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Animal rights group protests seal clubbing in World of Warcraft


I read that title...

And thought - Seal clubbing - in WoW?

PS3 DVR add-on launch delayed


@Digital Cable Anyone?

Can't be done. Not legally anyway.

Cable Company specific set-top boxes generally use encryption.

I just hope that the announcement that we won't be able to transfer video to other devices only applies to the US.


Secret of invisibility unravelled by US researchers

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Metal Gear Paintball!!

Also, does this mean paint and dyes will be a restricted weapon on the battlefield?

DisplayPort to do DVI to death, analyst claims

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Another plug to confuse people.

I'll stick to HDMI until such time as I can see a need to switch.

How an app called WarmTouch nailed a grenade-stockpiling cyber extortionist


I hate April Fools Day, in a way

It's the one day of the year that I actually check the facts of a story.

In a way, AFD on the net is more of an education, in that we should all check the facts on a story, rather than going of half-cocked and reacting.

I would just like to thank The Register (and indeed, all the other great websites that participate in this AFD japery) for providing such a good education.

As for the article, I was about to write it off as another AFD joke, but a little facts checking (And checking the date/time it was posted - little late for AFD) dissuaded that.

I would be quite interested in using this to have a look at some of my emails as well. It could be quite a good corporate tool.

The internet: Increasing paranoia one AFD at a time.

3rd Space FPS gaming vest


Better yet

I remember reading about this a while ago.

I reckon, if you have dive tanks, hook them up instead of the compressor and up the pressure a little.

Best of all, no waiting for the pressure to build up, and no compressor noise. Should last quite a while.

Will they be coming out with a helmet for head shots and underwear for the below the belt shots?

Microsoft codes leap year bug into Exchange 2007


Easy Fix

Declare Feb 29th a holiday. Turn off all the servers. :)=)

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon


I remember this a year(ish) ago....

There was a news article about this, they even had an mp3 of the noise. The comments section was littered with people over the age of 25 who could hear it. I was one of those that could.

There was a follow up article a couple of weeks later stating that school kids were using it as a ringtone, as the teacher couldn't hear it in class.

'Tofu' license pits open source against meat

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Hippies in the Code??

I'm sorry. I really do not understand. A script that is politically correct? Suck my what?

There is no ambiguity/judgement in a script. A script does what it is told to do. F**K the hippies.

My scripts (In what ever language) EAT MEAT!!!! (then they have pudding.)

Man uses networked 'crazy' toaster to hack PC


Apparently the upgrade.....

Is to include a HDD and a BitTorrent client.


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