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Parcel bods Hermes become latest London drone delivery droogs

Terry Kiely

But how will they.....Oh Yes, I get it..

how will they ensure the expected partial destruction of any item delivered?? Developing the AI and Big Data stuff to get little Ar$2 here able to fling the item down the path must have been fun! I can only presume that after parcel launch the little tinker will motor after the parcel and run it over a few times?

Bosch, you suck! Dyson says VW pal cheated in vacuum cleaner tests

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Apple Mac Pro: It's a death star, not a nappy bin, OK?

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Dell service

No win/mac bashing here, I use both for the purpose at hand! My

custom fully SSD'd and 24G ram HP XW6600 blows the pants off

my mate's new dell precision and while BOFFHing my clients servers

I use my old faithful MBP just cos it has the best RDP client and screen!

I had a great demo of Dell service when I worked

In a computer shop. A customers broken PC was still

In warranty so I gave them coffee and went out back

To call dell. Repair arranged I had a quick Pee and returned

To the counter to find another customer ( I assumed) waiting.

I told my first customer that dell would be out to fix his machine

Next day. "No they won't" piped up new man, "I am here already!"

It was like Fu**ing Mr Ben, he had appeared as if by magic!!

Turns out he was buying chips next door and was diverted by

A very location aware CS!!

Cash-strapped students hungrily eye up old, unloved racks

Terry Kiely

Workstation Bargains!!

Loads of XW6600 and T5500s around Ebay right now, brilliant kit for £200!!!

I am just configging(?!? new word?) one with dual X55xx xeons and 16Gb of ram for a customer who is getting this for the price of a bland pc from the shops!

To use a motoring analogy, why buy a new super-mini when you can have a two year old XKR?

plus!- just found this one still has a year of 24/7 warranty remaining!!! now where are those six SSDs???

How I BLEW my co-workers' HEADS OFF ... without going to jail

Terry Kiely

Round things are the worse!!!

It's always a mistake for a company to introduce self branded round objects for publicity! you know the kind of things I mean, Company branded mouse Mats and stress balls have both played a huge part in the 'fun' moments of my career!!!

I worked for a Dot-com boomer who introduced bright orange stress balls to give away at InfoSec. Some fool left a couple of sacks in the Office and soon the (rather brilliant) coders, all full of mighty brains and PHds etc, were squeezing away as they rocked back and forth deep in C++ thoughts.

Off course, in true BOFH style, when the sys-admin dept were given cubicles on the same floor, it wasn't long before resistance broke down and a pre-emptive strike was launched on one guy seen to shut his eyes just a little longer than one would while working on an issue---yes he had dozed off!!

This was a bad move when every dev had half a dozen stress balls on their desk and 'one up the spout' ie in the hand, within a moment there was mayhem!!! 20 straight laced super boffin coders acted as one and sysadmin were pinned down!!! still, we had our own sack full waiting ;-) what a day!!!

Then there was the time that only 15 years later I can look back on and smile!

I ran a large config lab in the City in charge of building tons of kit, and being a terrible Manager I occasionally joined in the war of the mouse mats. These were round, hard and flew with incredible speed.

I still remember the feelings of joy as I launched a good 30 yarder at an assailant who had just twonked me on the head with a well aimed shot, then the feelings of fear as he ducked!!

It felt like time slowed as I watched my missile head inexorably straight towards the red 'Break Glass' fire alarm button behind him!! Brain to self-'No WAY could I hit that.....'

I can't remember the excuse I gave to the CEO as 550 people sauntered out onto City Rd but I am sure it was top grade BOFH stuff!!!.................Legend!!!!!


Terry Kiely

all fine here, no slowdown???

Netflix fine and Lovefilm too, At the same time!!!

