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Metal Gear Solid 4 to launch on 12 June

john cargill

Hope it's good

The game offerings for PS3 have really been unimpressive.

The bundle is an obvious marketing ploy just like the halo3 edition of xbox. With halo 3 pulling more than some movies, this makes sense.

Blu-ray winning in Europe

john cargill

no brainer

yeah just bought combo dirve, I'll buy which ever format is the cheapest.

HD DVD fights back in the US

john cargill

lg has combo player

just bought lg combo drive for PC and several cheap hd dvds

toshiba needs to get hd dvd rom and hd dvd-r drives out for PC i

Toshiba HD-EP30 HD DVD player

john cargill

It's a really good price

It's a really good price, then you can switch to a combo player later when they are cheaper.

Oz video rental giants go Blu-ray only

john cargill

HD DVD all the way

ADDITIONALLY, the programming language used by Bluray, BD-J, is said to be giving the Studios hell to program, and is making it harder to release titles than the language used on HD DVD, called HDi. This was cited as a reason why Paramount and Dreamworks last week dropped the Bluray format and became exclusive studios on the HD DVD side. FURTHERMORE, the studios stated that it is GOOD that the HD DVD players are all built to ONE superior specification than the Bluray players, since this means that the studios can be confident that EVERYONE will get the same fantastic user experience out of any HD DVD discs they release to the market.