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Red Hat strikes a crushing blow against RHEL downstreams

Mick Russom

Re: I am surprised that IBM took this long

"Shame: Red Hat was nice while it lasted."

red hat was nice until systemd. after systemd and the infection of lennart poettering linux has been quite a mess.

Oracle clouds never go down, says Oracle's Larry Ellison

Mick Russom

Oracle OCI Downtime

Check out ORCL's history, for never going down its got a lot of entries...


That being said, Oracle OCI/Bare Metal/BMCS is a decent cloud. It could be said that the support organization is suffering immensely due to the growth that is going on. OCI is growing at a fair clip and it hosts all of Oracle's Fusion, Oracle CX/HCM/ERP/SCM/EPM, NetSuite, Analytics, Cerner (in process), Autonomous DB, ExaCS etc.

Oracle support for OCI can be brutal. Basically its SEV1/24x7 on a war-room, SEV2, or never. Customers seem to have to use sales and partners to beg for support via back channels.

The SLA for IAAS is hard to collect on in general and the SLA legalese for Oracle OCI will make any useful amount of money impossible to mine out of that SLA.

So the question is when does Oracle and Microsoft merge? Maybe not "on paper" due to that drawing an anti-trust, but the ultimate hotel-California for enterprise would be a Microsoft/Oracle hybrid. Oracle and Microsoft seem to want to be co-opetition/frenemies at this point. Not a bad thing really.

Corey Quinn / Duckbill Group / lastweekinaws is a cloud industry blow hard - he tends to make comments on all the clouds and has given Oracle OCI some credit that indicates OCI isnt complete dog crap - there have been a few articles and mentions here and there without a sponsorship talk about OCI - for how late in the game Oracle was and how horrific the first generation of Oracle Cloud (OPC) or any number of strange things Oracle was doing before OCI this newer version is halfway ok.

Synology to enforce use of validated disks in enterprise NAS boxes. And guess what? Only its own disks exceed 4TB

Mick Russom

wont by using synology anymore. this type of behavior is disgraceful. im usually very anti-regulation and laissez-faire but this type of garbage should be banned. right to repair.

The killing of CentOS Linux: 'The CentOS board doesn't get to decide what Red Hat engineering teams do'

Mick Russom

Johnny Hughes and Karanbir Singh at centos, and others, precipitated this.

I remember getting into heated talks with Johnny Hughes and Karan Singh about their opaque dictatorship of CentOS.

It has resulted in a huge community project which killed off all enterprise-linux rebuild projects such as:

Scientific Linux

StartCom Enterprise Linux

CAOS Linux

Yellow Dog Linux

White Box Enterprise Linux

And many other extant Enterprise Linux rebuild projects now use CentOS as the base. Now they are all screwed.

And they community and the world was betrayed by the low-life turncoats in the CentOS board.

Always remember that the price Johnny Hughes and Karanbir Singh sold out for was a pittance. These rats took their Judas 30 pieces of silver and destroyed something good by selling it an oligarch.

The sad thing is at this point "Oracle Linux" it more liberated than Redhat Enterprise Linux.

Boeing 787s must be turned off and on every 51 days to prevent 'misleading data' being shown to pilots

Mick Russom

software outsourced to china and india by bean counting SHYSTERS at boeing.

macOS High Sierra more like 'Cry Sierra' for Mac-wielding beta testers

Mick Russom

between the new mac’s loss of magsafe, the horrific new keyboard, the horrible touch bar which killed the ESC key and high sierra apple is on timeout. I own 5 macbook pro laptops, 3 retinas. fu apple. you jumped the shark, clean up this mess.

Google can't innovate anymore, exiting programmer laments

Mick Russom

I moved to Silicon Valley to make curing cancer, make the workload of everyone less explore space, to make star trek real.

About 2005 all of the scum in finance from China, New York, etc, moved in and changed it. Tech in reality now is consumerism, selling Chinese plastic crap, addiction, manipulation, propaganda, mind control, thievery, scams/schemes, wage slavery, draining and ruined by wall st types.

Missed opportunity bingo: IBM's wasted years and the $92bn cash splurge

Mick Russom

James Damore was right. Put a you-know-what in charge and fall behind. FAST. At least larry ellison is trying. Ginni? What a loser.

