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That's what makes you hackable: Please, baby. Stop using 'onedirection' as a password


Re: Trade deals with the EU

Interesting. A web search for the term seems to indicate a scholarship granting outfit. This leads me to presume (why not) a large number of college winks made great use of that grant money.

Google goes full Anti-Flash-ist, boots Adobe's insecure monstrosity out of web search index


Re: Porn

I'll add Xfinity (aka Comcast) to that list.

THey offer a TV over internet streaming service for web browsers with my internet subscription..

As of last week or so when I checked, they still require Flash to be used in order to

view the garbage they proffer for streaming.

An AI system has just created the most realistic looking photos ever


Re: Those are some impressive results in any case

Yah, that would look great on their upcoming phone games.

What, you no have phone?

Don't – don't – install iOS 9.3 on your iPad 2: Upgrade bricks slabs


One of the dumb lucky ones

For some reason the update installed fine on my ancient Ipad 2 (64GB version) via over


No issue during the process.

Updated from 9. whatever was the prior version.

That said, I've had some apps that normally never hang, do just that since the update.

Sum Ting Wong.

If you read this and have yet to update and are not concerned much about the security issues,

I'd avoid this update until they do a point fix release later.

Cuffed Texan woman holsters loaded gun IN VAGINA


Public Saftey advice for the ladies


If you are so inclined to use your snatch for a firearms (handgun) holster

do so with only a uncocked revolver or with a semi automatic that is

striker fired as in Glock type designs!

If using a revolver make sure it is of modern design that has a hammer


Your precious will be safe and no unexpected discharge.

Keep it snug, girls.

As McAfee runs for US President – we ask a crucial question: Will Reg readers back him?


Just don't take the free SIM card

I'd vote for him, just to shake the GD tree. That coming from my

traditional conservative/ libertarian mindset of past 45 years.

But if he ever offered free SIM cards for everyone that granted free internet

access and free phone service for 'life', I'd decline. Just a word to the wise.

If you do see that offer, invest in a underground bunker.




If you get the reference, gratz.

NASA's Dawn gets intimate with Ceres


Re: Lonely Mountain?

Camilla Smythe


You beat me by 2 hours. I just saw this article and the first

thing that popped into my airy head was that is obviously a


Which was all I was going to say.

Your expansive statement went above and beyond.

Thank you.

Even Hoagland of Pyrimidiots of Mars fame couldn't beat that.

Patch Flash now: Google Project Zero, Intel and pals school Adobe on security 101


And when I checked my FIrefox install on Win 7 it claims that version 16.xx I had installed was

'Up To Date".

Useless information that is wrong, thanks Firefox.

Yah, for those that need to know update, latest version is

I don't know why Firefox Plugin manager can't be bothered to stay up to date in some automated

fashion. My Secunia PSI caught the fact that the Adobe Flash here was out of date.

Don't forget to untick the malware extra bonus addon, Mcafee and grab the 'other versions'

for IE and Chrome. What a effing mess.

Titan falls! Blizzard cancels World of Warcraft successor


Double it.

What? They had Jay Wilson on the team?!?!?!!!!

Why didn't they just double it?

Jay Wilson.

Knows how to have fun.

Double it.

Google recommends pronounceable passwords


FeeFeeFo FeeToA WonAFiTwee.

If you know what that is, you are a racist but you also have a new scheme for making does payswods.

Carbon tetrachloride releases still too high, says NASA



Because George Bush.

Of course.


You've got three days to patch Adobe Flash, Air, Reader


That was my experience with Foxit after years of using it with no issues.

One day a update arrived. I installed it.

A whole nest of adbars were installed on each browser I have on this system, FIrfox(primary)

IE hardly used and Chrome even less used.

In each case I found it impossible to totally remove the adbar. IT returned after reboots on Firefox,

and in the case of chrome I never did figure out how to remove it. IT always returned.

At the time I was using Norton Security, it was of course useless . That prompted me to install

Malware Bytes, it found the adware that it properly listed as a malware.

Removed it and I solved the problem. Note it did require a reboot and ANOTHER run of Malware

Bytes to totally eradicate.

I'll never use Foxit again. I've moved on to Sumatra. I have no idea if it is secure or not but

it works for the PDF's I read so far.

For those that say adbars addons like that are not malware, you are most likely part of the scum bag industry doing that sort of thing. It is malware if it acts like malware.

