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Which? calls for compensation for users hit by Windows 10 woes

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Re: MS abandoning Windows??

This is a British company, if you are worried about the NSA access then they must be ge

Hang on...

Wait a minute...

ttining it from....


US senators get digging to find out the truth about FCC DDoS attack

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Re: "McAfee as a 'cyber security expert"

You obviously don't mean you rely on Microsoft

Tor ‘sunsets’ secure Messenger that never exited beta

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Who said that?


Your email address is never published


Forgotten password ?

Remember me on this computer

FAIL - the most incompetent IT pros

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I am sitting here in 2016 wondering whatever made me want to post a weather blog in the middle of a forum about computer tech.

Then I picked up a laptop I have been meaning to reboot for the last few moths but lost the dvd for.

It just occurred to me to lift the lid and see if I put it there.


Good job!

Time for bed.

Some old SAP systems have default kernel user accounts. Guess what happened next?

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I'm going to have to change my name

Soldyer of Freedom how does that sound?

And for my Thumbdowners, here is some white noise: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+19%3A11-21&version=ESV


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Pavlofian conditions

Far too soon to say but this is the first line-up we have had in a while. Take a look at the sea surface pressure charts for NA-EFS on 31st March.

It won't be an earthquake judging by the Indian Ocean storm but if the next Chilean was a mag 7 instead of whatever that would have been a full house or straight flush or something.

Line-storm > Sun-storm > Volcano > Alaska quake > Chile quake? > Indian Ocean, tropical storm 17.

Congratulations to me for showing what be; don't buy it, don't buy it, if you don't want to see. Ooh; nearly forgot the sun-storm, there fixed it. Rules for 6 hand brag:

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.

I really don't want to win one where people get hurt but if it has to be done to wake them up to new possibilities, then screw them. Let's hope that god will divert the energy to the best places it could fit.

According to Bom the highest energy is for Thursday noon:


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Re: Developments

> https://weather.gc.ca/ensemble/naefs/cartes_e.html

> 31st of march 2016. There is a line of cyclonic systems (Lows) running from the North to South in that one at the moment:

Jacob was touched by a god for refusing to give up in a conflict with one. I think that is where we get the term "touched" from. The idea that certain people seem abnormal mentally may be due to them having a so called "gift" as with people gifted with the ability to make or break codes (an ability utilised by the British Government to break German codes prior to and during World War 2.)

With a permanent injury, an arthritic sensitivity to weather would set in as he aged (if that is what occurred.) I wonder how he would have been able to make any sense of his ability. If it required him finding out about earthquakes and volcanoes it is unlikely to have been usable but I am unfamiliar with the weather in that region. Obviously weather sensitivity is a useful ability for a man tending livestock but the end result is deterioration until life becomes unbearable.

It is funny how we hang on to it though.

In the forecast 24 hours earlier: The line is broken with an intervening anticyclonic system. 24 hours later and the line still exists to a certain extent. The chances of this line becoming volcanic rather than seismic is thus good. The greatest problem is that the stability of such conditions is hampered by the synergy they build. Three cyclones adjacent one another increase the flow of an air current beyond the energy value required to produce an interruption.

Imagine three gyroscopes all turning in the same direction. The flow of air along each side of them is insupportable. Any inflow to the central one fails and the instability forces the development of a large single system:

The alternative is for them to draw in another anticyclone and that way destroy the established air flow. However the system behaves, what is most likely going on will also produce a volcano with an eruptive energy called strombolian. The minimum output on the VEI scale is 100,000 cubic yards/metres This is 0 VEI. Level 2 is a million cubic yards or meters but the classification method is too subjective for comparative analysis. If a volcano was producing this much material every day it's landscaping effect would make charts out of date in a year or so:


I seldom comment on volcanic types since reports on them are so poor. The reason for doing so today is that the consensus of today's reports from two mountains as strombolian. But another article on magma in the Wikipedia states that the flow is forced by the magmatic eruptions, which involve the decompression of gas within magma that propels it forward.

