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Swiss cheesed off after Apple store iPhone does Samsung Galaxy Note 7 impersonation

alex cee

Re: No one else picked up on this?

No I raised an eyebrow at that. While I'm glad it potentially stopped further damage and harm to people, It does suggest some sort of training or preparation has been done for this kind of event.

Brit expats aghast as Denmark bans Marmite

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Vikings like Marmite and Vegemite

"Neither Marmite nor Vegemite and similar products have been banned by the Danish Food And Veterinary Administration. However, fortified foods with added vitamins, minerals or other substances can not be marketed in Denmark unless approved by Danish food authorities."

from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration http://tinyurl.com/3rqr3jd

Apple seeks patent for keyboard that sucks

alex cee

Yes but

does it have a bloody '#' key?

Virgin Media says sorry over Superhub snafu

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@VM Customer Service

Totality agree. Its just a shame the only way to get UK based support from VM is to ring retentions and tell them your leaving! They soon put you through to someone in the uk.

In fact it is the only way I can get to speak to the techs in Liverpool.

I refuse to upgrade my 20Mb/s with modem to 30/50/100Mbs untill this superhub situation is sorted out. Virgin media could solve the whole situation by:

A) Giving its custormers the option of a modem or superhub

B) Selecting a better network hardware manufacture than netgear (cisco would be good, after all they make the virgin tivo box)

C) Forcing netgear to release a modem only firmware for the superhub

But instead they want us to shut up and put up, if we dont like it we have to cancel the contract.....

Albuquerque shopper samples free man oysters

alex cee

How did she know to call the police?

she must have experienced the taste before, otherwise how did she know it wasn't just salty Greek yoghurt?

Court slaps down coppers in photography case

alex cee

But who will....

"Present were members both of the police Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) and supporters of FitWatch, which has undertaken to watch the watchers."

But who will watch the watchers watching the watchers?

WTF because I wish I was taking the piss.

Authentic Navy rum: Yours for £600 a bottle

alex cee

Seems cheap....

....compared to some of the other things on that site:


They sell a Glenfiddich 1937 single malt whiskey for an eye watering £50,000!!!

Cops raid Gizmodo editor in pursuit of iPhone 4G 'felony'

alex cee

We should remember this for the future!

Note to self: Buying stolen apple prototypes and releasing the info on the web in the country of origin is not a good idea. Instead once purchased get it UPS'd to another contry and spill the beans there.

I swear if these fanbois had common sense.........

Police send Reg hack CRB check database

alex cee

The reg staff have nothing to lose

The reg staff have nothing to worry about then!

They are near enough useless when it comes to resolving crimes anyway!

BOFH-making bug plugged in D-link update

alex cee

Only german?

Why is this only in German? what about the rest of the world?!?

does this mean that only the Germans get a fix!?!

I wouldn't care that much but I own one of the affected routers! and I live in england not germany!

2016 bug hits Windows phones

alex cee

werid I'm ok.....

I have a HTC touch diamond that is fine. Stock rom and everything!

Infact I got a text shortly before I read this story, and the text had a 05/01/10 date like it should have!

Bus driver becomes Julius Andreas Gimli Arn MacGyver Chewbacka Highlander Elessar-Jankov

alex cee


.............its still not as long as Glastonbury teenager whos called 'Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined.'


TomTom UK and Ireland

alex cee

What happends when.....

......somebody calls you during use of the tomtom navigation software?

I would be interested to see how the Iphone handles this....

Ofcom website takes second day off

alex cee

if the regulator cant get a decent connection....

.....What chance of us mere 'morals' stand of getting one? :-(

iPhone rescue girl gets head stuck down bog

alex cee
Jobs Horns

You can even buy 'poo girl' hoodies!

"She went to get changed and she stayed for the rest of the festival - but she said she felt paranoid as she thought people would be nasty about the incident.

"It did spoil it a little bit."

"She was a bit distressed when she came home but I told her not to take it to heart and I think she's able to laugh it off now."

"I can't believe how big the story has become. You can even buy 'poo girl' hoodies!"



NSA offering 'billions' for Skype eavesdrop solution

alex cee

WTF is the reg playing at?

I mean your bassicly making suggestions to the various government security agencys about buiying skype to introduce a backdoor! Let those bastards do there own job!

We have enough trouble with them and privacy as it is!

I dont use skype but I might now I know they cant easily eves drop! not that I'll ever be of any interest to them.....

Channel 4 in Heathrow Playmobil reconstruction shocker

alex cee

They say....

........that imitation is the best form of flattery!!

But i'm glad you lot picked this up! I honestly I thought that I was going mad when I first saw this on Channel 4!

BT seals free Digital Vault

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@Leslie Greenhalgh

"Or alternatively you could just use MSN Skydrive for free" and have Microsoft do it to you instead of BT

Thats the problem with all this 'cloud' computing bs. Once a company decides its not feasible any-more and pulls the plug to your data that has taken you years to accumulate!

Thieves take out Cable & Wireless centre

alex cee

@Jamie our substation earthing cables got nicked as well!

On top of this, Our substation earthing cables got nicked a few weeks back, and we where without power from about 5PM to 2AM!!

'EDF representative, Tracey Sparling, said:"Unfortunately EDF Energy had to isolate supplies to several thousand customers in Watford at 6.22pm yesterday because vital earthing equipment was stolen from four 132,000 volt grid transformers."'


Force listeners onto DAB by killing FM

alex cee

nothing but crap....

Overlooking all of DABs problems, the real issue here is that there is bugger all to listen to!

When I'm in or around London I'm in tune to an fm pirate because they are the only ones who cater to my musical tastes. The commercial radio that makes up 95% of the dab band is utter shite to say the least!

Apple chucks PA Semi at Jesus Phone

alex cee

Apple the new Microsoft??

My gut feeling with with taking chip production in house, is that they are going to screw up in a similar way to Microsoft with the original Xbox360 chip sets.

All of this xbox360 red ring of death business is down to the gpu overheating which many believe is down to the cheap, Microsoft-designed gpus.

Apple are a software company not a hardware company just like Microsoft. Chipsets are insanely difficult to perfect and take years of many peoples experience and expertise. You don't see HTC or Sony making there own chips in house and there's a reason for that!

so Apple I think your going to shoot yourself in the foot with this, but saying that I thought the same about the original iphone and its lack of features.....

alex cee

@Henry Cobb

beat me to it!

Fixing the UK's DAB disaster

alex cee

Dab has failed beacuse of greed

Dab is a failure beacuse of the

lack of content,

lack of bandwith,

lack of quality.

The only party who can really be blaimed is offcom.

Given a choice between an FM radio and a DAB radio, I would choose FM without a doubt. Why? Beacuse FM has more content I want to listen to (i.e pirates playing music genres that are neglegted my the majority of commercial radio stations) FM has a more robust and rerliable signal when compared with dab (this is more than likley why in car DAB hasnt taken off). FM also has better quality of audio than the bitrates being used my most DAB stations.

If the bbc are serious about saving DAB they need to put pressure on offcom to pull their fingers out and stop using it as away of draining cash out of people........

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

alex cee
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lsproc what's your problem? I am just getting my moneys worth!

They should not offer deals that are not financially viable for them.......

alex cee

Get on the phone and threaten to leave!

Get on the phone and threaten to leave and they will beg you to stay and offer you a retentions deal saving you a few quid each month.

Virgin media get a lot of stick, which some of the time is deserved but they are a hell of a lot better than than majority of ADSL providers! and thats in terms of speed, customer service, availability, oh and the fact you dont have to rely on BTs ancient copper line infrastructure!


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