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Nobody has any idea about new pension thing happening


Kidding right?

I earn what is meant to be an above average, even decent wage, but with cost of traveling , rent etc I barely scrape through each month with food in the cupboard and rent paid.

I like many others are in a catch 22 where we can't afford NOT to put away for our future but neither can we afford TO put away for our future as it's hard enough just surviving day to day.

There is no way I'll ever save up enough for a deposit for a Mortagage, let along have assets for retirement, I'm just another work till I die pleb :(

My company has a very generous contribution plan for Pensions but I need to put something insane like 1/4 of my monthly take home in which I can do if I stop paying my rent and eating maybe....

Four months' porridge for 20-minute Facebook riot page



Wow well on my history I posted at one point that I had a really *shit* day at work, lets go looting.

This was a joke based on my previous dozen posts were about how angry I was about the looters actions and how they felt entitled and right to do this for the dumbest of reasons.

Should I go spend 4 months in jail, loose my job my home and destroy my familly as sole bread winner for a bad joke? ffs perspective people.....

Dunkin' Donuts waitress offers additional dunkin'


I would dunk that!


A rather poor shot of her FB photo

10-year old hacker finds flaw in mobile games


WTF!! I could have been famous!!

I've been doing this for ages including on IOS, Plants Vs Zombies Zen Garden for example.

I just assumed it was too obvious and cases of "prior art" too numerous to claim ownership of it...but then we are talking about America I suppose

Mr Bean prangs £650k McLaren



Clearly this is all part of one of Bladwicks cunning plans...

Rogue character space tripped Scottish exam results


Heres a tip

If you are entering a number field like date, serial numbers etc that are getting fubar'd by Excel, especially that damn Scientific number conversion for long numbers, then just insert a ' before the number, then Excel leaves it the hell alone and it goes in exactly as you typed it.

Anonymous unsheathes new, potent attack weapon


The question is...

If you are on TOR and your NODE is used as the hopping off point for some DDOS'ing are the plod likely to try and finger you for it given the woefully tech ignorant state of the justice system or average juror with something akin to Oh you HAD to know TOR would be used for illegal purposes you are guilty!!!! (LIke anyone who ever uses a Torrent is a Pirate or plays a computer game is a mass murderer etc etc)

Two solicitors fined and suspended for file-sharer letters


The lawer article...

The lawers article seems to put a nice slant on it totally ignoring the bits about knowingly sending notices to innocent parties and mis-representing evidence so I can understand why some people using that site as a sole information source may get uppity.

Thats why I like to read multiple news sources, you can never trust any single one to give you the whole story!!

well...except the reg of course!!!

Modern-day ninja in epic battle with riot police, robot


@Alex Wash

Oh dear me....you do realise you just raise a big red flag above your head?

Hope you sleep with one eye open, not that it will do you much good!

One-armed Maine residents whip out switchblades

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The Fugitive (1993)

Now why did The Fugitive imediatly sprint to mind!

Neighbourhood watchers in Reading get speedguns


Why do I get a funny feeling....

That these people are not going to be properly trained or checked on and the equipment not maintanined and accurate records kept...

Also as a biker who knows full well these things just don't work on bikes I'd be MORE than a little annoyed if I started getting letters from these twats accusing me of speeding when I'm not.

Council busts breast milk ice cream parlour

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@ Sampler

I hope you had a pair of Sunglasses and the who on standby before you delivered that line.


Anon Mail commenters to stay anon


Plain text rick rolling!

GAH! Text only Rick Rolling! Simple yet effective.

Immune to all know forms of no-script >_<

Conviction overturned for abuse images bought from bookshop


Sounds like a nightmare scenario!

Googled that book and sure enough there are more freaking risque picks of me in the nuddy as a wee lad in the family album.

I should hand in the one of me riding my bike in the nude down the high street when I was about 4 to the police so they can arrest my parents for making and distributing, and then they can get on tracking down everyone who was in the highstreet that day for viewing!


The scary thing is as said, he was found guilty once! and had to appeal!

If that were me it would be worse as I have a young daughter myself to whom I would no doubt loose access for the duration of this whole fiasco if not longer!

Techies floored by 'virus' after Playboy mansion party

Paris Hilton

@ Christopher P.Martin

Well ...I could comment on which one in which head but that would be lowering the tone :)

Paris, because she gives me a *cough* headache...and also a headache...

Flying dildo downs Oz stag party bloke


BOOM!! Headshot!

I'm gobsmacked!

