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Win! El Reg exceedingly fine mug collection

Byron Langslow
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I clicked enter now

it came back with Thank you!

You are now enrolled into the prize draw.

Good luck!

But if you can't wait; check out Cash'n'Carrion now for all your El Reg merchandising needs...

But i already had an existing account :D

Red hot chilli peppers floor Bristol shoplifter

Byron Langslow

worlds hottest chilli currently for sale in oz


From the site, Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Butch T

The heat level in Scoville heat units for the Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Butch T. is an amazing 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units.

Free apps suck your power: researchers

Byron Langslow
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You beat me to it :P

The first thing i do before opening any free app (that actually doesn't require internets) has wireless, 3g, gps and blootoof turned off.

No ads in angry birds. No excess power drain.

iPad queue hog doesn’t want it, won’t be first

Byron Langslow

Who holds his. . .

place in line, while he goes to drain the lizard?

Feds propose 50-state ban on mobile use while driving

Byron Langslow

Really? What about the rest of the idiots.. . . .

that put on makeup. Drink coffe. Smoke. drop a cigarette? swerve all over the road trying to find said cigarette? Person belting kids for making a ruccus? change radio stations? better yet, make every driver drive in a plastic bubble isolating them from all distractions?

The Register and Australia-New Zealand

Byron Langslow


I have been an avid reader, since I discovred BOFH. When are you advertising the roles? I would love to work for 'el reg!

Nintendo hails Super Mario's silver anniversary

Byron Langslow

Mario Twins *warning flash content*


absolutely gold!

Watchdog bans Natasha Richardson ski helmet ad

Byron Langslow


Oh why have we become sooo precious.

In the imortal words of Mark 'Chopper' Reid, Harden the Fuck Up!

Why have we become a world of 18+ teaspoon buying 'oh that's terrible' advertising monkiers??!?

Oh for the days when men were made from steel, and ships were made from wood.

Booby-trapped emails fly back into fashion

Byron Langslow


come on.

If anyone gets infected by this, they shouldn't be allowed on the intartubes.

Seriously, want to drop 90% of traffic? if your isp detects malware coming out of your IP address, your user id should be cut off, until your machine is cleaned.

And to open attachments of ANY kind. is just dumb. EMAIL IS NOT A FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL PEOPLE!!!!! FTP IS!!!!!

Opera Mini makes 4.2

Byron Langslow
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thanks el reg!

i must have been living under a rock. I have put this on my imate jasjam (htc tytn) and it is gold. Thanks for letting me know about it. Keep up the good work

PETA cooks up gory game in Cooking Mama protest

Byron Langslow
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so where is it?

I want to download a copy and play it. i reckon it'll be a hit in our office.

Chrome-fed Googasm bares tech pundit futility

Byron Langslow


Bravo Ted, Bravo.

Well written, and this is exactly why I keep coming back to 'el Reg.

Maybe you could post this as a comment to all those fucktards' blogs, and maybe they will realise. :)


Internet censorship and mission creep

Byron Langslow

oh HtFU

"Englander's surveys of 18-year-olds show that half have been cyberbullied – and 22 percent admit to having done it. A UK study shows that kids only tell their parents six percent of the time."

I was bullied in school. boo hoo. Harden the FcUK up. Oh, so someone photoshopped my head onto a dog/pig/goat/ugly persons body/naomi cambell. someone sent me a harrassing sms/IM/email/digital communication

DELETE IT AND GET THE FCUK OVER IT!!!! you bunch of pussies! Sheesh. The delete key exists for a reason.

oh, and I agree, these people are your servants, not your masters. You elected them. You are their bosses. Tell them what you want and if they dont listen, vote with your feet.

BBC technology chief bounces on to Project Kangaroo

Byron Langslow

duh? anyone heard of multicasting

/me slaps forhead.

simultaneous multicasting as the tv show is broadcast to air. woooo. how hard is that to implement. just ask your local isp.


Ban using mobiles while crossing street, says US legislator

Byron Langslow

who the fcuk cares?

You dont like it? move. or vote out your retarded gov't and get a new one.

Or run for govt yourself then change the law.

Two centuries of Hansard to move online

Byron Langslow


"Around 95 per cent of searches come through Google. "No one uses our search engine, which is really galling," said Brook. But he added that this means people are finding the nascent system as part of general search, rather than specifically looking for Hansard."

not so in my opinion.

I use google to search many sites, because their own search engine is so apallingly designed. IE

site:camsmanual.com.au helmet regulations

site:microsoft.com <error code> <error description>

This is the only way to get any serious results out of these poor sites (only 2 mentioned. I could be here all day).

Does the hansard site only realise the redirect is coming from google? or is google passing the search string as well to the site. how do they know its only a general search?

Maxdata Belinea s.book 1 sub-notebook

Byron Langslow
Dead Vulture

NanoBook Siblings


Maxdata's Belinea s.book 1 isn't the only sub-notebook based on VIA's NanoBook reference design, nor is it the first. Packard Bell's EasyNote XS20 was announced last autumn, and is available in the UK now. It has the same basic spec as the s.book, but with a 30GB HDD in place of the s.book's 80GB unit and packs a 0.3-megapixel webcam on board. Until recently, PB's UK supplier, the Dixons group, wanted £499 for the XS20, but now it's retailing for around £350.

In the US, Everex has just launched the CloudBook. It too has a 30GB hard drive, but drops Windows XP in favour of the Linux-based gOS. It's aggressively priced at $399 - the same price the 4GB Eee PC commands."

Has anyone at elreg heard of the Flybook? http://www.flybook.biz/en/

Bit more expensive than you lucky european bastards pay for your IT, but still a wicked cool bit of kit. Do a review of that. tell me what you think. I loved it apart from the small keyboard

Inside the Windows 2008 stack experience

Byron Langslow
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i would be more than interested to find out what you find. I am about to take over the role of team lead for the largest (4.3Tb) SQL database in Australia, and I know I will be faced with the decision to upgrade to 2008 very soon. its been less than a year since they went to 2005 and it was pain for all involved.

I am taking over this team in the next 4 weeks, and would like to be able to say, we shouldn't upgrade for the following reasons.

Please continue this article, and i will be more htan happy to read them.

UK's number one router open to VoIP hijacking

Byron Langslow


This is amazing. In this day and age of fraud, phishing and the like, I dont care who calls me or how they try to tell me in their indian accent they are from ANZ bank (australia) I am not surrendering any details. They can tell me what its about, and give me my account numbers as a means of authenticating me.

Otherwise, they can mail me a letter, or fax me a letter on orficial letter head.

COME ON PEOPLE! how hard is it not to be phished? I have been internet banking since 1997 and still haven't been done. However I do take all the necessary precautions.

Hack away. I dont use voip. I can afford a land line =)

Canadian runs up $85,000 mobe bill

Byron Langslow


mobe mobe mobe lappy mobe.

Get the hell over it you stupid morons. You dont like it? GO READ A LESS INTELLIGENT IT (E-)RAG [SIC].