Brits stung for up to £625 when they try to cancel broadband


Ah, it isn't a problem

Ah, it isn't a problem at that people in general don't bother to read contracts. Nah.

Nor is it a problem that people sign up despite reading the obvious pitfalls in said contract.

Nah, it couldn't possibly be the people.

Like this idiot, elected by a bunch of idiots to represent them:


What can you do, what can you do?

Don't buy said contract or live with consequences of ones stupidity.

Need a US visa, passport? Prepare for misery: Database crash strands thousands


State Department has canned response ready.

What difference, at this point, does it make?

Bugger off.

Cops nab suspect using CREEPY facial recog system


Re: innocent or guilty

RE: Evil Auditor on getting mug shots of 'innocent' people.

Every time I've had my picture taking for :

Texas Drivers License,


Concealed Carry Permit,

Student ID (that was decades ago for me)

Mad Magazine ID.

The government gets my mugshot, in living color. If they have been doing due diligence

over the decades they even have a database of what I looked like 30 years ago.

So, it is NOT surprising they have a mugshot of you, innocent or not.

Texan parks quadcopter atop Dallas Cowboys stadium


Re: A quadcopter by any other name

Re Pete 2.

Yeah, as a resident of Texas I can confirm we do such here.

I provide here our brothers from Arizona practicing maneuvers for such events.


Eagle steals crocodile-cam, records video selfie


Re: NOT "stolen"

Well, how about attaching a camera to a fluffy kitten's paw and staking said kitten's out in a pasture.

Of course you would use light weight yarn to tie the kittens to the stake so as to not harm them.

NASA serves up Curiosity's billion-pixel panorama


Re: It told me 'Click Here' ...

On that same page there is a link pointing to the direct downloadable 'small' version . A mere 150 or so

megabytes for the TIFF format version.

Quite viewable using XNVIEW freeware (for individuals) image viewer to view the image zoom and pan that way.

I was quite disappointed with the online panoramic tool when I went to that site. On my 24" 1920x1200 screen the tiny view box was worse than a waste of my time. I went direct to the direct download to view local.

I don't understand why anyone would not want to view that at the largest size possible.

Forklift fondleslab 'fellas flee with vast haul of iPad Minis at JFK


Dumb and Dumber

First thing that popped into my head when reading this is to look forward

to a upcoming episode of World Dumbest Heists on TruTV (a cable channel here in USA)

featuring the idiots that pulled this off.

How long will it take Apple to find the devices once they are turned on and access a network?


Pity, the criminals these days seem to be dumber and dumber. Course that brings to mind

the article the other day that asserts we humans are dumber than our ancestors from 2000 years ago.


Secunia bets on open information for security growth


Einstein is not happy with this 3.0 beta.

Make it as simple as possible, but no simpler.

I think Einstein would have said that if saw the 3.0 Secunia beta.

Within minutes I had reverted back to 2.x Secunia.

If you are a Secunia PSI user, just be aware this is an intentional design

of Secunia. They seem to think the typical user is too daft to use the information

presented in the 2.x series and is mentally overburdened by seeing anything other

than a white screen with a green shaded equivalent of a smiley face.

I think they figured their next demographic audience is the Xbox and PlayStation

type generation. They could be right. I run into that type all the time on the net, they

are extremely ignorant of PC usage in general. How they even manage to turn them on

is somewhat of a mystery to me...

So, you have been warned. Try it!

Only plus I could see, was the uninstall was as painless as the install. 2.x managed

to remove 3.x and all was good again.

Your Mileage May Vary **

** Distance of measurement used in Texas.

Oh, and if your a PC user and NOT using Secunia, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Without the PCI inspector I'd never keep up with security risk ridden software on my PC.

Yah, most of the time it is Adobe . Go figure.

Thumb Down

Re: Please get busy

I don't have time to mess with something I wont use. V3 is for people who do

not want to know anything. There is NO detail provided byt v3.

V2 provides information on the programs, etc.

I downloaded it, looked at it for 5 minutes and deleted it, went back to v2.

No thank you.

And why the hell a anonymous coward gets posted and my post is not even listed is curious.

I suppose I should not admit I was from Texas. Some Brit bias I suppose.

MasterCard joins Visa in pushing PINs into America


Down here where I buy gasoline in Texas we have to enter the postal zip code

where the credit card is registered in.

In fact, I see this sort of requirement on other CC swiping machines in some other

vendor machinery. One that comes to mind is the RedBox DVD,Blu-Ray dispensing


So that is sort of a primitive pin system already. The thief has to guess or know the

correct zip. Course it is a no brainer if they stole your wallet too.