It doesn't sound like the science has moved on from the biblical analysis described before the time of Moses as poking them with sticks. None the less what little news of them we have is enough to tell us that systems increase as the weather. This is all I need for my interpretations. I hope that they do not improve their charts sufficiently to ruin their usefulness to me.

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This is a poorly constructed website that works perfectly for what I do with it.

See if you can open the sea level charts on it. Now click your way through to the 31st of March 2016. There is a line of cyclonic systems (Lows) running from the North to South in that one at the moment.

The problem with such charts is their reliability out to 5 days. This problem is the 5 day wave also called butterfly effect. It is called the butterfly effect because nobody but me and god knows what causes it. Me and god and you. (and a few other people but we won't mention them.)

Any line of systems like that is a signal of intense geophysical activity. This one seems like it is indicating a large earthquake in the region of central or South America. If it holds that pattern for several consecutive days we will know it means it. And that we should be taking precautions. The first precaution is against brain farts. People like me (Earthquake Sensitives) are particularly prone to making stupid mistakes on such occasions. This plays havoc with work routines especially stuff that you are not very good at.

Sometimes when you ace stuff by zenning it through that is because those farts are short-cuts through to mental break-throughs too. Usually we tend to screw up this is because if we are not in the right job we are more or less unemployable.

Fortunately we are gifts from god or "Touched" so there are jobs that we are good at. we are what the ignorant call geniuses, if we can find our metier. We are called touched because we are considered sidelined from society any variation from the norm in modern culture is sidelend thus. Generally we are so bad that we are immediately recognisable and people tend to make allowances. But sometimes we are the kind of people it is very difficult to deal with and they don't.

The weather is like that. That is why senior meteorologist can be granted reasonable salaries. Sometimes they get good jobs for being photogenic and willing to stand out in the rain. If you are that good it wouldn't matter how poor your speech is or how ugly you are nor how insensitive to other people or things. But I digress.

This is about how weather develops. If it fails to develop as per requirements we still get something out of it only it may be sacked. it's unlikely we have senior meteorologists to prevent juniors making critical mistakes. This is why they have the power to teach you that you can learn better or look elsewhere for work. (A problem with inheritance and promotion, is that fools tend to promote the wrong people for political reasons or one's ability to choose the right parents at the right time.)

But today we have the Internet so whatever happens these days becomes clear. We are the locust hoard mentioned in scripture. Or not. But for now this is something worth bearing in mind. If you have one.

If you have any thoughts on this beware that they don't end up in a book which will be used as evidence against you.

As far as you are concerned; I am a weather god. perhaps I should use the word "guru" but I never thought of myself as that. Believe it or not it sounds like aggrandisement. I will let you make your own mind up. We have time.

US govt says it has cracked killer's iPhone, legs it from Apple fight

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Speaking as a grasshopper

It looks like the FBI have come out of the woodwork. It will be interesting if this turns into Armageddon a fourth world war between truth and secrecy. According to the Gronads it is: "With the court filing, Silicon Valley and Washington are poised to return to a cold war over the balance between privacy and law enforcement in the age of apps". I have suddenly found myself in the army.


And they blinked first!

Cunning scam: Mobe app stalks victims then emails booby-trapped bogus speeding tickets

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Re: youtube posse

If it stops fat redneck arseholes pulling old women out of their cars in the middle of the night through the bloody windows, that has to be a good thing. It might even prod the plod into killing less dark skinned people by default.

Boffins urged to publish in free journals by science sugardaddy

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Re: Open access

Too late to edit my post but:

The arXiv.org website is under all-too-frequent attack from robots, spiders and accelerators that mindlessly download every link encountered, ultimately trying to access the entire database through the listings links. Obviously, large search engines offer an invaluable service to web users and we work with them to find efficient and effective ways to index arXiv content. In many cases, however, we are subject to accidental denial-of-service attacks by well-intentioned but thoughtless novices, ignorant of common sense guidelines.

Following the de-facto standard for robot exclusion, this site has maintained since early 1994 a file /robots.txt that specifies those URL's that are off-limits to robots (and this "Robots Beware" page was originally posted March 1994).

Mindlessly downloading all of the URLs on this site will return terabytes of data. This has very real cost to us in terms of bandwidth consumed, and in terms of the responsiveness of our service for our many tens of thousands of real users.

