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FCC chair sides with GoYaSkypIntel in broadband wireless battle


why pay when its free

Nice one FCC! If carriers don't have to fork out billions for prospective Umts bandwidth or others 'regulated' communication, perhaps then they can't rip off their customers with overpriced networking services.

Will that visionary move by one countries comission be enough to make a global difference?

Historically, $$$ vs common sense was always at too great of odds...

Charity offers 'life size' virtual whale on web


what's really rubbish...

-- is that some large ad agency got to make a bunch of money out of an integral environmental organisation on a product that only half works and now get to use that as good-guy P.R. --

... and that the majority of people are kept in the dark shroud of ignorance... Well, even top experts don't really know what whales get up to - and certainly won't before the largest cetaceans become extinct very, very soon.

Delving into a quick excursion of the subject, it immediately stands out that arguments from the side of Japan's gov. agency ICR (http://www.icrwhale.org/eng-index.htm) are constructed from blatant innacuracies, viscious accusations, utter defensivness and a total lack of social and ethical resposibilty. I mean, when where you last on a website that only lists the webmaster as an email contact (webmaster@icrwhale.org) ?? At the same time noting, that any inquiries (allegedly, of immature academic nature) will be referred to elsewhere as they are far too busy... killing and selling unwanted whale meat that is.