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Apple reckons light shines between iPhone customers' ears

Adam Buckland

I have to agree....

The phone does not switch off the screen as well as the 3G does... it has resulted in the mute button being activated on a few occasions...

Regent Street blocked by iPad fanboi swarm

Adam Buckland
Jobs Halo

Wandered into PC World this morning

And they had sold only one by 9:30 so I became the second... No rush no queues. Poss no need

For one at work..but at home it's great. Lack of flash hasn't been noticed.

Sent from my iPad

Guy Kewney, pioneer, guru, friend - RIP

Adam Buckland

Met him when he was...

editor at PCW.... many many years ago. He was probably my favourite tech journalist...

Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats

Adam Buckland

But if those seven million people

All voted for the pirate party.... they could hold the balance in a new government....

One in three Europeans never been online

Adam Buckland

All those identities

someone could be using right now...

O2 Joggler family organiser

Adam Buckland

It may be some use if....

When you entered a diary item it would send it to your phones calander rather than as a text message. Yup you'd have to tell it what phone you use but that would have done it for me..

Jacqui's jihad on web extremism flops

Adam Buckland

Simple Jacqui

And then ban every proxy server, every news agency etc.. in fact why not just do a list of approved sites

LibDem cheeky boy rides to Segway's rescue

Adam Buckland

He may be an idiot

But the Segway is a great way to get about and should be allowed. Rode one for two days round Chicago a few years back and would love to be able to use them legally in the UK.

BNP races to get membership list off the net

Adam Buckland
Thumb Up

Heaven forbid....

It appeared on wikileaks....

Then there would be no way it could be taken down.... alledgedly..

Microsoft slashes US Xbox 360 to sub-Wii price

Adam Buckland

Got both the Wii and XBox

And we've switched off the Xbox as it wasn't getting used unlike the Wii.

Will people buy the XBox just because it's cheap when (If they have friends and want to play social games not just shoot em ups etc) the better gameplay makes the Wii an obvious buy.

Flames coz all the XBox fans will be popping a zit about how the graphics are soo much better blah blah blah. Yes but the Wii is more fun to play and that's why it sells.

HP packaging madness continues apace

Adam Buckland

Did this Mike Creswell

Work or still work for Strategix?

MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks

Adam Buckland
Gates Horns


...is futile.

Man hacks Mac OS X onto MSI Wind

Adam Buckland
Jobs Horns

Do I hear the sound of....

The Apple lawyers rushing towards another generic apple clone with copies of the EULA in their grubby mitts...

iPhone will ship in green packaging

Adam Buckland

Why aren't they using

Palm Pulp, natural byproduct, totally compstable & low carbon footprint...

Adam who's company sells Palm Pulp Tarys...

Sergey Brin books joyride on Russian rocket

Adam Buckland

Whilst it may be a large amount to you...

$5m is probably the deposit.....

Microsoft needs Windows Home Server test dummies

Adam Buckland

Tried Home Server

on the original Beta, was too buggy even at RTM so I bought an ICY-BOX NAS for £80 and stuffed two 1GB drives, works like a dream, low power consumption, good media streaming and reliable... everything Home Server isn't.

PS My invite for the Beta of the bug fix ended up in the Junk Items... how appropriate

Wii 2.1 sound system

Adam Buckland


Yes we do have 5.1 in our bedroom and 2.0 in the bathroom and 7.1 in the lounge, simply because about 3 years ago we upgraded the receiver and richer Sounds were doing a fantastic offer on speakers so we moved the old one upstairs.

Given the advances in stand alone televisions in the last 20 years from NICAM onwards most TV's sold will be at least 2.0 with the exception of small portables which are probably unsuitable for a console like the wii, so I ask again where is their market?

Adam Buckland


would I want that, most people have 5.1 surround systems now.

Roberts WM-201 Wi-Fi internet radio

Adam Buckland


Buy an Intempo, they all run the same software & hardware for network access and save yourself approx £100.....

Uncovered: the lost humor of flowcharts

Adam Buckland

Still got my...

Oficial standard issue ICL one from 20 years ago when I worked at Kidsgrove on the DRS-300...

Vista SP1 on track for mid-March release?

Adam Buckland

Mid march...

Has actually come and gone. It's the 18th today so how on earth can they make a mid March shipping if it's not available yet....