> After killing Aaron Swartz the MiT put all their stuff on line

If he was accessing MiT or the above site at Cornell he was costing them money and the prosecution was just so it was most likely the poor human relations that US justice systems employ that caused his suicide. I had always assumed that nice guys finish last because they are capable of keeping going when the arse-holes stop functioning.

It turns out that the good guys tend to get bumped off by FBI snipers.

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Open access

> I thought all journal were open access

A painful experience that it turns out was doing me a favour. With access to unlimited information I would have been swamped with mostly wrong information.

After killing Aaron Swartz the MiT put all their stuff on line, most of it that I have seen on You Tube is unwatchable. But you don't expect quality control on You Tube. It seems like the Internet was designed just for people who liked poor visibility, crappy audio and unviable projects.

Micro Focus spends $540m to add Serena its software brand museum

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> Borland... haven't heard that name for a while...

Was it on the ropes for a while before that?

Bet 365 seem to think it has a future in the same old same old:

Find a bunch of fools and take their money equates to find a selection of non participants and and accrue their overspill.

How far back does being able to track your emails go?


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Pointing in the right direction

> The wind storm for Carlsberg Ridge will show up on here in a week or two:

What it is is that the period between magnitude 5.5 earthquakes indicates the category hurricane and the time period involved for them is a minimum of 15 to 18 hours. (Sorry to be vague but numbers are not my style.) But you have seen how inductive "Weatherlawyer's Constant" is -or can be. It is all a matter of the singularities entrained in the naviewr Stokes effect.

The alternative way to do it is the charts from BoM:

If enough water intake hits the shores of Antarctica, because of recoil and the mountain heights on the shores (I've covered this stuff elsewhere) the pressure drop is enough to pile up the layers of isobars until it points like a boiling abscess. This takes place twice in the model run showing today (26 March 2016). The first one looks like a dud to me (but there is an occasional Tropical Depression that makes it) this one looks like it will turn into volcanic activity. Probably Reunion.

Precipitates (fog, snow, ice, rain, cloud) coming in from Africa will deepen a system at 80 degrees east. These things tend to grow to the size of a continent before breaking away. This one goes around to 160E. before breaking up into what looks like volcanic activity (excuse the short-hand. Weather doesn't cause anything ballistics shows us that.)

The next one around, in about the same places, terminates as what I think will be more line-storms. That first one breaks up into smaller stuff around Tuesday and the follow-up runs over, into the Ross Ice Shelf. Antarctica fills with those tell tale black lines.

If I am right we will know about Tuesday or Wednesday, just in time for the Listserv news-letters. If I am even more correct, the next round of storms will begin around the end of this run at about T+156. So there you have a full run of a weather spell from derechos to earthquake to homing signal for the next tropical storm.

Here endeth the first lesson. I would like someone to present The Register with an Edward Snowden/Guy Fawkes mask for use as a suitable icon. And since I am right: For being clever, I'd like a copy with the biblical accoutrements of a fellow Locust (crown and reflective breast-plate, long hair etcetera) please.

Thanks in advance


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Honey to a Locust?

Are you kidding me?

> Well, if I remember my army training re land-mines correctly, there is a way to find out - but you're NOT going to like it.

I'm a locust, honey. I like everything. Except toothache and volcanoes; they hurt. The cure for toothache is oil of cloves or cinnamon, or a lump of ginger root, if you can't get cocaine. That will get you through the few days that you need to prevent further excessive pain. Toothache is caused by a swollen abscess AKA a boil. It is excruciating because of the temperature change produced eating food and the food you have been eating, i.e too much sugar.

The excess sugar produces the abscess and the location is under a tooth where it can't point and break. So what you have to do is let it drain itself. And you do that by not eating any sugar at all for a few days. I can only tell you what I have just learned from experience. I doubt it is all down to the change in the weather. But that is hardly proof. In the mean time I know that all but the thumbdowners will be pleased for my relief.

