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Microsoft dumped after India PM's emails go AWOL


Been there, seen that ...

Only three months, they had some outside help, obviously.

419ers take Canadian for $150,000


Sad day to be a Canuck

Is it certain this guy is Canadian ? Is he from the Bush family tree perhaps ? Hmmm can I get his email address I believe he owes me some "legal fess" for tarnishing the reputation of Canadians.

oh yeah, he'll pay ...

Doctors: Third babies are the same as patio heaters

Paris Hilton

HumVee == strecthmarks

I'll get my coat, Paris cuz she's a hot-air source

British Columbia stray foot tally hits six

Dead Vulture

Coroner says Foot Traffic is way up

Alternative headline ... Going to beach no way to get ahead


HP settles patent row with Acer


HP and backdoors

is Acer next to be sued for updater software with virii friendly backdoors built in ?

AMD manages to ship 'Budapest' for single socket boxes


aMan from TuRing

Doug, don't talk to the martian, he's just a computer.

Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'


Wheelbarrow handles

on the back of sportscar.

Whitehats tackle The Great Botnet Dilemma


format C:\


Laptop vendors burned in battery plant blaze


Re Lithium ion Cells Are Dangerous ... get a grip

My friends in tech all shuddered in horror to look upon a li-ion battery flaming and spitting its ENERGY away after having been abused.


Those same guys forgot about the latest car full of crispy people how found out the very hard way how dangerous gasoline is in a car crash.

As the energy density goes up, so does the danger in most cases.

I drive a diesel so that instead of dying in a fiery wreck I can dazedly step out of my mashed VW, slip on my oily (non-burning) fuel and break my neck ;-)

How big an eco-hazard is IT equipment?


Plasma and a meter

Years ago I bought a meter to help me document where the electricity in my home was being used. Brilliant little widget, debunked all sorts of erroneous energy common wisdoms.

My 50" plasma (chuckle to the extension comment above) uses an average of 300 watts.

My 42" lcd uses an average of 200 watts.

Plasma ain't the big bad wolf lcd salesmen would have you believe.

Further, when its -27°C outside there is no waste heat, period. I am tempted to run a "fireplace video" on it on those wickedly cold days !


Microsoft's Yahoo! takeover faces technical challenges

Dead Vulture

< Center >

Nor, arguably, has a previous purchase played such a central strategic role.

Has the author ever heard of DOS ?


Indian IT sector will employ 2m by end of 2008

Dead Vulture

Like a train

One guy at the front, doing something, one guy in the back making sure nothing falls off, two thousand inbetween, along for the ride.

Been there, seen that.

Microsoft plugs 'critical' hole in Vista


Lies, damn lies, and statistics

http://secunia.com/graph/?type=sol&period=2007&prod=13223 shows that Vista was 6% full of unpatched holes whereas the comparative graph for Ubuntu shows no such horror.

Reading Secunia's pages will inform one of the lack utility in comparing this data as its like comparing apples to useful computers or even oranges.

McAfee spies malware in legit JavaScript apps

Dead Vulture


javaSCRIPT is unrelated to java and never gets into the (cat-turded) sandbox.

The Electric Car Conspiracy ... that never was

Gates Horns

Professor of Bull$hit

Should be the author's degree, spare me the "the Hummer is efficient `` nonsense. Panasonic was building a factory to produce batteries for electric cars when GM sold the Ovonic (NiMh) patents to Texaco-Chevron and was told (court order) that they could not afford to license the battery production.

Canadian runs up $85,000 mobe bill


Customers need be tested ... Smarter than phone ...

I bought mine on ebay at a quarter of retail price, why cuz its original didn't have a clue. Do I use telus' exquisitely expensive data ? Not a bit. Why ? Because 1) I read the cost, 2) If I wanted to surf the web on a low res screen with 400mhz cpu I'd build a friggin time machine and go back to the 90's. The boy`s an idiot and so are the people he`s doing business with.