Whatever pin system they use I hope it is at least one digit deeper than the

mere 4 numbers that is used today.

At the least the system should use a mix of numeric and alphabetic and be 6 chars in


I just pulled the six chars in length out of my ass, but figure it is short enough to remember

and at least long enough to beat the mere 9,999 the current system allows. Less than that

when you consider so many idiots use 11111 and other common numeric sequences,

common ones that idiots use.

Pumped-up radio telescope seeks new moniker



After much thought and a bit of research I ended up with this first effort.





Works for me.

For some reason El Reg insists on screwing up the formatting by inserting double space.

Oh well. That is TWAT if you are suffering from some strange form of blindness.

Dead baby taunting troll feels wrath of law

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Are plasma TVs killing radio?


Ham in Texas is tasty with grits n honey.

The plasma TV my next door neighbors have definitely interfere with my radio 'kit''

Kit being a Kenwood TX480 30khz to 60mhz transceiver.

Most of the interference is on the 'medium wave' bands from 1.6mhz on up through

14mhz. AM broadcast band here in the USA is just around 680khz to around 1.7mhz

and when they fire up the noise maker in the evenings the weaker AM stations can be


Me, I use a LCD 48inch set. Prior to learning about the inherent noise factor

involved with plasma sets I was a fan of that tech for the inherent better contrast.

But, being a radio amateur operator and all means I have an awareness of RFI generating

monster tech. The general public grubs wont' be aware of such issues or even care if they did.


Underground tunnel complexes FOUND ON MOON


Ode to Richard Hoagland.

Replying to Samuel Walker's post above:

There is plenty of evidence of ancient lava activity on the moon right in front of your

face (okay, a good lens set helps). THey are called mares, ancient lava flows.

Those huge bloched areas . Can't miss em.

So, ye olde moon had plenty of ancient lava activity.

So, the aliens came in later and made use of these tubes. That much is obvious.

If only Art Bell was still alive and broadcasting. Such a lost opportunity.

"Let's get drunk and make shit up".

Most browsers silently expose intimate viewing habits




Your post is misleading at best if read in context of the article.

A clip from the above link states quite clearly:

Note: Private Browsing prevents information from being recorded on your computer. It does not make you anonymous on the Internet.

Firefox private browsing feature was and is not a means to prevent the sort of 'exploit'

mentioned in the scary article.

Boffins warn on car computer security risk


Ignorance is bliss

"Independent security expert Ken Tindell has:"

Obviously not seen Terminator 3.

And if you don't get it, you better see it soon. Your life depends on it now.

Microsoft wants pacemaker password tattoos


What is truely sad ...

What is sad about all this is nobody posting has bothered to note WHY we need

such measures. Take note of the state of humanity that you have people out there

SO FUKIN sick as to mess with a person using a life giving device.

So sick as to get their pathetic jollies off by doing so.

I see lots of silly boy outrage directed at those trying to prevent said abuse but where

is the silly boy outrage directed at the total ass-wipes that DO SUCH ACTS?

Course this begs the question is there a documented case of such happening?

THAT would be interesting.

To all you silly boys, sorry but I find your outrage just a bunch of Nancy activity.

Go fark yourselves.

Yours truly, an enraged Texan.

Wii Fit fall woman turns into nympho


Free Wii's for all Ms Bee's.

I can afford to buy a few hunderd of those there Wii thingies to hand out .

Maybe this could be a repeatable 'accident'.

I want to see a episode of BullShit with Penn n Teller doing a re-enactment of the

series of events that led up to this wondrous development.

Death row inmate claims allergy to lethal injection


Direct Injection of Lead

I"m sure he would also be deadly allergic to the method I would prefer to employ.

A direct and sudden injection of lead to his brain case.

I would surmise a dosage of 200 grains would suffice.

Delivery system is far cheaper to boot.

Large Hadron Collider briefly back on over weekend


Don't worry, be happy.

Not to worry.

This will all be fixed up and ready to rock

by 2012.

SO chill.

Firefox update takes down three critical flaws


Puzzled and Confused

Okay, so what are us wankers that are foolish enough to be running the v 3.6 Firefox

released 'some time ago*' to do?

Maybe some clarification is in order, eh? Eh? Eh?

