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Why simplicity starts with design

Simon Parmenter

@Brian Miller

I seem to remember you and I posting on this Code <> Design issue before on this same site. Yes, Code != Design, and Design > Code.

Simplicity starts with design? What is simplicity? Can someone give a definition please? Is it a requirement? Is it a specification? Is it a platitude? Is it a constraint on the design?

Sarah Skelding - So what you are saying is we (software developers?) have not really learnt the lessons or passed the lessons learnt on.

Anonymous Coward - "A good design should be considered like a good road map, enough detail to ensure you head the right direction". Yeah, if you have the ability to read a road map. People who say driving == the road map are the ones who do not have the skill or experience of reading maps let alone creating a map. We all end up getting lost and running out of fuel and then doing the death march pushing the bloody bus up a hill.