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Apple dumps Sun's ZFS

Joshua Pincus

ZFS is here to stay

First off, ZFS is not going to become a footnote in any history book. The filesystem is a major step forward and has become a major part of the Sun storage story, a story that is doing just fine by the way. ZFS has also inspired similar technologies. And since Sun released the source code, you can be sure that Apple will deploy with something similar after tossing their own name on it. Anyone who has used ZFS or has developed with ZFS knows that it's sheer genius.

As far as NetApp is concerned, they're pathetic. They've been embroiled in a lawsuit for years for reasons that are totally groundless. I hope when Oracle finally gets the go-ahead by the lazy Europeans that they fully fund Sun's efforts to defend their patents or put NetApp out of business, whichever comes first.

IBM taunts Sun, HP and VMware with $40 PowerVM hypervisor

Joshua Pincus

What's the big deal?

Sun's HV slices and dices a 64-way CPU now with bigger and badder on the way.

ON top of that, Sun's logical partitioning software is FREE. F. R. E. E. IBM's is nothing more than a marketing machine. And what about the cost of this crappy Power6 chip with minor threading/chip? It's a bloody fortune.

The only thing that Sun's SPARC LDOMs software doesn't do and that everyone else's does do is live OS migration. They are fully aware of this. It would be my

guess that one can expect this showing up in their firmware soon.

IBM's hardware is mediocre with lousy through-put, expensive services, and awful OS support. LINUX management of 256GB. Puh-lease. Are they running Solaris on this baby? With support contracts kicking back to Sun? That'd be another story.

Sun's Rock chip waves goodbye to 2008 ship date

Joshua Pincus

Shipping on time and Clearing up Anonymous Coward's Stupidity

The UltaSPARC IV and IV+ shipped on time.

The N1 and N2 processors shipped on time.

It certainly looks like the follow-on processors to the N1 and N2 are going to ship on time, too. So where does Mr. Vance get his info? Competitors?

It is true that UltraSPARCIII and V took forever. Sun learned from those mistakes.

ROCK incorporates features not found in IBM's processors or Intel's. Furthermore, most of Itanium's SPEC numbers are rubbish compared to even the N2 processor. IBM's power6 is only available in one mid-range product. Why? Because it's a hot, power-hungry monster.

As far as Anonymous Coward is concerned, Sun was intricately involved in the design of the large 4+ socket Enterprise servers. It is true that the products were mostly designed by Fujitsu, but it is an empty-headed insult to insist that Sun engineers did nothing more than mount the bezel. It's no wonder that the idiot who posted that comment self-describes himself as a coward.


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