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Microsoft: This Windows 10 build has 'NO significant known issues'


Re: Hallelujah - File Explorer's file path limit is not 256 any more !

Oh we get caught with that all the time.. and it gets better.

File server - folder shared out half way down the tree, users pour files into it.

System can't then back the files up, as it's starting at the top. User: "hey, restore my file please!".....

E3 2015 in a nutshell: Hurry up Hoth, and plenty to Unravel


Umm.. Ghost Recon Wildlands? That was the winner for me.

4K refresh sees Blu-ray climb to 100GB, again


out of interest...

Has anyone seen Netflix in 4K? What's the quality like, with regards to compression? And have you seen what sort of throughput it takes to stream adequately?

Just wondering. Mindful of the fail that is "Sky HD" and their crappy compression.

What to do when the users are watching Nazi dwarf smut at work?



Caught a kid at a school who was trying to be "Mr L33t Haxxor" (mainly, by begging on various forums for someone to teach him how to disrupt the school network). His trail of digital breadcrumbs was quite spectacular.

His crowning glory was that he'd sent some photos to a guy on the web and then gone "hey, I'm only 16 and that's underage!!! Give me money or I'm telling the police you're a paedo!!!". To which his mark had apparently replied "I'm dutch and 16 is legal here - fuck off".

One printout of his activities, and he was summoned to the head teachers office. No more internet for you, sunny jim.



Friend gave me her Dad's PC to have a look at as it was behaving oddly. There was a CD in it, which turned out to be a VideoCD (is it #tbt today?).

Pressed play to see what it was, and was amused to find two attractive young ladies disrobing. Which was all fine and well, until #1 crapped in #2's mouth.

Power off, back across the landing, "sorry, nothing I can do here", door shut.

The last thing I wanted was some totally unexpected visit from the rozzers, and that in my possession at the time.

FTC slaps orders on alleged diet pill spamvertising scam scum



This is going to put so many single moms (who discovered that weird trick) out of business... :(

Windows 10 bombshell: Microsoft to KILL OFF Patch Tuesday


"He also said that the patching system had been updated to allow much tighter control over branch offices and remote users, who may not have decent bandwidth. Patches can be distributed peer-to-peer, and the timing of the installations can be set to ensure update downloads do not interfere with day-to-day operations."

Already does - it's called BranchCache, and has worked with WSUS since 2008. Time of day for installation is a simple group policy setting, been around for years. None of that is new.

BuzzFeed: We don't pull 'articles' due to advertiser pressure VERY OFTEN


Re: Ten bullshit excuses for editorial interventions you won't believe!

That one weird post just won the internet...

I feel so dirty.. :(

'Hackers racked up $$$$s via the Android Play Store, and Google won't pay me back'



"nearly all" without any notification or permission from Harvey herself

In other words, she got carried away...

Eyes on the prize: Ten 23-24-inch monitors for under £150



Sometimes it seems like the internet is just lists of things now.

#5 blew my mind. And I didn't expect what happened at #8...

Dallas Buyers Club doubles down on Oz Torrenters


Piracy is as much as 50%, eh?

50% of what?

Sony tells hacked gamer to pay for crooks' abuse of PlayStation account



One of the reasons I've never (and will never) give MS my credit card for my xbox live account. Pre-paid vouchers all the way. I hope they're available for Sony too?

There's more than one way to back up your data



Yes, you may well employ different switches. It's not just to guide against switch failure - MPIO is multiple path to storage, such as in the case of failed SAN-controller or host nic - these are also in the mix as well as the switch.

You don't /need/ or have to rely on multiple switches - which is what you'd explicitly stated MPIO was. And as the other guy said, some systems will boost performance when they detect multiple paths.



MPIO has nothing particularly to do with Multiple Switches. You can configure it that way, but it's not dependent in the manner you've described it.

Hello Barbie: Hang on, this Wi-Fi doll records your child's voice?



"Hello Sally... did you know, mum and dad will buy you a Happy Meal (on special offer) if you scream at them loud and long enough ?"

