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Drunken BOFH wreaks $1.2m in Oz damage

Matthew Wright


That's nearly 7000 GBP per head... for 5 days work!

Why don't el-reg offer these kind of jobs on their jobs pages ? ;-)

Please don't call us, begs German VoIP phone outfit

Matthew Wright

What about e164?

e164 does POTS to SIP mappings, and is a service often used with IP telephone systems to cut call costs, the system is DNS based, resolving POTS telephone numbers into xyz@gateway.corporation.com

A quick lookup of returns, as Eugene said above sip:0@intern.snom.com

So if I pick up my desk phone, and dial SNOM's number, the phone call gets looked up in DNS against e164, and the call is completed over IP, or in this case it doesn't, as their SIP server is down as well as their POTS ;-)

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Matthew Wright
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the slowly dying broadband

9pm: I was getting 40kbytes/sec out of my 20mbit service... typical Virgin I thought.

9:30pm: Down to 5Kbytes

10pm: Modem couldn't even lock on to the network !

I do have to wonder why I still pay them for a supposed premium service ?!?


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