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SATA Revision 3.0 released

Paris Hilton


That's why you should use good Sata cables with clips :)

Paris because her receptacle accepts any connector.

Sony takes on iPod Touch with Walkman X

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Oh dear

They should employ me as the product technical designer, then at least they would be in the running for a good product.

In fact, if I'm too pricey, they could employ my manbag cat Tiddles .. she has a keen eye for things like this.

Paris cuz she could be my manbag pussy if Tiddles goes to work for Sonny .. err Sony

Take-Two sues over death of Duke Nukem Forever



I was looking forward to that game :(

Microsoft rebrands WGA nagware for Windows 7

Thumb Up

Fair enough

WGA is one of the reasons I've removed almost every single trace of Microsoft from my company. An estimated £15k a year saving and we are happier and more productive as a result.

US lawmaker wants health warnings on video games

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What about the proven link between violence and eating bread? Most violent people eat bread, not all people who eat bread are violent but there is definately a link there somewhere.

Paris because she has a better grasp on reality than these idiots.

How the Google stole Christmas



What adverts?

Florist kicks up a stink about false phish alarm



That'll teach 'em for using html email.

Native-Linux music player Amarok gets major overhaul


The worm turns

As ever, developers try to push more and more functionality into applications whilst forgetting that the simple to use applications are the most accepted. I'll stick to 1.4 - it does exactly what I need and works with all my portable devices, it's clean and intuitive... no need to change.

Dell launches monster quad-core notebook



Might just about run Vista with everything turned on...

New Symbian launches mobile free-for-all

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Yea, that's for apps that aren't signed already - try using that method on say .. rotateme2 by Samir. Samir has protected his copyright by signing it - and this stops you from installing the application due to the way Symbian operate their nanny signing system. It requires I get a dev certificate to do it - for which you pay cash to the craphole company trying to fleece the customers who have bought phones and own them outright... I still don't need their crappy OS restrictions but I have to live with it until I can change - that is soon thankfully :)

Paris because - well, it's Paris! - she probably has shares in Symbian.

Paris Hilton


yea, it can do things other 'OSes' can only dream about and its users can only 'dream' about owning the damn phone this crap is installed on.... if you own a Symbian OS phone and want to install apps that are rightly signed by freeware devs for copyright reasons - but kept free? .. you can't unless you or the dev pays some shitty tax to Symbian for a certificate. All this is twisted under the guise of 'protecting the phone user' .. bullshit.

If it were that simple, Symbian would operate a sign off process where the owner of the phone agrees to waive any warranty or help if they install stuff that hoses the phone ... I for one do not need to be told that it's possibly too dangerous to allow me to do what I want, unless I pay £250 - whereby it magically becomes ok to do so.

Same old nannying crap, the OS is dead, buy something else that doesn't stamp on freedom of choice and allows you to own the bloody phone in the first place.

Not everyone is as stupid with technology as the Symbian management, where you have techno-retards advising normal techno-savvy people.

So sod off Symbian, you can only dream of being as free and useful as other 'OSes' because your product line model is shite.

Paris because she is about as useful as a Symbian powered phone.

Congress accuses American Phorm of 'beating consumers'


Google is different..

At least google provides something in exchange which is more useful than advertising alone (completely useless anyway imho, I haven't seen an ad I didn't want to see for over 2 years now and counting)... going under the guise of being a benefit is just corporate bollocks.

Sod them all as they know fuck all. I bet the CEO of NebuAd has been the victim of adware from the CEO of Phorm at some point. Throw them to the lions if the lions can stomach eating sub human scum for breakfast.

Bloke crams 13 into Volvo S70



9 in a Triumph Herald back in the late 80's - times were hard and not everyone could afford walking to the local pub.

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


@working from home

They have thought about that, it's called a business line, the T&C's clearly state that using the home broadband product for business activities is not allowed.

AMD now has 'more than allegations' against Intel




| O

| --|--

| /


Intel ____ ___, AMD _____

P please bob

'Rowdy' rectal extraction op vid hits YouTube



It was some sort of ritual involving a can of Haze?

American ISPs already sharing data with outside ad firms

Dead Vulture


I've just realised I haven't seen an unwanted advert on the internet for about a year.


Mmmm, savoury

Enraged vegan spitroasts Reg hack



She was obviously longing to sink her teeth into something - at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what pedestal she sits cross legged atop; I for one am above her on the food chain.

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic

IT Angle


FWIW we don't elect PM's, we elect political parties.

IT Angle

He's gonna be annoyed

When he next attempts to fly to the USA - he'll be refused entry if his info is still recorded. Removing his info is next to impossible and has happened to a few people.

