention, they would have been removed long ago."

Well what's the point of that? If you disclose yourself as an employee of the company, your glowing review is no longer relevant, so they shouldn't be posted in the first place.

Reminds me of the laptop sale I lost out on because "We talked to the guy on the Dell site and he said this Dell model was really good"

Windows 7 borrows from OS X, avoids Vista

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Yay OS X

One of the many things that irritated me about Vista was it looked and to a certain extent felt like OSX, now it;s officially deliberate?

I don't like Apple's operating system - if I did, I'd buy an Apple computer. IE7/8 are ripffs of firefox, the OS itself is going to be ripped off from Apple and i'll just bet windows 7 is crammed with all sorts of applications I have no need for but are built into the damn thing in any case.

Makes ya mad...

MediaMax/Linkup falls out of the cloud

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The Irony Is

Streamload really WAS social storage in action - you could send vast numbers of files to other users and even emaila ddresses with the click of a button.

It was utterly brilliant until they turned it into Mediamax, which itself had years of problems and never fully recovered the level of functionality we had on Streamload. We'd just about got to Mediamax being stable and reliableish, when they hit us with thelinkup...

British youths think Churchill went to moon

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@Pheet, re;Tonypandy

Sent in the army to murder striking miners? Dear me, you have fallen victim to the same flawed history as many before.

Churchill did send troops, at the request of the area's chief constable, but chgose instead to deploy hundreds of metropolitan police against the pickets. Any references to soldiers shooting at any miners in the area is bunk.

HMRC gets Airwave comms network

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Carts and Horses

So we have a communications system that was illegally contracted without tender, has been passed to multiple companies, doesn't work properly and is late being completely deployed for its original purpose.

What to do then? Focus on getting the whole shambles in some sort of order and get the damn thing working properly first? Or ignore all that and just keep taking more public money for the promise of supplying the service to other agencies? I'll take door number B please.

Sky must sell off ITV stake

Gav Powell

Mistake? Depends

If the plan was to gain control of ITV or make oodles of cash then yeah, it's an expensive mistake. If the plan was to block Virgin's takeover of ITV, they succeeded pretty nicely - about 2 days after sky bought the shares the virgin bid was rejected for 'undervaluing the company'

BBC boosts staff morale with jelly

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The Licence Fee

Is only allowed to be spent on programming, so in fact it will be your taxes that are being used to pay for this lot.

Your licence money is being spent on such quality programming as Can Fat Teens Hunt? and Russell T Davies' Celebrity Dr Who Special.