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Microsoft issues emergency patch warning for IE

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Ahh a user?

Can I ask a question. Do you keep detailed change control lists to all those things you just mentioned that the IT dept deny access to because of "paranoia"?

I thought not. So allowing you access to them so that you can call up and say xxx has happened, (without the IT bods knowing all the details) is the reason why they deny access.

I have so many users that think they know what they are doing and will deny they did anything until the cows come home. They always say I run this and that and that at home but can they tell you how it all works and why? Nope. Anyway these incidents always turn out that the user did this or that because "I've never used this thing before" or "I thought it was meant to do this" something similar.

Anyway on subject. We use IE because that is what our group heads decide. I also have Firefox deployed (yes with controls on use) because I prefer it and it is more useful for many of my users.

7-year-old faces M&S Inquisition

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I remember this...

When I was involved in a car accident and was in a coma. My Mum was sorting things out so my bills continued to be paid (I always take out cover for this sort of thing).

The credit card company was a pain. My mum was on the phone to them for 4-5 hours until they finally sorted it out.

The reason? We need to talk to your son before we can do anything. They would not accept the fact that I was in a coma meant I could not come to the phone but that my bills still needed paying.

In contrast the car insurance were no problem at all and helped my Mum to sort out everything and I had money for a new car waiting when I got out of hospital.

BOFH: The secret gentlemen's club

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Degauss on LCD? Just use...

The auto setup feature. Not quite the same but just assume it it some low budjet effect.

Viacom shuns Google's DoubleClick for Microsoft

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Re: Ads? What are those?

They are probably the thing that pays for a lot of sites. Without them would the WWW be what it is today?

I think that hiding ads hurts the smaller sites and only helps the big sites (because they have a better cash flow). You dont have to click them you know.

Supersonic stealth jumpjet rolls off production line

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When did it change from VTOL?

Not red much about planes since I moved out of home and don't get to see any of my brother of fathers materials on planes.

The last thing I remember was that these things were called VTOL (in my opinion it sounds better than STOVL). When did this change?

Paris because I don't know enough.

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When did it become STOVL?

Always thought this was VTOL since I was a kid.

Ah well PH because I am lacking knowledge in this area.