MS said to have delayed Euro Zune debut to 2009

Adam Buckland

Good use for a zune!

Alternatively if you're scared of having your iPod stolen by either of the people in the UK who don't yet have one...



Fujitsu Siemens pitches Eee-style sub-notebook at pros

Adam Buckland


"The battery's a three-cell unit capable, we'd say, of running the P1620 for four hours,"

And keeping the laptop on fire for at least an hour afterwards....

German Wikipedia attacked over Nazi symbolism

Adam Buckland
Paris Hilton

How much is too much

There is one image of the flag of the Hitler Youth. Someone appears to be trying to make a name for themselves.

Also, where is the Paris Hilton angle?

El Reg fires up online standards converter

Adam Buckland

Surely everyone knows...

the standard volume measurement is the Am.

Have none of you ever drunk at the Technique and Ferret?

MoveOn tells Facebook to stop shining Beacon

Adam Buckland

It already exists


Sozzled Oz footie fan tattoed with 'gay' team tribute

Adam Buckland
Dead Vulture


...Arf and thrice Arf...

Mandelson tells US to change online gambling laws

Adam Buckland
Dead Vulture

I'll give

3 to 1 that they don't suceed....

Supermicro punts 'world's densest blade'

Adam Buckland

Just in time...

...for the Xmas rush for Windows Home Server.

Microsoft hawks Home Server

Adam Buckland
Dead Vulture

Before you post....

Make sure that whilst it may be based on 2K3, you can actually get to the power save settings you talk about as most of the things you'd expect on a 2K3 server are hidden......

IIRC from testing it, whilst it's based on 2K3, it hasn't got the same interface and trying to do any disk maintenance is fraught with difficulties due to the way it uses disks as a continuous volume.

Adam Buckland
Dead Vulture

Why Pay more...

For a small Windows 2K3 server which won't stream music in the correct order when you could buy a Synology Diskstation with TwonkyMedia for a lot less that won't get crippled by infections, has the same functionality and can be amended at the system level if you so desire.

Had Home Server at Beta, dumped it tried the RTM, kept it dumped...Just say no to theis one!

Ballmer: Google is winning online

Adam Buckland

Well he wins the award...

For spotting the bleeding obvious.

Or did he have to wait for someone to read the search survey results on The Reg to him.

3,000 chickens paralyse central Scotland

Adam Buckland

Who would of thought...

That chickens on their way to a processing plant stood "may die". Isn't that what the plants are for. Nice to see the SPCA don't understand the food cycle!

McLaren fined $100m for spying

Adam Buckland

A hundred million here

.......a hundred million there, soon you'll be talking about a large amount of money!

Designer breaks up trad PC design

Adam Buckland

Seen it before

ICL DRS300 from the 1980's did that, you just added modules.


Former ICL DRS300 Systems Programmer (For my sins)

Free software campaigners stonewalled at BBC

Adam Buckland

Locked out

I pay my license fee and demand that the BBC make their service available for my Nascom 1, my Comodore PET and the Tandy TRS80 - Level 2 I have in the loft..

There are probably more people with a TRS80 stashed away in a loft than run Linux anyway.


BSkyB buys Amstrad

Adam Buckland


So who will support my PC1512 with it's extra 128K memory and 32MB hard drive now. It got bad when Dixons stopped selling floppy disks, no 5 1/4 inch not those new fangled 3 1/2 inch ones.

Next I'll be told to upgraqde to a RLL disk drive..

Bah Humbug!

Virgin downloaders hit by AllofMP3.com fault

Adam Buckland

Payment down

You can't now top up your balance at allofmp3.com. The only way to "alledgedly" do it is vial an alltunes pin, but trying to buy one leads to a screen populated solely with :

Processing for this site disabled.

Glad I, whoops, glad my friend only has a balance of $1.97


Hungarians demand ejection of Piresan immigrants

Adam Buckland

Your Navy

See your pedalos are sinking as we speak.

There are no Piresans in Hungary, we have full control of the airport and we are crushing the infedels as I speak. (Sorry that was from my previous job)

Hungarian Bob (Information minister)

Adam Buckland

But who cares....

Your armed forces consist of, one tank with no shells, 2 pedalos, an old biplane and your mobile command centre is known to be an ex ice cream van.

The three soldiers that haven't fled to Iraq for better conditions will anialate your forces within a week.

Albert von Hungarian.