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Virgin Media network collapses nationwide


Virgin Woes

This had nothing to do with IP address assigment nor a failed fibre link.A national network doesnt have a single point of failure nor one core switch through which all traffic is routed.NTL/Virgin have mutliple CSMT`s and UBR`s all over the country that diffrent neigbourhoods connect to according to there location.Behind those UBR`s is there DHCP`s.Its not possible for every one of these hop on points to fail at the same time.This sounds to me like a bad update to the modems/setop boxes that was rolled out prior to testing.Can i be bothered to check the DOCSIS report to find out.. i doubt it.Am i used to this new Virgin mess absolutely.Will i leave? Not likely as im cabled and BT open reach now that there franchised off charge handsomely to patch a line in.Who loses out? The consumer.. Oh well good ol Richard Branson.


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