Why the Kubernetes Kids can't hurt Bezos' Amazon beast

Mick Russom

k8s is the best way to get people to gcp. azure has it right. ecs will give way too

Kubernetes was the best way google, at #3, could blow up cloud. Google has awesome infra and global scale and presense AND they know how to write original software. From android, to app store, to youtube, to search, to adwords, to docs/sheets, drive, you name it, they do this eventually get it right and take over model well.

When kubernetes was born this was not brokenstack/openstack. It was a glimpse on how google does things that work. And when you start doing stuff that matters going from kubernetes to gcp is rational. Now azure has a bill by the second container service that makes sense and I think we will see AWS abandon ecs/blox and go the kubernetes route. It was called borg for a reason. Resistance is futile. While docker ruins itself by closing up and becoming anti-standard and meso/DCOS languishes kubernetes isnt the next brokenstack for a good reason:

The production version of kubernetes is gcp! Brokenstack OPenstack had no public cloud for itself. One could argue rackspace but they couldnt keep up in public cloud with amazon and friends and died out. With brokenstack, there is no public / production cloud version of it. You own it.

But with kubernetes, get sick of it all and want to push the help me button? You dont call pivotal, IBM, you dont wait for dummies like Vmware to "help" you, you dont care - you go with gcp or with azure container service with by the second billing and be done with it.

Google's best long term troll ever was to release borg onto the world so people would use it, get tired of trying to do what gcp does and just use gcp and move on.

This is one where even amazon let it get away from them.


Private clouds kinda suck, you know?

Mick Russom

Re: Is this not relabelling?

I've worked with BrokenStack everyday at work since mid-2013. None of the major distros (RH, Mirantis, Canonical or Rackspace) are by default production un-usable. Upgrades are horrible. Lifecycle is horrible. Scaling is horrible. Federation is horrible. Piece of the solution fail spectacularly. You need sumologic/loggly plus ELK plus Riemann just to make sense of all the trash logs generated by BrokenStack. What I am seeing more now is companies are bringing their networks/routers to Amazon/Google/Azure and getting sub-private-cloud pricing on storage and compute while keeping the bandwidth bills under control by using their own networks. Anyways, the last 2.5 years of my life have been most likely wasted on working on BrokenStack. Red Hat, normally the bastion of sanity in the opensource bazaar, has gone off the rails a bit and has done nothing to productize brokenstack. Mirantis simply wants you to use Fuel to install a mostly working setup and then be slave to their professional services. Canonical is interesting but they rip and replace and change everything ever 9-12 months so its hard to use them over time. Rackspace is ok - their model is run the playbooks and everything gets fixed and that is nice but upgrades of major releases is a bear. After working with brokenstack for this long I'll know what the private cloud POC needs to look like in my next job. I know exactly how to make all these snake oil vendors collapse with a few simple test cases for the POC.

BrokenStack is also largely a virtualization platform which fails to consider nesting within VMs, containers or bare-metal services.

I have a new word for brokenstack - openshitack

Mick Russom

Re: Is this not relabelling?

If you view the compute world through vcenter you are at risk of becoming Jurassic. I use vsphere and friends all the time but the days of having VMware and its huge ELAs jammed in the middle are at risk - badly.

Public Cloud is never "cheap", private cloud is a mess, and you can do a LOT of neat things with vsphere and friends but the days of VMware are at risk - that stuff is just piles of job security at this point. Its a mess.

Mick Russom

here is another problem:

Networking abstraction and service insertion is an AFTERTHOUGHT. Hairpins everywhere on networking, true networking abstraction not possible and even with an SDN helping its plugins for kubernetes, openshift, docker, CNI/CNM, vpshere<>esx<>kvm is complex, openstack and SDN integration is tough- most SDNs are not in-box or batteries included with openstack .

So we have bad SDN integration. Bad integration with cloud native/containers. We have issues with having containers and VMs and physical machines talking to each other without twisted issues.

distributed firewalls, POD level network isolation, LBAAS/loadbalancing and DF/firewall , etc, simply integrating checkpoint/PA/NSX-DFW/fortinet is a HUGE pain, and then A10/F5 on that, pain.

Private cloud is so bad and now the word has started to move onto cloud native, managed services, SAAS, etc. Nobody wants to pay attention to all this trash wiring anymore.

