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Samsung laptop battery burns

Matthew Kubicki

Good old Sony Vaios!

My lovely Vaio happily runs whilst smother in a duvet on my lap on a sofa for 4 hours of coding in Visual Studio, i'm going to have to pick carefully for my next laptop as this is now an essential requirement of and laptop/notebook I buy.

It has the tiniest of vents about 5cm long at the back and a few slits on the base but nothing more, and fan rarely even speeds up!

Guess all Sonys aren't bad!

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Matthew Kubicki

Virgin support fun

I tried the 150 number to be greeted with the dead line tone. Without the internet i couldn't look up the service status number so i started doing 15# random dialing.

151 -dead

152 - dead

153 -dead

154 - business support

155 -international operator "crap sorry"

Went back to 154 it asked for a pin tapped in a random number of ones, it said something else i pressed one, then it gave me the business support menu! I got through to a real person in minutes who told me all about the trouble, then i went to bed as she said no ETA!

We were down from 9:20pm till after 1am, still on the same IP making the DHCP thing seem unlikely.