I suggest that if you are on an high sugar diet; especially if it concerns poison made with corn cellulose and sulphuric acid, you come off that stuff right away. If you feed it to your cattle I would suggest you do them a favour and find them something more suitable. If you are feeding it to big dogs I would watch your back with them. They don't feel pain the way that we do and if you drive them mad enough you won't get them off easily.

I should imagine the cure for volcanic eruptions is somewhat similar to that fortoothache (Fractals and Chaos Theory/Doctrine of Signatures, sort of thing) however as far as I know volcanoes don't eat sugar. They might enjoys something much worse: Fungi. I don't know how much sugar fungi produce but most forests depend on whatever it is that they actually do do. So presumably removing their forests removes their do do too. And the reaction causes grief. Take a look at this and tell me I am wrong:

"And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you."

Obviously it could just be describing warfare but speaking as the planet's most advanced weather man (let's face it: Now is no time for modesty especially false modesty.) OK; the owners of this site already know who I am; I gather they have removed the one post for political reasons rather than disagreement with my views. Because I am still here.

I am not just I approve of spending I am Weatherlawyer. I may talk nonsense but it is Internet wide nonsense. And you can look up my credentials anywhere. (Except WordPress someone from AOL grabbed my name but at least he appears to be a genuine lawyer which is more than I am.)

Anyway... I think that this is a reference to the weather and associated ruptures:

"...for the men of the land who have been before you have done all these abominations, and the land has become defiled; so that the land will not spew you out, should you defile it, as it has spewed out the nation which has been before you. For whoever does any of these abominations, those persons who do so shall be cut off from among their people.…"

Well so much for volcanoes. It is time we took another look at the Australian charts. We already have a location for the next tropical storm so now it would be an idea to get the chronology for it. Temporal portability somebody called it, earlier this spell.

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Call me Mr Far'n'height

No time for luzers 'cause we are the champions of the world, like a rolling stone. In all disparagement to my last reader at least he didn't post anonymously, in a manner of speaking. And to the ones that bite the dust: Eat my shit.

I don't cause any of these things. I just forecast them. Like Snowden, I don't look fearsome to my enemies I look like a mirror reflecting a guilty conscience and regret for things to come. Stop being a loser. What else can I say?

This is us:


03:24 5.6 Mb Carlsberg Ridge

03:24 5.6 Mb Carlsberg Ridge


21:36 5.0 M Off East the Coast of Kamchatka

21:36 5.2 mb Off the East Coast of Kamchatka


Froude numbers up to 5.5M equate to category 10 or 11 on the Beaufort scale. After that you are in my country. Don't come unprepared. I will eat you all up like a big bad wolf. Then shit you out. I kid you NOT. Gear up now, FAST!

We had the wind-storm for Kamchatka, the one for Carlsberg Ridge will show up no here in a week or two:

http://www.tropicalstormrisk.com/ The previous Cat 1 on the Beaufort Scale was on 2016/03/21 at 16:54 a 5.6 M. in the North Pacific. Allowing 3 or 4 hours per step in the scale we have the magnitude of the coming storm(s).

2016/03/21 at 7pm to 2016/03/26@ 3am is 5+(4x24)+3/ 3(or 4) which is a Cat 5 + a sun-storm (not counting volcanic activity.)

You have been warned.

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One thumb down later

I could be wrong but the Tornado season looks like starting early. Next Thursday to be precise. Let's hope it is just volcanics instead.

In the meantime:

The NA-EFS is pointing to the 28th as a major change in things to come. So we have to hold our breath for the hols to end. Let us hope that the thumbdowner has left us with deepjoymould. Hopefully the geosticyphing will be glowballsey somewhere more stoopiful.

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I thought there was more.

Time for bed.

3 am and you owe me one. What happened to the connection to Google Docs that Open Office had?

I can't see it in Libre Office is it there?

OK that's it. The sky has cleared so there will be frost and an High on the Atlantic soon. Some weather-lore for you: Good volcanic activity is preceded by cold weather -even snow. Look out for Mare's Tails they mean category 4 or 5 storms after about two or three days.

Good luck.

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Re: The back door to heaven

> Now Satan is roaring with pain and fear and hunger.