REWRITE YOUR APPLICATIONS because trying to do things the old way on private cloud __STINKS__. Until then avoid any complexity and changes - go all in - containers and lambdas and the like. Avoid marrying private cloud anything and make sure your public cloud strategy works across clouds when possible. (Avoid too much managed service abuse at Amazon which causes lock-in ).

Its a brave new world and private cloud is lost. Its horrible.

Facebook? More like FOGEYBOOK: Zuck's hangout is a cyber-retirement home

Mick Russom

Facebook is the premiere collection for stupid thoghts

I have relatives that are relatively intelligent and they say nothing but stupid things on face book and re-parrot stupid talking points. Its the ultimate followers - sheeple paradise.

Oracle will 'kill MySQL' and steal its users? Ha ha, haha, ha. Seriously, we won't – Oracle exec

Mick Russom

Re: They're Smart Enough

They are already gone. Maria, EDB and postgres. Nobody starts with oracle-mysql anymore.

Mick Russom

Oracle is only alive due to entrenchment and government contracts.

Oracle is finished. We ALL know in MIS/IT/devops/etc that Oracle is the enemy. We have ALL be moving to enterprisedb, postgres and maria for some time now. Solaris is more or less dead to new projects. Nobody would willingly make a new deployment a Oracle "red-stack" on purpose.

Too bad, Sun was awesome, but anything that was Sun's is now radioactive.

Bang! You're dead. Who gets your email, iTunes and Facebook?

Mick Russom

From grave stones to facebook pages

From grave stones to Facebook pages the only thing you leave behind ultimately is if your DNA lives on and your legacy, your scions, your lineage, your seed is able to live on and the best outcome would be to live better than you. All else turns to dust. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning. Journey to Infinity man

Apple CEO Tim Cook: TV is TERRIBLE and stuck in the 1970s

Mick Russom

Tim Crook of Crapple thinks Women have a bad interface

Tim Crook of Crapple thinks Women have a bad interface...

This guy is just a china-slave-labor using tool that wants more money for himself and enjoys spying on us, leaking nude photos from celebs on the insecure iCloud/iFraud-Paradise and charging margins that make Hermes ties look cheap.

Crapple. iOS debuted in 2007, Android started in 2003.

Hey! Where! are! the! white! women! at!? It's! Yahoo!

Mick Russom

Marissa the Vile

Marissa is a vile dictator. She is worth tons of money, she uses a goofy demeanor to hide her evil nasty business ways, she lies and is a hypocrite she disallows telecommuting but puts a nursery in her office so she can live at work.

I dont get why treating people badly and being a chainsaw / mean person like her gives her a constant free pass.

British boffin tells Obama's science advisor: You're wrong on climate change

Mick Russom

AGW - Proof of AGW was DGW, dinosauric global warming.

Even MORE REAL is the DGW. The dinosauric global warming of the jurassic. Dinosaurs got the CO2 up to 1950ppm! Those Dinos sure showed us what we need to do now. The Jurassic period. O2 in atmosphere 130% modern levels. CO2 is 1950ppm, 5-7 times modern levels. Temperature a WHOLE 3 DEGREES C over modern times - Oh noes! The Jurassic DGW, Dinsaurogenic Global Warming, shows that those Dinosaurs, with their Airplanes, and Cars, and stuff, you know, thoseDinosaurs and their DGW destroyed THE WHOLE PLANET with their DGW! Look, who wants 26% atmospheric oxygen? More air to breathe? Who wants that! And who wants more CO2 @1950, you know, to make all those plants and trees convert that CO2 into a higher O2! Who wants that! And we don’t want the massive biodiversity of the Jurassic, no, we don’t want more plants and animals and trees, no.

Elon Musk: Just watch me – I'll put HUMAN BOOTS on Mars by 2026

Mick Russom

Tesla Bonds in Junk Status

Tesla company bond were recently downgraded to JUNK status. This guy has a big mouth a good rolodex to get at other people's money. a

Coming in 2014: Scary super-soldier exoskeleton suits from the US military

Mick Russom

Perfect for the police state to lay the beat down and disappear pesky citizens that believe in liberty and freedom.

