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NASA chief blasts US space policy in leaked email

Tony Starks

Bush Administration

One more reason to hate the Bush Administration. He barely got through college himself. Why would he value science?

Disney doesn't want AOL either

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All of AOL would be worth buying

The only reason Time Warner can't find a buyer is because they are keeping the valuable parts of AOL (The web portal and add revenues) and selling the dial up internet access only - the part that is slowly dying.

Someone else mentioned it - but NetZero AOL's subscriber base of dial up internet customers is a pretty good idea. NetZero manages to make money selling $10 a month dial up internet access and buying AOL's dial up service would give them what - nearly another 20 million subscribers?

I personally still give AOL a few bucks. I like having dial up access for when the damn cable goes out or I'm on vacation in the remote places my family likes going. When the cell phone companies have rolled out 3G nationwide at a reasonable price then I will quit paying both the cable company and AOL.


Sony BMG to drop Custer stance on DRM

Tony Starks

Disagree on sound quality of MP3's

I've read numerous reviews of various compressed music formats. In blind tests with people listening to the music it is a rare - no very rare - person that can tell the difference between MP3's above 192kbps. We 50 year old types with a history of playing our music too loud can't tell the difference with anything past 128kbps.

128kbps MP3's cost less off MP3sparks.com, download quicker, sound fine and will convert to CD audio if you feel the need to burn a CD.

I think the majors are making (maybe too late) a good choice. I buy my music off of the controversial (but legal) site in Russia because I don't want any DRM issues. I might pay a little more from a non-controversial site if I could get it in standard MP3 format. What will really win me over though is a subscription model where there is no distinction between listening and recording - just like my cable TV. In my mind if I paid a monthly subscription and recorded it to my hard drive it's no different than recording a TV show to watch later. Later could be tomorrow or could be next year.


Wikipedia COO was convicted felon

Tony Starks

OK guys, get a reality check

To the few of you feeling sorry for poor Carolyn

I'd guess none of you are responsible for hiring executive staff or accountants. Hopefully you aren't responsible for hiring tellers at banks or grocery stores.

She didn't just have a few DUI's - and I know a few good employees that have had that issue. See grown man with a good job on a moped - you have a guy with a drinking problem.

She STOLE $300. She shot her boyfriend with a gun. She spent time in jail. This is not someone you want in your organization that has access to the money.

Goodness but the gullible are present and accounted for....


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