Latest boffinry: Feeding TNT to sheep


Awwww :(

And to think if they were explosive you could add a few of these to your average rural flock to dissuade those who take sheep love a little too literally, or at least turn it into something of an extreme danger sport ;)

hand grenade for obvious reasons.

Hacker admits stealing $12m worth of chips from Zynga



Anyone mad enough to spend real money on pretend poker chips should be seperated from their money anyway.

Got Zynga poker on my phone and I'm upto 300k without spending a damn penny, it's really not difficult =/

Indonesian pop star jailed over sex videos


RE: Could have been worse

But how would you proove the picture of mohammed isn't also a girl who may or may not be of the age of consent for a double whammy.

UK.gov 'HyperHighway' aims to 'speed up the internet by 100x'

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I'll bet his real motivations...

I'll bet his real motivation is to be able to download more pr0n faster :)

Single complaint sparks police raid and total ban on rental movie


Am I a bad person.....

Am I a bad person for now really wanting to add this to my I Love Film list?

(Not sure the wife will want to join me for it though, she thought Machete was bad enough!)

Videogame TRAINS TERRORISTS, yells pundit


It makes you wonder

How on earth did those poor terrorists, martyrs, freedom fighters, sucide bombers ever get along a scant decade or so ago before the era of FPS and XBOX!

Back then we were stupid enough to think there may be REASONS for their actions (you know...like occupation or having your friends and family killed by "those guys") but it seems they were just the early beta testers for FPS games, oh how obvious it seems now looking back!

Disappearing filth leads to dropped charges in extreme smut case


I'm sure i'm not the first or last to say

DOH Ctrl V instead of Ctrl C (Assuming they use windoze which seems almost a certainty)

Then i suppose they either didn't consider it worth trying a forensic recovery of the file (Don't they normally make images of the drives before messing around with the contents though??) was worth it or that it hurt their prosecution chances enough to drop it.

And i'm not being funny but with the AWFUL definition of extreme porn, only a single image is really quite impressive, I'm sure I could trawl through any random machine and find a half dozen images cached somewhere that would probably fit the description.

iPhone glitch gets US fanbois up on wrong side of bed


Not all fixed by re-creating

Deleting and re-creating the alarms doesn't always fix them.

I forwarned our IPhone users and told them to do this, i was one of many whos alarm went off an hour late even though it was deleted and re-created and I've since had to set one up to go off at 4:30am so it actually gets me up at 5:30 am.

Luckily I don't rely on the Iphone to get me up (I have a 6 month old baby for that, and failing THAT..I have a blackberry =p)

Police turn to extreme-sport mobe sucking


what's wrong with...

What's wrong with just dismantling it and sticking it in the airing cupboard for a day or two? always worked for me!

If it's something nastier than just water than a quick wash with purified water prior to a drying should sort it as long as it's not been submerged for a long time...or in acid =p

Cisco jump-starts home 'telepresence'


The problem isn't so much the reliability

Whilst I deal with IP VC across multiple regions over our own internal network (well...MPLS etc)

I find the quality and reliability to be pretty good and the problem isn't so much the reliability...but more the fact that the average Jo (or at least I do), need a few hours with a make-up artist before sitting before a HD VC Bridge as these things really aren't as forgiving as our old regular res running over a couple of flakey ISDN's type kit. :(



The latest Polycom kit will happily do full HD (well 720p) across 512k of bandwidth

Also anyone worried about Cisco doing VC kit, don't worry, it's all Polycom kit with the badge swapped over :)

(Cisco is at once Polycom's biggest compettitor, and customer, apparently...)

Youth jailed for not handing over encryption password


RE The comparison to house search

For all those setting up the strawman of "Warrant to search the permise"

If the police picked you up from your place of work or off the street and told you they had a warrant to search your house and you said

"FIne but I've lost/broken my house key and don't have a backup copy".

You would NOT go to jail for 5 years for loosing your f***ing door key, they would just break in and search the house.

Legendary steampunk computer 'should be built' - programmer


RE: By Jingo

Would a prosethic facial warmer be acceptable for those of us with the unfortunate gentic disposition that does not allow for the growing of such fearsome facial attire.

MoD labels Facebook Places a 'targeting pack' for terrorists


Address book too

Wow...apparently even though I said NO when the mobile app asked to upload my phone book...it did it anyway.

(Account - edit friends - phonebook)

A mate just pointed out my entire phone book including some very sensitive info both work and personal is now open to world+dog.

App is being gutted, info removed, then uninstalled, I've had enough :(

I only use FB as a nice place to dump photos to share and keep tabs on events, not worth the constant creeping of info sharing against my consent.


