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Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

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I thought I was talking to cowboys, then realised, they're Indians

What a waste of time the whole cocker-picking thing is. I've not had any type of service (BBand or TV) for days...so all your problems for the past 24hrs or so are peanuts.

Tried ringing faults and they hadn't a clue, just told me to reboot the set-top box and they would send a signal. Do they think I'm stupid, Im a computer technical engineer...work with networks day in day out. First thing I did was reboot...waste of time. The kit they use/supply are ALL reconditioned and are a minimum of 8years old (I have contacts who previously worked at NTL - they dished the dirt).

I've spoken with complaints as the Indians can just about speak English so they've no chance doing anything technical. Speaking to complaints...hurrah..English!!! I got the head honchos name - the MD of Virgin Media and postal address. There is a VERY VERY strong worded letter on its way to him. I don't hold my breath for anything back, let alone compensation for loss of service and earnings as I am self employed and need the BBand connection 24x7. If I get no joy I'll then be taking the complaint further...why should I pay for NO service..either from kit or support? I'll keep you posted.

Should I create a web site titled something like VirginMediamyarse , perhaps then I can tell the world and his wife how useless the "premium" service they advertise actually is.


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