Young CHAP CUFFED in Blighty over Xmas Sony and XBOX hacks


Re: excellent

nice one clever clogs.. except he wouldn't be in in prison until after the trial.

That said, who am I kidding. Slap on the wrist, don't do it again, etc etc...



Enjoy your "lolz" in prison, you pissy little miscreant.

Sinclair is back with the Spectrum Vega ... just as rubbish as the ZX



who on earth still has a telly handy that will work on then?

Patch Windows boxes NOW – unless you want to be owned by a web page or network packet



If you have KB2990214 installed, you'll also be offered Windows 10 Technical Preview - yes, as part of Windows Updates.... the cure to get rid of being, reinstall base OS from scratch.

Microsoft buys Minecraft for $2.5bn. Notch: I'm getting the block outta here


Re: Poor Notch...


Impressed at your ability to be so protective over your toys (while kicking your own personal ones out of the pram) and pissed-off at the developer actually getting paid for something you admit you've stolen.

Err.... *slow-hand-clap* ?

The man who found Atlantis: 14PB of storage, flashy models and Moore's Law



"As the founder of Atlantis, he provided a great background to Atlantis"

I guess if he couldn't, then no-one can...



6 Obvious Reasons Why Facebook Will Ban This Article (Thank God)



OMG.. Point #6 in this article blew my mind!!!

That aside, FB perhaps a bit unhappy that other shitty-ad-networks are stealing a slot of their revenue?

Assange™: Hey world, I'M STILL HERE, ignore that Snowden guy



Unable to visit the local nightclubs for 2 years, that'll explain his poor eyesight then...

Murder accused DIDN'T ask Siri 'how to hide my roommate'



.. he sounds like a right genius.

Hope the feds checked his instagram - probably a filtered pic of him grinning next to the body... :(

Windows Registry-infecting malware has no files, survives reboots


Re: "a tool Microsoft uses to hide its source code from being copied"

For those that missed it in the article....

"To prevent attacks like this, anti-virus solutions have to either catch the initial Word document before it is executed (if there is one), preferably before it reached the customer's email inbox."

Microsoft: You NEED bad passwords and should re-use them a lot


cheap trick...

And I stress the term "cheap "here... As most phishing is done in batch, it's unlikely system looking for the same password on multiple sites is going to work this out. A human might have a bit more luck, if they were determined.. But anyway....

Think of a passphrase - eg, "I was born in England in the 70s", something you're unlikely to forget. Take the initial letters and numbers, "IwbiEit70s"

That's your seed and to anyone reading it it's meaningless. Now, decide on a couple of characters to always swap in your phrase, say the second and fourth and stick to that. You'll always be swapping those letters for the second and fourth letters of the website the password is used at. So for eBaY, it becomes "IbbiEyt70s". For aMaZon, it's "ImbiEzt70s". For fAcEbook, "IabiEet70s". To anyone grabbing it, it looks like a random password, but you know the system. Yes, there will inevitably be some collisions, but it's better than having the same absolutely everywhere.

Also, you're unlikely to forget a password ever again - if you can remember your ebay one, you can remember your amazon one..

OMG, sorry about 'poor comms' on Facebook secret emoto-meddle tests. Laters!



Fixed that for you:

"Sorry we got caught. But what are you gonna do - leave us? Shut up and keep clicking..."

Running Cisco's VoIP manager? Four words you don't want to hear: 'Backdoor SSH root key'



...meant for Cisco support reps *and our trusted partners*

... wink wink...

Today in IT news: iPad Fleshlight a reality


Re: well...

I think I just may have meant stimulator, rather than simulator.. .although the fleshlight is the simulator of course...



"The work of fiction below shows a woman who doesn't appear to be horrified about her partner owning a plastic orifice simulator."

.. I've met very few women who don't own up to having a "plastic orifice simulator". Why should it be so different for men?

Code Spaces goes titsup FOREVER after attacker NUKES its Amazon-hosted data



Surely a call to Amazon could have resulted in a total lockdown once they knew they were under threat? A freeze of snapshots and an inability to remove history would have been a good place to be, if such things are possible in AWS...