I've got gout and it flared up recently I have had toothache for a week and subsequent loss of sleep; so if I am a little teenie tiny bit irascible I hope you can put up with me.

This was about the so called five eyes. How would god attack them?

Let's start with the feet of clay. Or iron partly mixed with clay. What is reinforced concrete made of?

I don't think they used reinforcing in the first century and therefore it was unlikely used in Daniels time either. But you make concrete out of clay. And if we are living in that era then he is going to start tearing a lump out of a mountain soon isn't he?

And pointing it at the last Empire. I presume you can guess who that must be since the British one fell in disgrace in the 1940's. And what is the USA famous for but the intrusiveness of its armed forces. They were traditionally the first things to fail in any hand-overs of biblical times, that and the economies.

It occurred to me the stone doesn't have to be a solid block nor does it have to be a stone. Silicon would fit the clues given. I am not saying I am right, just that if you are looking diligently you might want to be keeping your mind open as well as your eyes. All five of them.

Line-storms are traditionally the province of the mid west and the USA has been badly hit by the weather in recent days. I was just wondering that if we were to bring it all down on ourselves what would be the worst or best way of doing it. There is so much poetry in god's activities that well, I don't have to draw you a picture, do I?

I did go back to the SkyWarn Forum which aptly, has a section called The War Room and I couldn't resist:


"If you look at any list of earthquakes greater than 5.5M. it will lead you to derechos

http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/> 160308 < _rpts.html Day/Month/Year < USA format.

There is one exception; that was an Indonesian quake... "

I think that was an Australian Line-storm. I haven't looked at much of that stuff, for the usual reasons that I was busy doing other stuff, e.g. the Chilean quakes always seem to run in a line from Fiji through Gibraltar and then around and along the Weddel Sea, home. (There seems to be some sort of a Fijian Triangle with earthquakes.)

About the fear:

I have tooth ache and learned something about psychosomatics today. I have been thinking of little else to tell the truth. I was on a course that should have hurt my brain with confusion as it does with people my age. But instead of warming my brain it went straight to my teeth. Or one of them. And they all rang out in sympathy. I've hung on because there is a volcanic eruption due and I usually suffer accordingly and so, since I was going to be in for it anyway...

Normally it is a crick in the neck/shoulder or lower back but this bout seems more odd than previously.

Anyway we are not supposed to be the ones in fear. In fact quite the opposite. It's a simple decision we have to make. (If I am not wrong.) Think about it: What did Jesus ever say that would lead anyone to think he is a vengeful bastard like the rest of us, well like me anyway?

So what have we got to fear?

It might be good, Hell, it may be fun.

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> Let's give him a couple of days to sort it out, shall we?

I'd forgotten about that post. That one was about the Apple case and the lucicrous bullying and more importantly wait... when Did I post that one on here?

Damn you have woken me up you bastards. I won't be able to sleep for ages now.

OK. I'll go and get another coffee. This had better be worth it.

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> Are these some kind of obfuscated messages?


Damn, I came here to post another one but all this unexpected activity has made me forget what it was.

Let me go through them for you:

The first one is about the technology of Australian Global Model originally based on the Richardson pre-computer pre-computed days. A certain Glowballs denier pointed out that the Antarctic has only a few thermometers and yet the Australians can compile a supermodel of the Polar Seas.

If Glowballs is such an important problem then how come they had to do it like that.

And of course if there is unusual planetary activity, what could be causing it -or is this the Koch brothers' chopping all the trees down in wherever it was in the 1960's or 70's to make newspaper possible or something to with scouring the last of the continental shelves and then throwing all the fish that we killed back until we catch better ones until the sea floor is fucked up beyond recognition or as the greenies say, due to an increase of 300 or so ppm of co2 in the last 100 years-or whatever?

I prefer to think of it as something else. (That is: Not the latter.)

The next one was about radio frequencies and destruction engineering or as I like to think about earth-science: Terra-forming. As for the rest I am too tired now to waste my time on anyone that might be supercilious.