French motorwonk savages hybrid cars

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Maybe not in a lot of states; but I've witnessed a practice prevalent in Nevada whereby shoppers park up in the local Wallmart or precinct and leave the engine running whilst they go for a good old shop/hoof manicure. The only reason being - it keeps the aircon running for their return. Presumably it helps to keep their choc ices cold for the journey home.

EU to ban the patio heaters that ate the planet. Not.


Why not

vented patios - heat rises after all. Outside a pub you could use a heated vent system that would make the air rise and also take smoke with it.. maybe using hot air from dryer exhausts or MEP's buried below it.

One could also fuel it with bigots or other people who believe that the UK reducing their carbon footprint to zero will make any difference to the overall figure.

I'm glad I live in a small hamlet where nobody is kicked outside a pub for anything, let alone smoking (ventilated btw) and god forbid an MEP should come in and make a fuss, they'd end up in a pig feeder the next day.

Pirate Bay hits ten million peers, one million torrents

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I find more amusing is that people actually want to watch the drivel that is produced by Hollywood nowadays... I'm sick and tired of the Tom and Jerry approach to all films produced where the good guy wins (cue floaty music) all kids survive (and perhaps have a hand in or solve) the destruction of Earth or similar.

Balls to them.

It's about time they produced a movie whereby nice guys died, kids get killed and the dodgy bloke with the bat gets off scott free.

Films like that would never make a dime in HAmerica however as they are devoid of reality and thought... they prefer to leave the Cinema happy and knowing good triumphs over evil, at least until they get carjacked on the way out.

Banksy artwork tops £200k on eBay

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I call it, at least it's more eye pleasing than the burger flipping paint dribbling scum which usually attempt to make a point .. if only it could be read and understood perhaps. I have seen a couple of pieces which aren't easily found *hint..be on a boat*

If all graffiti was as objective, opinionated and satirical as his ... ah well it ain't gonna happen unfortunately, you'll all have to get used to the bland 'sigs' and uninformed crap.

My favourite local effort is "Socity sucks" .. yea well done muppet.

Paris because I wnt to see Banksy do a Paris motif!

Is it or isn't it? Brown keeps bottling the ID card question

Jobs Horns

and I kid you not

CD data transfer in light of the fiasco recently is to be encrypted with Winzip.

UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban

Paris Hilton


So you make nmap illegal, which ironically is a tool used by both criminal and security activities. .. The security people can't use it due to the law and the criminals will just stop using it also? Utter nonsense, I wish the government would employ people who actually know the difference between reality and stupidity instead of just asking a 'suit' for an uninformed opinion.

Ultracrepidarians the lot of them. (including Paris)

US woman launches 'Taserware' parties


I feel like I'm 6 feet tall and 250 pounds.

Sooo... it makes her feel taller then?


Britney's new album title - can you help?


Britney Spears

Bigger, Better, Balder

UK mulls drink-drive limit cut


Re: Missed proposal

"So which is more dangerous : a 18 year old with >80mg of blood and driving like a lunatic or an 18 year old steering a 24 ton, 72 foot narrowboat at about 3mph?"

Put it this way - I can stop my 58 foot narrow boat with my hands but I wouldn't want to try and stop an 18 year old doing 80mph in a car...

Channel 4 refuses to pull Diana crash pics


Sauce and Geese

Firstly: Yup, I'd like for Julian (Head of programmes) to be in the midst of his own sad little tale, I'd be there if I could snapping every detail for the tosser and bring it up for all to see every 6 months for the next decade, just to see how he likes it.

If as he claims, sensitivity was the prime factor he'd pull the bloody docu-repeatery and get on with some real journalism instead of joining the tired old worn out bandwagon.

I for one am sick to the back bloody teeth of hearing about this woman. 10 years for gods sake! She meant nothing to me at all and still doesn't... acknowledged that she means something to someone, but really, it's over the top.

She is dead, leave it alone.


Poisonous spiders invade Britain



My (fairly unused) garage has hundreds of them camping in and around the roofing. I first noticed them after I moved in 4 years ago. (Bristol area)

Google snubs St George - again


Re: Learn from the Irish

Sounds like the average Saturday in our village..

US teen jailed for school's daylight-saving cock-up


Grammar Police + Thesaurus National Guard

I think they should look into the classification of WMD, or are they suggesting a thermonulcear or atomic bomb threat was phoned through?

Sounds as though the investigation was somewhat hasty.

Sex with dead deer is illegal, US man finds



He sounds like a fan of jerked meat.

BA upgrades corpse


Maybe it;s just me

I'd not be bothered by it at all.