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Virgin Media in premium rate U-turn



I used to work for VM it was never a case of detering unwanted calls to move to premium rate they had to generate new revenue to make up for how much money they needed to upgrade all their services. If they are bringing it back to an 0845 number then that means they have to save the money else where such as off shoring all the technical support rather than just 70% of it!

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide


no backup..

They dont have backups or alternative routes! they mixed the ex-TW and ex-NTL networks between only certain areas such as Preston and leeds but it doesnt work, why I hear you ask!! well simply put they dont know how to! Its what you get when you let underqualified chimps smear poo all over your expensive Cisco hardware!


Its their own doing...

This happens to be caused by a routing fault which in turn is caused by the fact that NTL unqualified staff administer 90% of the network. you wont get an honest answer out of them.


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