Mick Russom

Perfect for the police state to lay the beat down and disappear pesky citizens that believe in liberty and freedom.

Climate-cooling effect 'stronger than volcanoes' is looking solid

Mick Russom

Venus is cloudy.

Venus is cloudy and 800 degrees. The problem with clouds is they blanket in heat. Venus is a good example, 800 degree surface.

The best thing to do is to have good albedo (non cloud reflectivity) and a lot of greenery, eg, planting grass on the roofs of buildings and homes. That would help.

But putting H2SO4 in the atmosphere? sounds like acid rain.

BOSS Bang boffins: DARK ENERGY spreading across the Universe

Mick Russom

And they cant even make a fusion reactor.

These pseudo-intelligent clowns like deGrasse Tyson and his ilk are useless parrots squawking rubbish.

Make a fusion reactor or s dark energy reactor or make something practical, and then bray about your doofus theories.

Im tired of these people babbling horse patootie without accomplishing a single useful thing.

Dark matter and dark energy, give me a break. Just call it ether or a fudge and get on with it.

New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD

Mick Russom

Huh? we know that nuclear power is safe

" we know that nuclear power is safe"

Yeah, the world is black and white. Give me a break. Everyone sleep tight, Lewis Page says nuclear power is safe, and the exclusion zone in the chernobyl area is safe to grow food in now.

Yes, you can be sacked for making dodgy Facebook posts

Mick Russom

And when these workers are government

When they become government workers, they will have abusive fantasies and be unfireable!

Global warming much less serious than thought - new science

Mick Russom
Big Brother

Cult of the Church of Climatology

The Cult of the Church of Climatology has yet again failed. Their lies. The academics pursuit of monies from corrupt globalist politicians trying to prove that AGW exists (when it doesn't) to collect taxes from all the world under suppressive police state rule for SIMPLY BREATHING. We have time and time again proven the fraud that is AGW, but the cult of the Church of Climatology is well funded by Soros and other globalist wackos. They are the enemy within and are the enemies of Family, Truth, Freedom, Liberty. These enemies are working tirelessly to bring about a new world order of the globalist police state where individual liberty is dead.

Future Firefox to slurp updates silently

Mick Russom

FIREFOX - now a bad attempt to copy chrome.

FIREFOX - now a bad attempt to copy chrome.

Im migrating away from Firefox. They are taking out all the powerful features that used to separate them from Chrome.

HP fired Apotheker, how to we fire the losers destroying firefox?

Cisco CEO: The future of communications is video

Mick Russom

chambers is a loser has been.

Cisco is embarrassing. After purposely injecting and fostering complexity for YEARS to protect VARs and CCIEs, the world is moving beyond their expensive, under performing proprietary trash.

Chambers, cram it up your craw, loser.

Oracle rushes out emergency Apache DoS patch

Mick Russom

Are they charging for this too?

Are the oracle-scum charging for this as usual, got to buy a MOS account and pay the fine for this criminal negligence?

Sexy eco-bulb wins Design of the Year

Mick Russom

Made in China with Murdercury / Mercury

With the entire world's fish supply tainted with methyl mercury due to murdercury usage in products like this, promoting CFLs against normal light bulbs is murderous. People promoting and selling mercury containing products are accessories to murder. They are killing us all. Toxicity in the modern worlds with mercury, PDBE, PCBs, BPA, etc, are out of control, and these people are low lives claiming being green while poisoning us.

openSUSE 11.4 rocks despite missing GNOME

Mick Russom

SuSE low quality.

Like Mandriva, SuSE chooses to release often and broken. This massive myriad of Linux distros in general is not improving quality. I stick to the RHEL dervied distros, its not perfect, but its way more stable - doesnt crash, and the ABI/kABI remain stable over time.

SuSE and Ubuntu LTS and most other distros are like the wild-west bazaar paradigm - chaos.

SuSE 11.3 actually BRICKED on of the motherboards I ran it on.

EMC blows benchmark away - again

Mick Russom

Days are numbered

EMC's days of charging too much for storage are nearing an end.

Network wide global filesystems implemented in a redundant distributed way on Direct Attached SSDs will make these relics a thing of the past.

EMC's gear is irritatingly unreliable for the price and shamefully expensive with a byzantine software implementation.

