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McCain begs for YouTube DMCA takedown immunity

Steve Hill

Fix the law?

How about actually fixing the law instead of creating special privileges for politicians.

Besides, this is complete bunk: "there is no justification for depriving the American people of access to important and timely campaign videos during that period" - web delivered video content doesn't *have* to be published through You Tube - if you don't like your publisher's policies you are free to go use a different one (or do it yourself). Isn't this, after all, what the advantage is supposed to be of a free market?

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Steve Hill

Re: DHCP ..... says it all

I'm sorry but you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

Using DHCP doesn't mean you're using dynamic addresses - DHCP servers can be configured to hand out static addresses. Using DHCP to configure servers is pretty common since it allows you to easily readdress the network or change stuff like name server addresses without having to individually reconfigure many servers.


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