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Orange France says 'testicules' to unlocked-iPhone-not-unlocked claim

mohan Paul


Yes but why limit this unlinking of service just to hardware or mobile operators, why not also extend this to sovereignty and govt. services.

Aren't there some govt. services that can be provided by any government?

Will the French, Belgian and other EU states accept this idea do you think?

mohan Paul

Strange that govts. unlink commercial services but not govt services

Its strange that French, Belgian and Spanish govts. all want commercial services unlinked from handsets in the case of mobile operators, but yet their own citizens can't get a govt. service from another government nearby.

For example if its cheaper to register the purchase of a home in Belgium, why then does the French citizen have to use whatever French govt. agency that provides that service.

Do you think governments will also exist in a marketplace or do they all want to protect themselves, their tax collections and jobs by linking their services to just their citizens.