AMD claims 'fastest graphics card in the world'

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Thumb Down

Beautiful hardware, terrible software

AMD/ATI makes great hardware, but sadly the drivers are terrible for legacy games, terrible in general and while NVIDIA makes a fair bit of junk drivers, I have consistently returned 5 generations of ATI cards, even a 6950, simply due to all the legacy games and issues with the drivers.

Its too bad they dont work hard to make the ATI drivers work in all games, not the ones released in the last few years.

Mozilla ices Firefox 4 beta 12 release to nail final bugs

Mick Russom

Firefox 3 is sad.

I wonder if 4 will be usable. Chrome, Opera and Safari seem light years ahead of the fat bloated crashy memory consuming slow Firefox. The Firefox foundation is full of argumentative programmers that tweak stuff rather than address core issues.

Its too bad, the interface is my favorite, but its a fat bloated mess.

Oracle debuts carrier-grade Sparc T3 servers

Mick Russom

Lol, Oracle.

Like anyone is even interested in this overpriced crap. Oracle's support is draconian, they charge to fix bugs, and they are ruthless and nasty to customers, VARs and partners. Everyone hates Oracle now and fear only that they will buy more useful and cool companies and makes life miserable for all the VARs and Customers.

Oracle's success is the death of innovation.

Sun rolls out OpenSolaris 2009.06 release

Mick Russom

As a Solaris admin...

This new wave of OpenSolaris is real crap. Happy with Solaris 10u5, 10u6 and 10u7.

Disgusted with "Nevada" and Opensolaris.

Ballmer disses Oracle's decision to buy Sun

Mick Russom

Java, Solaris, not a dumb move at all.

Java, Solaris. Microsoft better get its head out of its butt if it wants to better compete with Oracle. Also, Oracle now has a complete vertical and this leaves HP, IBM, even Cisco, clamoring to find complete solutions while Oracle can be 100% Oracle. Hardly foolish. Foolish would be underestimating this.

Now Oracle doesn't have to deal with IBM's pet Redhat on what happens to Linux, nor Linus Torvalds. And they now own a perm. seat on the JCP, which will allow them to make sure they get the most out of Java.

Ballmer is reacting poorly to this. Better get his head on straight. Vista and Windows 7 and Office 2007 DO NOT bode well for Microsoft inability to shift from making most of the money off of rapidly commoditizing B2C business.

I guess Ballmer's butt is still sore from loss-leadership in XBOX along with the lovely ring-of-death, he doesn't "get" hardware, Microsoft never has outside of the Mouse department.

NetApp virtualises third-party SSD

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Next gen storage, plagued by rip-offery.

RAM SAN is a rip off. In fact, most "storage plays" are a total rip off. I can't wait for this to get just slightly more commoditized so all this asinine over charging for commodities can stop.

A texax computing RAM SAN is a simply computer that takes a crap-load of cheap-ass DRAM and hooks it to an exide or optima (gel dielectric ) battery and a huge capacitor.

SSDs are overrated over-trusted (particularly MLC) junky chips that cost too much.

And the gouging. This isn't the price/size gouge of SCSI, FC or SAS, no no no. We've introduced several orders of magnitude in price increases per GB.

All the while cheap-crap unreliable NAND has made the rounds into everything, and the industry is being chained to ground-zero by corporate greed. The industry leaders in flash are determined to gogue and try and overcharge for things and in doing so they shoot this industry in the foot.

I can't wait until that rumored 20,000 RPM WD disk comes out. Should kick this loser-laden industry in the ass.

25 years of Mac - the good, the bad, and the cheese grater

Mick Russom

Mega-corp loving fools who fall to marketing never go away.

Innovative? No stolen from Xerox.

Made anything but plastic and packaging? Nah, Motorola, IBM, Intel, you name it, they never did it as an original.

When afford ably copied? Starmac? Sued into oblivion.

OS X , MacOS Classics ? Easy to use? Nope. Not at all, just sold that way and marketed through education, whose purchasing departments are corrupt and schools are full of low paid idiot teachers with skills irrelevant to the fast paced workforces.

And even after losing the PPC rules! and AltiVec is "teh best," these fan boys are still around.