Looking at Mozilla.com main page firefox 3.6 is listed, as it was 'some time ago*' {(c) Vague Inc}

Surprise Adobe update grapples with critical flaws



If you were foolish enough to think this is finally fixed you'd be

stunned to learn otherwise. Stunned if you had just crawled out from

under a rock.

According to Secunia this latest and greatest 'fix' from Adobe clusterf*ck

Systems Inc is just another foil to fool you, dear tool, er user.

Here's a link and everything.

It's not in PDF form so it must be true.


New SOCA chief battles Yes, Minister jibes from MPs


What dolts

WTF, different logins on channel than here?

WHY for farks sake?

Mozilla catches half of Firefox users running insecure Flash


Insane Shooter

Hey, a lot of you fellow Window's users could avoid a lot of headaches involved when keeping

non core applications up to date if you used this:


Secunia scan works great for me. Been using it for some years now. Browser version works fine but I prefer the full (free as in beer) installed version as it does a better scan.

I don't' farking fuss so much over keeping track of the irresponsible jackwads at Adobe and Apple (quicktime nightmare)

And why does thee register have different logins/paswords for this Channel register than on the register site?


and a host of other packages like I used to do. THis tool just lets me have some resemblance

of peace of mind by reminding me something is 'out of date' security wise.

Is it the answer to safe computing? No, but it sure helps me.

Mobile hack shows need for security upgrade

Black Helicopters

Trust no one.

Yet another example of why it is best to plan world domination from the safe confines

of a cave in some remote mountain chain and to eschew all devices that do not revolve

around stone based technology.

MS Zero-day security bug was two years in the making


Pink Ducks

Despite suggestions otherwise, Pinkduck is correct to suspect.

One need not study espionage and signals intelligence operations of nation states for long

to realize such is going on behind your collective backs. It isn't just the USA and NSA by the way.

Plenty of shenanigans to go around. Not to worry.

Nothing to see here , move along now.


Oh, for those interested in reading on this such sort of thing a good place to start, though not end, is Peter Bamford 'The Puzzle Palace' though I do understand later works are about.

Reading up how the Allies won the 2nd World War by using shenanigans and signals intel might lead you to led further down the path of paranoia..

Interesting history.

Meanwhile, you could just ignore all that. Just I'd advise not plotting world domination using your PC or networked devices.


I'm a sceptic now, says ex-NASA climate boss


Death to the infidel

This fellow must be dealt with immediately. Non believer member of the scientific community?

How dare he counter the man made global warming Jack Boot Nazis (TM).

This man must be silenced by them or they will begin to be perceived as Jack Boot Bozos.

US to postpone analog TV death


Washington based idiocy

@ Bloodworth.

Amen to that rant. I agree though I missed the coupons. Not that I need them but who wants

to miss out on freebies, but I applied too late.

That said, it has been far more than a year to prep. I don't know how anyone out there in the

USA here could have missed the fact the digital switchover was going to occur from over 3 years

ago. I made my 'prep' over a year and a half ago by going with a digital tuner display so was ready

well in advance. Been enjoying digital football (with the proper ovoid ball not that silly round Euro ball) ever since.

Delaying the switch over is idiocy.

National Safety Council seeks total* cell-phone driving ban

Thumb Up

Good, and while they are at it...

I'd be happy to see this enacted. Some lives may actually be saved.

While they are at it they should also ban teenagers and then ban idiocy.

Actually, come to think of it, if they would ban the latter first, the former would be covered already.

Not that only teenagers are idiots, but also adults. The banning of idiocy would be all inclusive.

Indian court urged to 'ban Google Earth'


Must not stop there

While they are at it:

They should also ban small boats and the motors that propel them.

Ban all mobile phone devices because they can be used by the terrorists to communicate

over vast distances.

Ban backpacks as they can be used to hide weapons that terrorists can use.

Ban tennis shoes as they can make it so terrorists run fast and are extra nimble.

Ban all cameras so that terrorists can not photo document any areas they are thinking of terrorizing.

Ban panty hose so terrorists can't be stealthy as they conduct their terror campaign.

Ban pens , pencils and writing paper.

I'm sure they will get around to some of that.

Microsoft spits out final XP service pack, beta version

Gates Horns

Praise Allah

In case it wasn't stated often enoiugh let me add my voice to the :

"Windows XP SP3 does not bring significant portions of Windows Vista functionality to Windows XP."


I fully endorse this sentiment even though I'm officially an infidel according to

the 'true believers'.

Vista, you will not be missed. Bon Voyage. May your demise be an early one.

May your mustache rot and fall off.


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