But I had something to say so I will be back when I have had time to recover -if you are still interested, or even whatever. Oh yes, people with gout are extra-ordinarily sensitive to IR. We can sense how long a heater has been switched off, for example. I was going to suggest that they could be trained for land mine clearing. If anyone knows what the pay is I might be interested. No promises -besides, how do I find out if it's even possible. Ah well. Some other time.

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Whose Jake?

And what has he to say that is more interesting than Line-Storms, Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions unless of course it is sudden stratospheric warmings?

You are not a greenie are you or a geologist?

If you hadn't a clue until I introduced you to Mr Clue by the 24th:

These were the line storms


http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/160324_rpts.html <<< note date

The earthquake is not due until the next one or possibly the day after.

Then we get news of increased volcanic activity and then we .. wait where am I?

Oh yes SSWs. I haven't done much with them so I am not sure how interesting they are. If you are a geologist it would be better for your health if you fuck off now. If you are a greenie this is still going to hurt. That can't be helped. Maybe you will learn something, it's never too late but more likely you will prefer to take my advice. In which case:


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The back door to heaven

Heaven's got back doors; of course it has.

How do you suppose Satan gets in there?

He is god's son same as all the other angels, so why would they want to keep him out?

He is a liar and a killer so he can't be found with god. None the less, there were a couple of times, at least, when he presented himself to god and god asked him what had he been up to?

"Just surfing Earth."

"Have you noticed my servant Job?"

"What about him?"

"There is nobody like him on that planet"

"Give him to me for a few days and I'd make his pips squeak."

"He's yours but look after him."

So what is all this about a back door?

Well I am not talking abut a computer hack obviously. I doubt they have cable in heaven but even so; volcanoes are famous for their ability to produce pure glass and we know that all sorts of strange purification creatures live in their vents or bowels. So we know plenty of back-doors to hell. And what lives there.

We know one more thing about heaven besides the kinds of creation that live there. Apparently cherubim and Seraphin are the guards and we know that Satan and his brothers are in a state of dense darkness, presumably this is so, even in heaven. Maybe I am assuming too much but isn't it logical that the guards would surround him and god, like white blood-cells, when the demons are there and consequently, they would block Satan off like the clot he is from any access to Jehovah?

So; this other thing, there was going to be a war in heaven. You can't really imagine all the angels attacking each other on white horses not with spears and cudgels. And shedding blood all over the place. Can you?

So what sort of a war are we talking about. Obviously it was a case-at-law sort of a war. So how would the arch-angel win such a war?

Because he was a mighty god and all power was given to him. All he had to do was call off his guards they had the job of defending heaven, so if he asked them to step aside and they obeyed him...

Where were the demons going to hide?

Well the Bible has already told us that answer. Jesus chucked them out. So there was obviously a door. But I have just described a root-kit too, haven't I?

Or some sort of anti-virus-ware. How many demons do you think have been back to see god in the time of the Feet of Clay?


Their leader?

or... None?

Because all the good guys would let him become exposed to Jehovah. "Try that on!"

Now Satan is roaring with pain and fear and hunger.

Jesus has washed out their grub. After the Flood, they no longer had root but now they don't even have a password either.

I'm not making this up. It is all there in the bible, ask any Missionary or Witness about what it says in the bible next time they knock on your door. See for yourself if I am lying. It's not me that made this up. I'm not telling you anything that you can believe. Why does it have to be a matter of religious faith when you can just look for yourself and bloody well see it straight for what it is?

You can forecast Line Storms -I just showed you how. And Volcanoes are almost exactly the same.

But Earthquakes are easier to forecast. There's any amount of ways for forecasting them. Bloody fools call me a liar, when all they need to do is damned well look.

Some people would make a saint swear.

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He is coming in the clouds

Do you make it leap like a locust, striking terror with its proud snorting?

And I saw before me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fszkxcJt7U

She is hardened against her young ones, as though they were not hers: her labour is in vain without fear;

because God has made her forget wisdom and given her no share in understanding. Yet when she spreads her feathers to run, she laughs at horse and rider.

Hacking god?

Fancy having a go?

God speaks to men any way he chooses, consider my first post on here: The charts on BoM; where am I going with that?

Here is another one for you :~]

After posting this link to a NOAA affiliated website I found myself locked out. They probably just upgraded their security. Or maybe not?