Apple stores, greedy consumerism at its worst. Apple and Jobs are not generous companies, not philanthropic in the least. They give nothing notable to science in both software and hardware design, all scientific research could be done without them and not a blip would be registered. Greedy marketeers making average or sub-standard products and charging more than top-dollar for this stuff. And the "think different" aka "think stupid" crown buys this stuff up. Consistently Mac obsessed people I have known range from a guy who just likes them but the bulk of these zealots are religious idiots that suck at their jobs, suck as people and are obsessed with this cult of people who surround themselves with - the saddest of all things - computer terminals and a modern version of the Sony Walkman.

Its like people who congregate around a certain brand of gas pump or obsess about sewer and drain grates. Its really stupid. And its not about getting anything done,like the gas pump one likes is faster, or the grates when made from a certain alloy hold more weight, cost less and are lighter, No no no. Its about style. Its about looking good. Its about showing off.

I've spent time with OS X, with the very first Macs, many models over the years. I would say one of the coolest Apple products I remember was the Apple IIgs. But macs. slow,stupid and irrelevant.

Now that none of this actually matters, and lately I've become more ambivalent about what it is in front of me, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and even OS X, I can use them all. In fact, they all , even OS X, have a place, but the OS X factions are the worst. They are the most annoying to be around.

One of the worst offenses I have seen with Apple is the "old days" Macs and Apple products were always SCSI, always Parity memory and the stuff they used was expensive and generally built well. Today, most of the crap is sub-Dell quality and a number of the "Server" models were offered without ECC memory, which is just offensive and stupid.

Enjoy the Crapintosh, suckers, and making Steve Jobs rich. Enjoy. But the record stands, and most of the apple fan boi arguments were all wrong and have been proven wrong over time, and the only thing that has been proven right is that Steve Jobs knows how to take money from the zealots who call themselves Mac fans.

I've fixed and recovered data for Mac users using Linux bootable/LiveCDs, and just have to snicker and laugh at how bad HFS/HFS+ is. Lol. Linux has to bail you punks out all the time. The real killer is the Darwin bootable CDs can't even do the recovery that Linux can.

Red Hat: Go support yourselves, Fedora users

Mick Russom

The reson RedHat wont support Fedora, THEY CANT.

I have RHEL licenses. I have always found a solution faster via google and the centos forums over the redhat ticket systems. In fact, I have a single RHEL license (the premium / 24/7 one), and I retain this for last resort help on difficult problems, but the service is basically horrible. So Redhat will simply say fedora is out because they cant help.

Memo to US Secret Service: Net proxy may pinpoint Palin email hackers

Mick Russom

If he helps turn "anonymous" in I consider him a traitor

If he helps turn "anonymous" in I consider him a traitor.

If someone offed him and I was on the jury I would hang it. This is simply a public figure who isn't above it all or above the law being exposed to the public. Persecuting "anonymous" proves that this is much to be embarrassed about it seems.

OpenSolaris still has some Linux copying to do

Mick Russom

reply to Chavdar Ivanov

"You're right about this being fatal to Sun if they can't take on the Linux distributions because those distributions are eating Sun's lunch. And a lot of the credit belongs to Murdoch and friends. Yes, welcome to the 21st century!:"

Ian cant save Sun. Nothing can save Sun at this point unless is focuses on Solaris 10 and make a Solaris 11 that is an incremental improvement of Solaris 10 without this radical crap designed to chase things it can never be. It is a 5th class 'desktop,'

Studio might be proprietary, but last I checked it was required to make kernel drivers. Also, GCC is not the right way to go per se, but now that gcc-extensions have infected everything, its the only way to compile certain stuff now. The gcc-antistandard causes standard compilers to choke.

"the best thing since sliced bread"

I can break it. And UFS stands up to the tests that break ZFS. I'm glad you didn't test it, but I did.

Sun is in sunset. I thought Schwartz, Bechtolsim and the portion of the engineers that are first rate can save the company.

They cant. I give it 4 years.

Mick Russom

2008.05 - the wrong direction.

SXDE 1/08 was a lot better than this.

Solaris admins the world over are scratching their heads at this one. Developers are great, but steering Solaris in this direction will ultimately anger admins.

Why no DVD? Why bother with the pkg crap when you can stuff a DVD? Annoying.

Installer sucks, you get no options. Its easy because it offers little/no choice.

