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SCO threatened with Chapter 7 destruction

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The Santa Cruz Operation was NOT taken over by Caldera

Old SCO sold their trademark, and the OpenServer & UnixWare IP to Caldera. Caldera some time later changed their name to "SCO Group" which they could do as they then owned the trademark. The original SCO company changed their name to "Tarantella", and then years later was taken over by Sun (and we know what's happened to them!)

And good bloody riddance to SCaldera, in my opinion. Old SCO was a good company, and all SCaldera ever did was drag their good name through the mud.

Exploding mobile phone kills Chinese man



You haven't thought this through, have you? Car crashes happen every day, of course they're not news! I eat my lunch every day, do you expect that to be in a news article? The point is precisely that phones killing people has (allegedly) happened *once*, therefore it *is* news.

OMTP opens up to new members



I think you mean vaunted (or was it a reference to "a burial chamber, especially when underground")...

Google remodels top secret money machine


@my father-in-laws shop

You sell fathers-in-law? Oh, you meant "father-in-law's" ;-)

Gordon Brown's secret life as network admin


Wood for the Trees?

You're all so busy arguing over apostrophes that you seem to have missed the rather obvious error that the London Olympics are FOUR years away, not five. *sheesh*

Thieves take out Cable & Wireless centre


Holiday site?

Is that some kind of euphemism for travellers? (or somebody misunderstood "caravan site"!)

Bletchley Park activates online donations

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Registered Charity - Other Ways of Giving

I note that Bletchley Park Trust Ltd is a registered charity (1012743), and I'm not sure that their own online donations page supports Gift Aid which would allow the charity to claim back tax on the donation. Donors might like to consider using a site such as CAF Online (www.cafonline.org) to get the most bang for their buck (quid?)

Lessig leads Net Neut charge in Stanford inquisition

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A Very Helpful Analogy

"This would be like 10 passengers on a 100-seat airplane taking up 75 seats and forcing the other 90 passengers to share the remaining 25 seats."

If I'd paid for an advertised 8 seats, I'd feel perfectly justified in occupying them, and if the plane capacity is oversold so that other people don't have the seats they paid for, that's the airline's problem, not mine.

Sales slide at PC World, Currys


Clueless staff can be to your advantage

I totally agree with all the comments regarding the utter incompetence of the store staff at PC World. I do still occasionally shop there though when I need something straight away. A source of constant amusement is when they offer "discounted" seconds and returns and price them higher than the brand new items on the shelves next to them. Due to their incompetence I have on several occasions got a bargain thanks to them labelling and/or ringing it up as the wrong thing - yes, I'm a bad person for not pointing it out, but going in to their store is such a frustrating experience that I feel it's only fair compensation for my inconvenience.

Amateur code breaker honoured for defeating Colossus

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It's not "ADA"

It's not an acronym, it's "Ada" (as in Lovelace, fnar fnar)

London PR outfit in sex-on-desk email shocker


Are you sure?

OK, it's a good story, but it comes from a *PR* agency who's getting free publicity by you picking it up. Where's your journalistic integrity? Have you researched this from independent sources? ;-)