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Mrs Slocombe's pussy vanishes from Twitter

Terence Eden

The hastag is too long

The reporter hasn't bothered to check his facts. No hashtag over 15 characters (I think) is searchable. Go on, try it.

Bates: Cops to defy courts over return of indecent material

Terence Eden

Wipe the drives?

The physical drives are Mr Bates' property.

The data on them was seized by the courts.

Why not just wipe the drives? The police don't even need to see what's on there. Just boot a PC with http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ or similar and run disk shredders on the drives. Then return them.

Hey presto! Bates gets his property back, no one has to see any data.

Or am I missing something?

101 uses for a former merchant banker

Terence Eden
IT Angle


If businesses weren't trying to reduce wages, why did they all complain so bitterly against the minimum wage? In times of nearly full employment, surely we should have seen Tesco, ASDA, Woolies etc. offering higher and higher wages to their work force. We didn't. Whenever I went in to a packed store with only one till open, I was told that "We can't get the staff." Try paying more than £5.73ph and watch more staff roll up.

One of the reasons that the classical capitalist economy is collapsing is because of the reduction in scarcity. Food and housing are the only things which seem limited in this world. Anything manufactured can be made for pennies in sweatshops in the Far-East, everything else is digital. It doesn't fit in to the capitalist mindset that CTRL-C CTRL+V is the new distribution channel.

This may well be nonsense - I haven't woken up yet...

Vodafone friends Facebook

Terence Eden

Only 7p

You can bulk buy the texts so they're only 7p each. You also get 25 free when you sign up. Also, you don't need to be a VF customer - you just need a UK SIM card (so it works on Orange, T-mob etc)


(I work for Big Red, but I don't speak for them)

The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now

Terence Eden

Upload before they can take the film

If you're using a cameraphone, use something like Shozu or ShareOnline. Once the photo has been taken it can (automatically) be uploaded to flickr or several other services.

ISTR some high end cameras have wifi / 3G to facilitate this.

UK civil servant leaves Top Secret Iraq war intelligence documents on a train

Terence Eden

Should have given them to...


100,000 sign for BT Fon wi-fi love-in

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The fon router allows you to specify how much of your bandwidth you want to share. I share 2Mb of my 8Mb pipe and it hasn't caused a problem yet.

PS3 owners game iPlayer

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Available on the original Xbox...

...if you've got XBMC, you can run this little script


It gives a great interface to the iPlayer and allows you to download the iPhone h.264s to view.

The Python script works on just about anything with a net connection and a python installation.

Bluetooth's coming home

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Opt In?

Ha! That's a joke!


All the regulators agree that having your phone on "discoverable" is not the same as opt-in, yet the companies still spam.

It's all fun and games until you someone loses an eye!

N95 struggles to find itself

Terence Eden

Free Alternatives

N95 owners may like the following FREE GPS / Mapping applications.

Google Maps Mobile - http://www.google.co.uk/gmm

Nav4All - http://www.nav4all.co.uk/


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