Oh ffs

I don't post anything to facebook I wouldn't be happy for world+dog to see, that way I don't worry so much about security breaches.

But ffs adding a "feature" that automatically tells world+dog my exact location regarldess of if I actually choose to allow it or not (because they decided to set it to everyone by default and link it to the mobile app that didn't have this feature when I installed it) is not on.

Seriously tempted to remove it on basis of that alone even though I don't really care if people know what pub I go to after work or which floor I decide to go to the toilet on...

*suffice to say this has been disabled now but the idea that I have to keep constant tabs on what they decide to share with the world next without my permission is worrying*

India claims access to BlackBerry comms


levels of encryption

This still wouldn't solve the actuall issue of people setting up their own BES where they set it up as they please.

Man vindicated for videotaping his own traffic stop


I also

Watched the video even after reading the whole article and still had that OMFG i'm being robbed feeling.

But any thought of "fleeing" was quickly out as I would be an easy target and hitting a pedestrian with a small bike like that wouldn't have gotten him away so easily.

On my K1200 LT I would give it a damn good try though!

Also may I say as a biker there was nothing wrong with the guys riding!, yes the wheelie on a public road is silly but he only sped/wheelied between empty spots of traffic and was a risk to no-one but himself for that very short moment of silly fun.

No reason at all to pull a gun on someone and shout several times to get off the bike BEFORE you remember to say oh yeah I'm a cop, not that this will make you feel any better.

As for the filming, the guy didn't go out to film the cop, so the offence really seems to be posting it up, but then helmet cams are not exactly inconspicous!

I got one purely for the number of times some idiots hit me or caused me to take emergency evasion then f**ed off so I had something to take to the police and my insurance company, nautrally no silly hijinks recorded.

And it would be fairly easy to rig a setup to stream the recording to a secure store online rather than a solid state media locally with only minimal sotrage for spooling during low/no signal periods.

Playboy centrefold freaks out at 10,000 feet


Don't they also

Apart from the simple physics of it making a puny human opening the door at alititude impossible, don't they also install and lock huge bolt through a number of key points?

I fly regularly with BA and see them install/remove number of bolts into the door frame on take off and landing that I presumed were to secure the door until they wanted to let people out?

USB stick with anti-terror training found outside police station


Extreme Pr0n

Ahh of course with the Extreme Pr0n laws meaning possesion regardless knowledge or means of aquisation is the crime, just stick Extreme pr0n on USB sticks as standard, that way if anyone has the audacity to find one that has been lost they can immediatly be arrested and locked up :)

Death by iPod: beware the zombie trance


Nothing new

I've been mowing down Lemmings glued to their phones/mp3 players/Walkmans for over a decade now.

The hunting is particularly rich in Central London where you get Lemmings who don't even need the aid of an audio device to run out in front of traffic.

IT engineer fights spider with improvised flamethrower


The reason for not using a flamethrower

I imagine he didn't want to flamethrower it to death if it was behind the loo as that would inevitably melt/weaken the plastic pipes and cause considerable problems and leakage.

So problably thinking himself very clever decided to gas it to death instead, I've done this to the occasional wasp that got into the house and refused to use any of the open windows/doors and had to be disposed off.

Sadly this appears to have exhausted his daily intelligence quota leaving him to then check the results of his deed in an enclosed space with a naked flame.

Half of UK road users support usage-based road charging


My maths isn't the best in the world but...

OK so I'm no mathmatician but 38% positive response in a poll clearly worded to skew more positive results = Half UK road users support?


How extreme is your pr0n? Depends on your lawyer



Scarrily I had that reaction to publishing photos of my baby girl at approx 5 seconds old.

Family Member: YOU CAN'T SEND THAT TO PEOPLE!! It's shows her moo moo!

Me: errr...that's how they are born?

Family Member: But what if some pervert gets off on it?

Me: errrr....a) I imagine very few people actually get off on newborns

b) I'm sending it to people I KNOW and TRUST

c) It's a very common image shown on TV, the internet etc every freaking DAY.

d) WTF is wrong with you!?!?

Iran unveils 'robot bomber'


Of course...

Yes of course, all they have to do is proove a negative, after all it worked for Sadam.

Oh wait....

Clickjacking threat punts Facebook survey scam


Business as usual

Facebook even as intended seems to be 90% dross anyway.

I've seem similar a while ago where I kept getting invites from friends to join a group titled something along the lines of "OMG I can't belive she did that to her daughter"

But to see the picture of what the whole group was meant to be about you had to "login" to some 3rd party site with your facebook details....yeah right....sadly a few idiots fell for it and unsuprisingly got hijacked.

