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Artist slices gadgets using CT scanner

Murray Pearson

Ah yes, the clamshell iBook

I had one of those; the day after the warranty expired I whipped out my Torx drivers and ripped the little bastitch apart in order to upgrade the three gigabyte hard drive. I could see why there was only one repair depot on the planet for them as I got inside it; the whole thing was hung on this wacky trapeze setup that allowed the forces from the handle to disperse evenly through the components; it was rather neat. You can make it out, more or less, in the CT.

In order to get to that 3GB drive, I had to remove every single component. Finally, exhausted, I removed the drive and compared its size with the drive I contemplated to replace it. The replacement was 10.5mm tall and the existing one, 9.5mm tall. I was crushed flat as a bug.

It took me almost a month to gather the spirit to reassemble it. When I was done (only three screws left over!) I plugged it in and the charge-indicator light did not light up, to my staggering dismay. So I crashed out and, in the morning, with a heavy heart pressed the power button expecting I had a tangerine paperweight. Bong! It started and worked perfectly, with the exception of the charge indicator light. I have never been happier with a hardware malfunction in my life.

Slash your way inside Apple's Mac Mini

Murray Pearson

Ah, that ain't so hard to open!

I had a generation 1 iBook (a tangerine one, with the curvy case) and THAT was a bitch to open.

When its warranty expired I cracked it open to upgrade the appallingly tiny hard drive and, though I was impressed with its clever trapeze-like structure that avoided baning things while it was carried around with the handle, I was *not* impressed that I had to remove every damn component to get down to the hard disk.

When I dissected it down to there, I took the drive out, and found it was 9.5 millimetres tall, while the replacement drives I could find were 10.5 mm tall. This sucked so massively that it took me over a month to gather the mental wherewithal to reassemble the damn thing. Then, when I finally did, I plugged it in and the battery charging light didn't turn on. I was, to say the least, monumentally sad.

So I went off and crashed out for the night, figuring my computer was dead; and then in the morning, with a heavy heart, pressed the power button to confirm it was, in fact, deceased.

It bonged and started up! The only part that didn't work was the charging indicator light. I have never been happier with a malfunctioning conputer in my life.

Tycoon abandons £80k Maserati in London car pound

Murray Pearson

Well, almost...

They should have SAID they crushed it. Then enjoyed their new garage-car! It reminds me of the Ferrari in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

Google Adwords dive-bombed by American Airlines

Murray Pearson


I have a suggestion for people concerned about having their @$$es sued by American Airlines: Anytime you need to use "AA" just put "PAHOEHOE", which along with aa is a form of Hawaiian pillow lava............

Ebuyer.com runs on a Commodore 64

Murray Pearson

Sinclair available

Well, if they're flooded out, I have my dad's Sinclair ZX81 downstairs. That's about a 1MHz Z80 CPU and 1K of RAM built in, but it includes the boffo 64K RAM expander, and a data acquisition and relay control setup. He used them as PLCs for settling tanks at a mine in the Sierra Nevada; he could buy them for $30 in 1983, and even a ZX81 was fast enough to control filling and draining a swimming pool.

Hyperion harbours building blocks of life, says NASA

Murray Pearson

Density ≠ viscosity

It's much MORE viscous* than water; it's a foamy matrix of solid material interspersed with vacuum, making it less dense than water in the same way as pumice. A brick would not sink in, because Hyperion's gravity is much too weak.

* high viscosity is low fluidity.

NASA snaps mysterious night-shining clouds

Murray Pearson

Maybe Pascal hasn't noticed...

....but if it was a regular seasonal change, wouldn't it happen *every* year?

Or are there more springs and summers happening now in the shiny new 21st Century?

No, there's no need to panic, until the Sahara desert reaches Norway.........

Kids get early start in electronics

Murray Pearson

Kids & electronica

I'm setting up my son's first computer this week. He's three and a half. It's a Mac (he upped his standards, as the shirt says).

I was, like, EIGHT before I got to use a computer.

Welsh boffins build 3D solar images

Murray Pearson

3D for photographers

If you don't have 3D glasses but do have black-and-white photo gear, you can view the images with either a red and green or a red and blue pair of filters, used in B&W.

Safari zero-day exploit nets $10,000 prize

Murray Pearson

Oh, give me a break.

Nobody who's knowledgeable says Macs are invulnerable. They just have a modicum of security which is very hard to achieve on Windows. Moral of the story? DON'T USE SAFARI, it's a piece of poo; use Firefox.

University snubs RIAA

Murray Pearson

Go, Huskers!

Right on, U of N. IU hope you get your 11 grand from those bastiches. :-)