Call me cynical but seems like a great publicity stunt for all involved???

but well done to the hard working admins slaving to fix everything, thanks guys and gals

don't SPAM me over this :-D

coat already taken and left the building

Apple eyes phallic iPhone, iPod charger

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I have enough trouble remembering to plop my phone into the RothDock or to plug in it's own charger before going to bed!

cant imagine waking up to think. Ar$3! forgot to wind cable 27 times round the pole and balance the left ear plug upside down on the iHole last night!

mines the one with the emergency solar charging panels to power phone on way to work

Apple kills MacBook, soups up MacBook Air

Terry Kiely

back to black

My Black macbook is one of the best computers I have owned and that is quite a lot of machines of all shapes and sizes. Sorry to see the demize of an under rated classic. The build quality is excellent and even with only 2gb ram, its core2d in that classy, tough bodyshell runs like the wind even after 3 years and looks different enough to raise eyebrows on the train.....especially when the owners see it running windows 7 and really fast too!

My 17" MacBook pro used to be jealous of his lesser sibling but now he is happy. He runs windows even faster

Boffins build nanowire lasers from nappy-rash cream

Terry Kiely

Gotta be said


Shine a light!

Aussie retailer accuses UK shops of HDMI 'scam'

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Blatant trolling :)

The thing we are all forgetting is that obviously an expensive Apple branded cable is beter than anything!

Troll grenade dropped and running away.................

Feds crack multi-million scareware ring

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easy to fix

try 'combofix'

takes ten mins and strips this rubbish (and a lot of others) out while cleaning up your registry

hats off to Combofix writers

Porridge for Ofcom IT boss in £500k software fraud

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Forgot to pay the PFY his cut?????????

Out of this World science fiction exhibition

Terry Kiely

100 years of science fiction illustration

try the above by Tony Frewin

great book, totally overlooked in the past

he was Stanley Kubrik's right hand man, see where AI came from?

mine's the one with the Krell metal pockets......... OOOOO Full Krell Metal Jacket :)

Dropbox snuffs open code that bypassed file-sharing controls

Terry Kiely

Open Source

I feel sad to see this attempted con passed off with the excuse that 'open source' makes it ok

Guess GIThub is a good name

Virgin extends 100Mb/s broadband reach

Terry Kiely


given the ten thousand students in the town I shall expect at least 1.5mbs then

How I saved the Macintosh

Terry Kiely

Oh the memories!

wonderful artical, very interesting and how it took me back!

I was site engineer for Watmoughs sheetfed litho plant in St Albans, great guys producing the highest quality work available at the time on 6 colour MAN Roland presses which were controlled from a huge star trek style console which hid a tiny 286 pc inside.

We had traditional typrsetters working wonders with string and sticky tape but in the mid 90s got three MAC IIlx machines. Looking back they were indeed primative but did great things very quickly. At the same time we got pcs for the office linked to head office in Bradford. I remember the opinions that were expressed that the macs were good but the PCs were amazing. Different tools for different jobs though (no pun intended) I cant help thinking that if Apple had nailed the email and WP market as well as they did the DTP we would be using different machines today.

We were bought out in 97 but my interest in those Macs led to a new career in IT support, of course going through the whole windows cert stuff. 13 years later I have the best of both worlds, 75 users on Macs with a Windows server farm. Frustrating? ~VERY, interesting?~ always :)

thanks for a great read.

Unarmed Royal Navy T45 destroyer breaks down mid-Atlantic

Terry Kiely

Oh Dear!

"In most situations the most useful capabilities of a Type 45 would reside in her embarked helicopter and possible party of Royal Marines."

We could have saved so much money then, I bet an old Woolwich Ferry could field 3 Helicopters and hundreds of RMs!

MS preps service pack blocker tool for Windows 7, Server 2008 R2

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Steve nuked my Macs

and he didn't give me a choice, just smoothly invited me to go through software download and 'take it......'

I 'suspect' Macs, but now have to support them on a 75:1 ratio to win machines :(

In this week of harmony I have seen my workstations taken to a new level of 'diferentness' and my few, only kept for novelty, servers to 'doomed, and we don't give a f*** how much they cost' !

