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Lexmark C543DN colour laser


Funny to see all the whinging about inkjets...

...since by default, all inkjet printers are shite.

@Sam: I've seen nothing but problems with HP printers since the demise of the LJ4 (the proper big one) line, they jam, they break, the output sucks and the toner is priced like it's made from cocaine. My friend's experience with samsung printers hasn't been good either - stripped gears and worn out feed rollers at a dismal 40k pages? That's only 8 months for a printer designed for 5k pages a month! When you can find a workgroup('cube') style printer with 600k+ clicks on 120gsm *cardstock*, with no servicing beyond the toner/drum, then you have found a quality printer. I de-installed some lexmark lasers in just this situation, although one of em only had 520k clicks.

When I buy a printer, I do the smart thing, and buy a lightly used older model - my T520 may be a bit venerable, but at a mere 69k 'clicks', it's not even broken in. Best part is, I can buy new 20k page toner carts on ebay for $20 each - WITH shipping.

British boffins perfect process to make any item '100% waterproof'

IT Angle

Re: AC

"Hi-Tec? Schmi-Tec.

Anonymous Coward • Wednesday 27th August 2008 12:21 GMT

Such a shame that it's Hi-Tec adopting this. Their footwear is so badly constructed that it falls apart within 6 months of daily wear."

I've owned 3 pairs of Hi-Tec hiking shoes over the course of about 10 years... They consistently outlast anything else I've ever worn. The only other shoes to come close were Solomon brand.

2 of those pairs I literally wore out hiking in the mountains of Colorado, wore through the rubber after 2-4 years. Never had a problem with them "falling apart" - big name tennies do that something fierce though. All the pairs I owned were fantastic shoes, they would dry out fast when I waded through a stream or river, were light and had great traction.

Grazing cattle display animal magnetism



"Obvioussly if you spent any time in a cold forest -10-40 degrees (pine trees explode at -10 degrees and ice feels like concrete) like i have (all day started at some 4am or so in morning) then you'd learn to appreciate it when the sun heats you up... Omfg i face East to warm up and i'm not muslim... theirs reason for another scientific study lol."

Sorry, pine trees do NOT explode spontaneously at -10C or -10F. Of course, that's assuming you're not claiming a mythical -10 K. -10 C (or F) isn't even that cold. Try some -40 (C or F) with a brisk 20mph wind. That is quite chilly indeed. But pine trees still don't explode from the cold.

Arrests from e-borders pilot pass 1,000



How many of these arrests would have been made without the new system? Also, what is the cost per arrest, I bet they're scared to tell you that number.

Screen stars: Ten HDTVs on test


no, the real question...

... is which sets actually were capable of 24 bit color? I have yet to see an LCD or plasma that can, that is over 24" - and isn't a computer monitor. What a crock, paying so much for a set without that capability.

Ethanol cars unhealthier than petrol ones?


i bet they didn't take everything into consideration

What about the higher air quality from the increase in surface level ozone? Ozone is commonly used in bars, hotels, and other public areas to defeat cigarette smoke and other harmful airborne contaminants. How many more people would survive long-term, without the negative effects of these common contaminants?

Bush team takes heat over global warming science


And clearly the USA is the only place on earth!

Cry me a river - it was a bit chilly down south. Tell the polar bears that are dying of heat exhaustion there's no problem. They'll listen to you! Then they'll eat you - hopefully.