Seems like they tried to fight the attackers single-handed and lost?

Shitty turn of events tho.. there's some right c*nts out there, sure enough..

People will happily run malware if paid ONE CENT – new study



Users earned a gold star by running it in a VM... so they could possibly analyse it..?

... or more likely, get round the limitations of earning higher payouts, by being excluded because they'd taken part in the earlier cheaper ones...

Ukrainian teen created in lab passes Turing Test – famous nutty prof



..since when was talking a sign of thinking anyway?

I come out with some right shite at times, which all but proves I don't have a fucking clue.



How hard can it really be to impersonate a 13yo boy on the internet?

From what I hear on Xbox Live, it's a very limited vocabulary, mainly consisting of assertions about everyone else's mothers and their sexuality...

How I poured a client's emails straight into the spam bin – with one Friday evening change



Your biggest mistake was flipping the switch and walking out the door leaving it unattended all weekend. For something so critical, that was a huge fail.

"A bit of testing" never works out the same once the users start clattering it. For something as mission-critical as email, it's something to do and stick around to watch for a good while.

Oh, wow. US Secret Service wants a Twitter sarcasm-spotter



Sarcasm detectors... yeah, that'll work...

Readers' choice: What every small-business sysadmin needs



Clearly, the only tool any of us need is Dan1980 then.....

FCC seeks $48K fine from mobile phone-jamming driver


Re: Yo, Jason!

Restricting it to the cellular bands is a great idea. Until your wife goes into labour in the car, or another passenger is in need of the emergency services. You haven't really thought that one through have you...

Just because it's dangerous doesn't mean a blanket ban on anyone in need of a communications device is the solution.

Storage management tools SUCK. We're getting what we pay for


out of interest...

Has anyone ever come across a software virtual-SAN, by which I mean a service running that for example emulates EMC hardware so it can be used for training with EMC toolset?

While we have production and DR arrays, neither are really suitable for bringing new folks up to speed (yes, we do send people on training courses, this was just kind of a wish-list sort of thing).

Even something that back-ends SMI-S would be good, doesn't necessarily have to be EMC specific I guess.

Heartbleed exploit, inoculation, both released


Re: **facepalm**

You are aware that there are IDS rules to detect large-packet TLS responses specifically to spot Heartbleed then? No? Oh...

The fact that it's encrypted doesn't come into it.

Dropbox nukes bloke's file share in DMCA brouhaha – then admits it made a 'HASH OF IT'



Hashes also useful as a de-dupe mechanism. Why store the same file a million times, if it really is identical? (Here's hoping for no hash collisions in that case then...tho of course second-level could always kick in with multiple hashes with different-schemes to try and ensure a difference)

Returning a laptop to PC World ruined this bloke's credit score. Today the Supreme Court ended his 15-year nightmare



What's s modem ?

EE...K: Why can't I uninstall carrier's sticky 'Free Games' app?



Not just Samsung. Appeared on my Sony Z1, which is why I sent you the story a week ago.. .ahem...

Cops bang up 'drunk, naked' Virginian



I think you'll find that ultimately, she didn't get her collar felt.

Well, not by her partner, anyway...

Florida bloke cuffed for pit bull shag outrage



EIGHT, at his house?? What was this, some sort of doggy-brothel?

Apple to grieving sons: NO, you cannot have access to your dead mum's iPad


So basically, you're just renting your iDevice... it's not yours to leave to anyone in the event of your death.

Nice bit of PR there.

Microsoft to get in XP users' faces with one last warning



I hope there's a group policy setting we can use to disable that warning. I bet there's a lot of helpdesks gonna get a lot of calls from worried users if not.

Yep, we do still have a couple hundred on XP, the tens of thousands are on win7 - yay for legacy compatibility (and yes, this is being addressed).

Reg HPC man relives 0-day rootkit GROUNDHOG DAY


Re: err...

You're asking how to protect against your disk-backups being corrupted? How about a non-live backup that can't be live-edited? There's this stuff called tape y'know..... it had been quite popular over the years... There's also one-time snapshots, volume shadow copies, previous versions...



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