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LametopsLaptops Direct offers free funerals


Very Funny

I always did like a bit of dark humor. Nice job!

Nikon D40 entry-level digital SLR


Can Use Old Nikon Lenses Too!

I have a D40 and its a fantastic camera that I use when I dont want to take my more expensive models. What I love about my D40 is that I can use any Nikon K mount lens granted they wont be autofocus so back to manual but great if you have a lot of old K mount lenses lying around from a old forgotton film Nikon.

This camera is also very light which is great for one handed level shooting in awkard situations.

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide


Northern Ireland Virgin Media down

My XL large Virgin Media connection went down at 9.30pm last night and wasnt back on until 4am this morning. So I think Virgin Media may well be talking out of their backside when they say he problem was limited to Yorkshire and the Midlands, as you can there has been folk in Scotland right down to Bristol and here in Northern Ireland on the very edge of their network is was dead too.

I wish they would just say look we are sorry we made a mistake what said mistake was and why it wont or shouldnt happen again, but no they will just tell everyone the same unbelivable bull as per usual.