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eBay slams UK.gov touting ban

Richard Munro

I'm with eBay...

... On this one. I don't see why tickets to sporting (or other) events should be any different to other goods, which can be bought and sold freely (let's leave software licenses to one side for the moment).

People buying tickets up front are effectively betting on how popular the event will be. Obviously some events are always likely to sell out, but that to me suggests that the original ticket price is too low, and should be put up until demand matches supply.

Ultimately, some people are going to be priced out of the market, but that's the same for pretty much everything - I'd like a penthouse apartment on the river and a Ferrari, but it ain't gonna happen. If demand is greater than supply, there'll always be rationing by some means, and price is the accepted, and probably best, method.

I do agree with the exception for 'Free' events, and (somewhat reluctantly), for football. Not easy to enforce, though.

Mine's the armour-plated one!


16GB iPhone to launch today

Richard Munro

@ Andy Taylor

Actually, the iPhone *claims* to do Exchange. However it actually relies on the Exchange server having IMAP enabled if you're trying to sync over the air. My company considers this a security risk so it isn't supported (I pretty much trust our IT dept on that one, but I'm sure someone can clarify how true it is) - in any case, it isn't proper Exchange.

As for the Outlook plug-in to sync via a data cable, apparently this is incompatible with our MAPI configuration. Don't know how plausible that is (and haven't tried it, not having an iPhone)

Orange France says 'testicules' to unlocked-iPhone-not-unlocked claim

Richard Munro

@ Andrew Sheridan

Andrew, I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong, but a 3 UK SIM is a bad one to try it with. 3 SIMs won't work in (almost) any phone that isn't 3G (the iPhone isn't) and in fact don't work properly in quite a few 3 G phones (as I found out last week). 3 block non 3G phones because they don't have their own 2G network, though why they block 3G phones is beyond me...

Try it with a SIM from any other UK network for a fair test.