I am kinda non-plussed........ I hated them when told I had to support them, and now hate the supplier for dumping the poor little, trendy, shiny, use**ss b**stards when they are beyond the Profit, ooooops pale!

when MZ gets his way, this will be automatically be added to my cv when I email it and I will never work with Macs agai........................UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Facebook's new comms: 'our largest ever engineering project'

Terry Kiely


and I wonder if their FB profiles are shouthing it?

godd luck to 'em all

Facebook unveils 'next-gen' messaging system

Terry Kiely


In a mellow moment, I see lots of paranoia here!

lots of people want to stop/choke/kill/mock this

I for one, welcome what the new uber geek on the block has to offer. This is what we are all supposed to be about! open to new ideas and concepts, give it a go eh? if it's no good it WILL FAIL and in a big way. If not, then we will embarce it and wonder how we did without it just like the 'Fondle slab' et al.

I am not a fan of faceflash and others but it occurs to me that people want openess on the net but also want to hide, a bit duplicitous if you ask me.

What I am trying to say is that I am interested to see what's on offer. I admin a lot of business folk and am intrigued as to the implications here. Remember, it works two ways! you might not want to work for the 'respectable' CEO who has certain kinds of parties every weekend :)

openness, not just open source


<Beer> as it's late and I realise that I am disadvantaged at this time of night and a future emplyer/controct giver might fund up the trith>

Sacked IT director banged up for revenge hack attack

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fancy using his own account!

a true BOFH would have framed up another co-worker

then like Kaiser Sochai, 'puff' he was gone

Google boss: 'Creeped out by Street View? Just move'

Terry Kiely
Jobs Horns

How on Earth.....

did this loon get to where he is today?

Oh yes, just remembered, it's happened before. Hence icon

Microsoft plans biggest ever Patch Tuesday

Terry Kiely

re: Whoopie shit

"I just appreciate the fact software can never be perfect and value the effort MS etc go to in providing us with the ongoing support and patches. Thanks,"

I just ran software update on a customers Mac mini and really appreciate the effort Apple went to in providing the 900Mb update that has left the machine unable to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/sarcasm, no offence to OP

Blogger stokes iPhone 4 shatter fears

Terry Kiely

Maybe not cases?

Out of twenty iphone 4s where I work, issued a couple of mths ago already I know of at least 3 with shattered front or back pieces! these are the same users who went two years without any damage to their company 3GS models.

as for scratching, I am very careful with mine but its starting to look like its gone a few rounds in a pocket full of gravel.

great phone but not impressed with the glass!

Apple sued over hot iPad shutdowns

Terry Kiely


I can see the website now~~~

claim here within 30 days to receive your free iTent. If you have already purchased one we will refund etc... etc...

Badgers 'cos they know to stay in their hole when it gets hot.

Secret docs reveal Dell knew PCs were faulty

Terry Kiely

The best of times :)

At one time, when confronted with an Optiplex SFF that was failing, all you had to say to Dell tech support were the magic words 'it's making a burning smell' and they would instantly send you a whole new pc!!

My record was a five year old one, replaced with a brand new basic optiplex tower and new 3 yr warranty! Wonder how long that 'feeling guilty' faze lasted.

ooooo--just found an old SFF in the comms room! lets see if it still works?

Security gaffe exposes addresses of elite iPaders

Terry Kiely


The best way to experience the Net ~~~~NOT

Guy Kewney, pioneer, guru, friend - RIP

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Thanks Guy,

for encouraging an interest in so many, and for inspiring my entire career. Rest in bits and bytes

Googlenet dwarfs all but two of world's ISPs

Terry Kiely

Putting on my tier 1 overcoat and heading home

just looking forward to the soon to be announced google transporter which will teleport me home down their fibre to my door!

Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic

Terry Kiely
Jobs Horns

wonder how long............

it took them to finally decide to reboot the laptop the whole thing runs on?

probably couldn't remember which cupboard in Seattle it is stored in.....................

/puts on Frasiers overcoat

Steve cos I would love to see him dance on stage and say how much he love's this company now!

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Terry Kiely


I'm in sunny Hatfield in Herts and i lost my DHCP all night, still off at 3am but back by 9 this morning.BOFH maintenance?????