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US spooks to build 60 megawatt data center

Black Helicopters

point of erm pedantry from across the pond

NSA is the listening post, sitting up there in the Maryland suburbs, taking it all in. It doesn't do active intelligence/espionage in the field with agents, or "spooks" as you so quaintly call them. That word, btw, has racist connotations and hasn't been in use in a long time. Just call them spies, but only when they work for the CIA.

Brits unleash world's hottest chilli pepper


Dear Me

There is in fact ONE and only ONE L in chili. Add another L and you identify yourself as a dick-waving ponce.

Ten Essential World Cup Apps



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The Greatest World Cup Game Ever Invented Ever

Come one come all to play................


Who are the twattiest twats at the World Cup? Come join and select your team, fewer or less than 40 hours left before the deadline!


Microsoft launches iPad-happy website for wimmin


Never mind about the shoes, buster

You are quite right about the belittling, patronising, gushladen reinforcement of dehumanizing stereotypes, which we lady folk can get just about anywhere else without attending a new half-functional Micro$ site tyvm.

Note about the shoes: Take a pair of your Church's ones. Now compare that pair to ANY pair of ladies' shoes. See how thin the sole is? See any sign of hand-stitching or hand-lasting or any of the other features of quality cobblery on that pair of ladies' shoes? Of course you don't, because ladies' shoes generally are poorly constructed and do not last as long as gentlemen's shoes do. That is why ladies are interested in shoes.

FBI cyber cop says 'very existence' of US under threat


Dump Windows? Not in this gov't

I work for this gov't, in an agency with a nationwide network, so what works in a headquarters office has to work in our field office in Samoa. Last year, we moved to I.E.7. Exciting times.

Royal Society offers all-time top boffinry selection online


Ben Franklin, Renegade?

Such spin. He was our greatest diplomat and scientific genius and your aristos and two-bit politicians treated him abominably.

Republican e-chief exits, denounces 'blog-flogging simpletons'


GOP = Grand Old Party

That's the informal acronym for the Republican Party.

The Democrats are just the Democratic Party.

Microsoft Silverlight: 10 reasons to love it, 10 reasons to hate it


Silverlight on NBCOlympics.com

On my old Dell box, Silverlight grinds things to a halt, so I get to look at pretty stills. On my new laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad R61 XP Pro thank you very much), Silverlight flutters a bit when loading, but then lets me watch lovely videos of all the events I'd rather see on my 1997 vintage Panasonic TV but that are scheduled live well past bedtime for me. I knew there was a reason why I panic-bought the Thinky before June 30th other than omg gotta get me an XP machine before the old Dell's flatulence turns into meltdown. Yep. Pretty pictures. It works every time.

Michael Dell mulls 'Newcastle Utd investment'

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Howayyyyyyy the Lads!

If Michael Dell has succeeded in selling mid-table mediocrity to the masses (and he has, as well as on the enterprise level), then he's an appropriate investor for us, and Mr Ashley once again is as good as his word.

I'm away support and I'm NOT moving to Bangalore, unless there's free transport for away fans...

TOON TOON Black N White Army!

Thumbs up, cos I LOVE IT!

Microsoft crowbars Live Search into Facebook


Try Ixquick Metasearch

Just to do something differently.


DARPA plans soldier-tagging system for US troops


An assumption

"..The above comments are made under the assumption that the Pentagon wants to conclude combat operations as soon as possible so that a step can be taken toward the end of the War on Terror."

No, dear, that's not what the Pentagon does. Do keep up.

DARPA. Used to be ARPA, where the Intarwebnetz was invented. I live about two miles from their office.

US school cheat hack suspect faces 38 years jail


Uncle Buck Knew How to Talk to the Principal

If you want a job with the US gov't above the labor/trade level, then yes, you do have to produce a certified (stamped with the original college seal) academic transcript. If you want a job with a security clearance (god help you), then you produce a lot more than just the paperwork. It is really not a good idea to tamper with or falsify academic records. The job market is too competitive and you will be out on your backside when you're found out, with a much harder time finding other employment. And that's when, not if, smartypants.

This is NOT the fault of the schools. This is the fault of these boys' parents' failure to impart integrity. I'm a parent and I don't expect the schools to do my parenting for me, unlike a lot of people out there. Teachers have enough to do and have every right to expect standards of behavior from students.

BBC redesigns and 'widgetizes' homepage


To Mark

Mark, I pay through the nose for cable television service, over $100 per month, and out the wazoo for internet service, $95 per month and rising, and still can't see footy as provided by the BBC, I have to pay extra for that too (MatchLive with the BBC broadcast, Setanta Broadband by the month, in addition to fees for the cable sports package and the FoxSawkerIdiotChannel). What I am objecting to is the attitude toward outside-the-UK as opposed to inside, especially when it comes from the BBC, which used to be world-class, and as far as I am concerned is becoming second-class.

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BBC ads served only to international visitors

Sigh. So only expats and Americans have to fight with the ads.

Dear BBC:

Why do you do it? Why do you act so childishly? Why do you make yourselves look so niggardly and snobbish? is it because you can't help it?

Please spare me your business model, it's forced you to cut back dramatically so why should I be forced to support it?

At present I get your headlines on the iGoogle widget and if I want to look further I can use those links. You've taken FiveLive away from your expat audience and your anglophilic users, and now you crap on us again by forcing us to fight with a badly-formatted and UGLY ad column. Why should I bother with you at this point?

I used to love the Beeb. Not any more.