The long bootup is not true, both Solaris 10 and 11 boot nearly instantly, must be a hardware issue.

ZFS is great, but is 90% baked. There are still issues when ZFS is under heavy load from SunVTS + other disk thrashing tests. Almost there, but not quite.

I was at JavaONE and they more or less misrepresented this release as supportable, you can buy support, but this release can't go anywhere fast.

Taking on Ubuntu, Mandrive, openSuSE, Fedora and CentOS with this will be fatal to Sun if it doesnt knock it off. Sun lost the workstation market. Its gone forever, sorry Sun, I miss my Ultra 80 in the days when the Ultra 80 was bad-ass, but its over.

Lots of legacy applications dont run on openSolaris, and there is a heavy bias towards GNU/Crap - why does sun constantly not co-package studio with releases? Thats retarded. GCC is there, studio cc isnt? What the hell?

Frankly, Ian Murdoch is a lucky-idiot. Im not being mean, but here is the deal. Ian did the right thing at the right time and the right people got involved.

Sun hiring him and thinking he is a hero to save the day is sad. Its sad. He was lucky. And now he is leading Solaris down a deadly road to perdition.

After loadtesting with opensolaris 2008.05, and inventorying what breaks in legacy terms, I quickly long for SXDE 1/08 in terms of development releases and I have no plans to replace solaris 10 ANYTIME soon, despite Sun constantly checking fixes to opensolaris before solaris 10. I really, really hate that Solaris 10 is backported to, and opensolaris is top of the tree. I think that all checkins for fixes and new drivers and enhancements that are minor enough not to disrupt solaris 10 should be checked in at the same time, none of this indiana/nevada first mentality, its wrong, and the admins know its going within sun.

The average age of the sun engineer is scary low these days, and it shows. Lots of asian-style jingoism.

Lets hope the big account managers can talk the young-engineers that are trying to make solaris into the next ubuntu inform them where the money comes from.

'We could wake up smarter' - Ballmer hints at Win XP reprieve

Mick Russom

Windows XP or Windows 2003 as a workstation FOREVER.

Microsoft, please work on XP SP4, and please make a 32 bit version of Windows XP "64-bit" Which is simply Windows 2003 rebadged Windows XP.

Microsoft, your Vista and 2008 products suck so bad, its utterly pathetic and embarrassing and you are risking longtime customers to simply defect to something better.

Solaris: opensource, Linux: opensource, Darwin:opensource, OS X, you name it, we are getting more choices. Stop trying to make them easier to make.

Naked old pilot executes unauthorised barrel roll

Mick Russom

Tex Johnston did this with the first 707 (Dash-80)


See it. This is how you sell aircraft, and the plane doesn't recognize the inverted attitude as long as 1G is maintained through the roll.

US switches off the incandescent lightbulb

Mick Russom

Edison = piece of crap.

We all know that Edison was an intellectual property thief and was responsible for the suppression of ideas.

He should be dug up and his bones and remains fed to a pig pen.

Nikola Tesla and Westinghouse had to suffer early defeats and progress in America was greatly slowed down by idiot Edison. While Edison got all the recognition, Nikola Tesla was being driven insane probably because he had all the answers and only a select few would listen to him while everyone licked Edison's boots.

Edison's grave should be defecated upon.

Mick Russom

CF bulbs are full of Hg/Murcury/Murdercury

CF bulbs are filled with Murdercury. It is state sponsored murder to us CF bulbs over LED. No one will dispose of them correctly, and if they break the can cause mercury toxicity to children.

Children get lead from PVC/plastics, arsenic is found in rice and chicken, and now you want to add Mercury to the environment around kids? And you wonder why autism is skyrocketing? We are killing ourselves with a toxic environment that effects things like epigenetic gene expression and the etiologies of the new sinister brain disorders murdering our children's personalities and causing life long behavioral disorders is from our toxic environment.

The sponsors of CF bulbs are mega-murderers and are part of the cabal of the military industrial complex.

LED bulbs are fine, use less power, and contain no mercury, and if the US would just build nuclear power instead of burning coal for power, the energy use wouldn't be such a huge concern .

DO NOT be fooled in the years to come with companies trying to use the environment to get you to ignore huge issues with what hey are proposing!