Short passwords 'hopelessly inadequate', say boffins



"They suggest that some low-security sites (such as newspaper sites) insist on the use of passwords "primarily for psychological reasons ... as a justification for collecting marketing data and as a way to build trusted relationships with customers". ®"

While I understand that sentiment I imagine any online paper that allows comments or submissions also has a more practical reason, after all if you could simply post under anothers name (as with many blogs I read) you inevitably get some twazzock or another hi-jacking another posters name to troll.

Virgin Media to warn malware-infected customers


Nice idea a long time coming but...

Whilst I've been thinking for a long time why no one bothers trying to contact the infected users when we can see the IP's of the zombies I quickly realised that:

a) The people most likely to be infected will also not be using their ISP provided email account if they are even aware of it.

b) If it does pick up, queue mass malware spam campaings purporting to be from Virgin about malware =p

India threatens to ban 1m BlackBerrys


It may damage India...

IF Rim don't capitulate, but given this seems inevitable I wouldn't say so.

Police told terror ads too terrifying offensive


Anything to do with the return of detections

With the police "Detections" returning I'm wondering if this is related.

Close my curtains/blinds so people walking down the high street can't see into my bedroom, and I'm a terrorist.

Leave them open and if I dare to get out of bed naked or have sex then as the public can see into my bedroom from the main road I'm guilty of multiple other offences...nice!, that will look great on plods detection sheet.


OMG I'm a terrorist!!

My flat overlooks a busy main street/road and has large windows so naturally we keep the blinds down most of the time as I get tired of drunk idiots from the pub next door trying to talk to us or having to sneak past my own windows when I get out the bathroom or bed in less than full attire.

As my wifes company has folded I'm also pertty permenantly overdrawn so simply draw all my cash needs out each pay day as my card inevitably gets locked quickly as our bills go out of just my wage putting me overdrawn and I need cash for petrol and food.

That makes me a terrorist apparently!


Extreme porn law on the ropes


Free Legal Aid

That's the problem with free legal aid.

When I got on a bus about a decade ago and asked for, and paid for an adult ticket, the driver pushed the wrong button and pinted a child ticket.

Long story short ended up in court over it!, I was told I was not entitled to free legal aid as I was employed and on consulting a solicitor was told don't bother plead guilty.

Got a 10 year criminal record (only just expired) and a £1,000 fine which for a boy of 17 having just got his first job (on a trial period) you can imagine that was crippling.

Almost lost my job over it as well as the criminal record technically meant I wasn't elligable for the job I was doing and wouldn't be allowed to carry on after the trial period.

Luckily my boss heard the details and I was informed that after he stopped laughing over it, informed me that the company (KPMG) has a very very large legal department that would have torn london transport AND the idiots that told me I was not entitled to free legal aid a new one had I of just asked....and gave me the job anyway.


Denied access to his Daughter

Are you kidding me? he was denied access to his own daughter througout all of this on such a blatantly STUPID case?

I hope he has serious grounds to sue the hell out of them and I don't normally advocate the Sue everyone culture but If I was sent a joke mail and then denied access to my girl for any period of time, especially this long, I'd be ready to rip off heads!

Boffins authenticate Apple 'Antennagate'


We got Iphone4's in to test

As users wanted to use their personal Iphones we got a 4 in to test to try and get ahead of the first "my Iphone4 doesn't work" calls and sure enough:

Holding it naturally in an open palm grip on my left hand goes from full bars 3G to 1 bar 3G reported, but a call to my voicemail got as far as "you have 3 new" before it dropped the call, the second call did the same, the 3rd didn't even connect.

I've been supporting blackberries and mobiles for 7 years now and never had calls dropped because you were holding a phone in a perfectly natural way (and it IS perfectly natural to hold the phone in a way that bridges the ariels despite what some people have been posting and this makes me glad I got one to test for myself).

Don't get me wrong the facetime + quality other than a pretty basic and fatal flaw is amazing, shame the one , sorry two, flaws (not detecting when you have it against your head) renders it not fit for purpose and anyone that complains to use their Iphone 4 keeps dropping off will be told sorry, return it for a refund nothing we can do about it.

Data for 100m Facebook accounts published to BitTorrent



I've set my facebook page up to open because I really couldn't care less if people see my name and who I'm friends with.

I use it to upload photos and share with family and friends mainly and have it open so friends of friends etc can also view them.

I don't post anything up there that I wouldn't be happy with the world+dog seeing so no security issues are ever going to bother me short of someone getting access to my account and sending friends/familly obscene emails or spam =p.

I register a SPAM email address, fake address, no phone number, no problem.