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Sun lands Sparc-Xeon super on Cape Town



Err great and all that but with the monopoly on international bandwidth how are they going to share all that data...?

Stob latest: It was a cunning trick, says Open University


Better to go to a proper uni..

My missus went to a 'proper' uni while I did a OU course in the evenings. After talking to some of her fellow students I found someone who was doing the same course as I was. His material (from the 'proper' place) was clear and understandable, he had far less work, and didn't turn up to 3/4 lectures. Exams came and 3 years later he has a good degree after working hard for the exams. I gave up after 3 months as the volume of work (6+hours a day), terrible material (as per the article) and unhelpful tutors were doing my head in. Better to save for a few years and enroll at a decent university, skip lectures and work hard at exams. That way at least your degree will be worth more than the paper its printed on when you go to another country...

Microsoft should buy Rackable instead of building custom computers

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Witht eh way M$ is going with Windows 7 and Server 2008 Core, ie back to basics and command line's I tihnk a purchase of Rackable may very well lead to modular appliances for things like IIS and SQL. That way the OS becomes negligable in the grand scheme of things, M$ use their recent cloud/utility exposure to ensure that the scalability is there and bang, easy datacentre for monkeys.

3 pre-pay database server has a Sunday snooze

IT Angle

Cluster, failover, backup

They never heard of these?

ICANN to throttle domain tasters


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Mandriva and TurboLinux unveil 10-person strong Manbo

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@ AC

I tried to install Ubuntu - 7.04 and 7.10 recently on my Dell D410. I didn't ever have to get the console running but a lot of the apps were half-cooked and didn't work fully. I ca understand that everyone wants to do some 'customising' etc, but @ AC (earlier) - why can't everyone just work towards one unified distro? I too would like to use 'Linux OS' on my system, but only when there is one common base to work from. RPM, DEB, MYEGOISOVERINFLATED - all these package formats make it a bloody nightmare for an end user.

So a lot of people will end up staying in Bill's Unexcellent Adventure, and moving towards his Unexcellent Adventure 2, unless you linux bunch can get your act together and stop playing big swinging d*ck.

Schools minister touts 'one interweb per child' pork barrel

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cost of M$?

I think most people here are under the impression that schools / LEA's pay reatil ro OEM prices for software... thay don't. Think 1000 CAL's of Exchange for £500, and Office 2003 Premium @ £20.. And support for free. M$ pay their way into the system, so no Linux will ever get into schools.


Good stuff and nonsense

I was involved with the rollout of the LGFL in Westminster and have seen the uptake (lack of) in schools. The gov thinks up all these grand schemes, forces the taxpayer to pay but never bothers to follow through to completion. Hundreds of cachepilot machines (£1000 cost to schools) are still sitting around doing bugger all as no-one knows how to use them.

I agree with the adore mentioned in that training must be given before more grand schemes. I've seen teachers who can't use a mouse..

Microsoft unveils Xbox 360 HD DVD drive emulator



Isn't the HDDVD on the Xbox made by Toshiba? And all this release seems to be is a software version of that... Maybe we should be thankfull that MS are trying to force the HDDVD standard onto the market so we can all save some cash and only have a single hi-def format to buy....


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