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Microsoft releases battling OS release candidates

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Server vs Workstation

I find this thread quite interesting. I have been using Server 2003 for 4 years now as all my main desktop OS, because it doesn't have the bloat of XP, and it doesn't have the Fisher-Price GUI, either. Or at least I can turn it off.

It's easily the most bulletproof thing ever to come out of Redmond. One server box has gone more than 14 months without a reboot.

From what I've read here, I don't think there is any need whatsoever for Server 2008, other than that it's five years since the last release, so, gee, it must be time for a new one.

Releasing the Vista monster into the real world of servers would be a frightful wrongdoing. Anyway, the IT community is far too awake to let anything like that happen. Isn't it?