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Microsoft rolls out Vista SP1


SP1 - booo!

I installed it a couple of hours ago and have had a fair few problems. Trying not get angry about it, but this will be my vent.

Tried file copying. Seemed fast at first, but then it got slower as the transfer neared the end. Then it stopped completely. Other apps stopped responding too, so had to restart.

Am now having endless problems with my external harddrive. Can't eject it from Vista, seems to be doing something with it and won't let it go.

While certain functions seem less sluggish, simple things such as opening folders take longer for me now!

And winamp is stuttering on songs every 2 seconds! Have had to restart my laptop 3 times so far because it becomes completely unresponsive.

There. I'm done.

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide


Not just me then...

Well at least it's not just me then. I'm also going 4 days without internet. Have emailed them 6 times now, but still no response. Can't seem to get through to them on phone (probably because i'm in France...).

Disgraceful, really!


Virgin Media unavailable...

Get this :

I'm in France at the moment, so it hasn't really affected me, but my family back in Birmingham are with Virgin Media's cable service, and they had the 'blackout' monday night. However, they've also had nothing since then, either!

I try to administer the router and network remotely, and noticed i couldn't connect to the router on tuesday lunchtime. Phoned my brother up, and he said they'd had nothing since the night before. Checked the Virgin status page, and it said they were having trouble in the birmingham area, and estimated 4 hours until it would be fixed. 9 Hours later, it still wasn't working. Nor Wednesday lunchtime. By this time i could hardly believe it, so I thought i'd check that it wasn't the router playing up and told him to connect the cable modem straight into one of the PC's via ethernet. Same thing, though (nothing).

I decided to write a very angry email to Virgin media through the broadband technical faults page, demanding immediate updates with regards to the fault. I don't expect to hear back from them to be honest. Seriously though, nearly 48 hours without a working internet connection now!! I'm furious (even though i'm not affected technically lol)!

THe worst thing is, the Virgin status page still displays internet as unavailable in my area, and the estimated time until revival is 4 hours still (from yesterday, 9pm)! They haven't posted a single update, so we're completely in the dark! What on earth do they expect us to do!?


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