I got warned off them before. I stayed away for about 8 years but came up with stuff I thought they should know. You'd think they'd be interested, wouldn't you?



Hmm... Shall I give them another chance?

Nah... I don't think so. If they want to know anything they can just come and ask me, they live close enough to Utah they probably know how often I go to the toilet -even the quality of toilet paper I use

Paranoid ?

Eat my shit NSA!

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Take 5

There is a nice little reminder from The Register when you post a reply it goes something like:

"Thank you for wasting your time on here.

Rather than settling world shaking disputes, why not take some more to go and put the kettle on, while our HHTP website sorts through its java-script-knicker-elastic, to see which has the most drawer. You have 10 minutes to wait, anyway, before you can forget about your spelling mistakes and start wondering about your next reply. Why not read on?

Perhaps they should edit that to:

"Our server is mulling your post, if you keep hitting F5 often enough you might have a chance to rephrase some of your nonsense. Be sure to scroll down through more popular posts than your, to check you have not been binned."

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Push dare or swim?

Equinox and nothing funny yet. It's always good when aircraft start falling out of the sky; it makes forecasting so easy. Or it did. These days we have the Line-Storm conundrum. Previously, you could tell the difference between an earthquake and a storm by way of its bounce. If it slides into oblivion it is an earthquake if it bounces off then comes back for more, it's a storm.

You can see what I mean from the BoM chart for these:



If you archived them (like I do;~)

The problem is the disparity between Norman Time and Universal Time. But we can't have everything, so we just have to live with these:



Or not, as the case may be. I was just thinking about all this when reading:

"There has been little doubt recently that this has been the final break-down.

Here's a rather interesting snippet:

On Wednesday 16th March the 50-80 deg N 10hPa zonal wind was a 25m/s easterly. This is the strongest easterly for any day on record (since 1948). It means that this past winter broke the all-time records for both strongest westerly and strongly easterly 10hPa zonal winds - and only 49 days apart.

Roll on summer indeed. We've already had a couple of 21 deg C days here this spring but it's been a roller-coaster of temperatures, as it often is in the Midwest at this time of year. It looks like we have further anomalously cold shots coming east of the Rockies (and especially east of the Mississippi Valley) into April: western upper ridge and eastern trough re-emerging (positive PNA pattern), likely to be partly driven by MJO strengthening around Phase 8."

With corroborating forecasts for Wednesday from the MetOffice, as I like to say:


Because it is always nice to have a backup.

I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects


I just realised something about the above link and teleconnections that explains simple concepts like how the standing wave at Iceland called the Icelandic Low works. I was watching one of you lot destroy a microchip in a microwave. Horses for courses; that is what people like you do.

The video showed me what an Arphid looks like. Just a copper coil of a certain size in the middle of which is the electronic bit. You put the contraption in a microwave and it makes a pretty reaction. Not that dissimilar to toothache.

The gubbins in the middle of the coil corresponds to the eye of a cyclone and the location of the RFID (inside a microwave oven) corresponds to the geo-location called the North Atlantic, more precisely the region between Greenland and Norway -The Norwegian Sea. That location is an echo-box for the sound signals that cause storms.

I am pretty sure that I don't have to explain the rest to you. But I do have to do so for me, it's called closure.

Microwaves react with the coil because the frequency of the beam from a magnetron oscillates at one of the resonances that the coil magnifies. Imagine a beam of light whose cone is the same diameter as the coil. Because it fits and doesn't move away quickly enough (corresponding to wind shear) the beam builds up amplitude until the resonation destroys the chip in the eye.

The problem we are left with is not the disconcerting feeling that everything you have been told to believe in about other geo-phenomema now needs reappraisal. I dare say you can easily make the connections between resonances and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions for yourselves?

What next needs your careful consideration is that there is a first cause to these things that is as instantaneous as the switch on a microwave oven. The thought occurs to me that some of you might like a link to the site I was looking at?


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I just wanted to compliment the Australian meteorological people for being able to supply (free of charge) an amazing facility. This product can be used to forecast earthquakes, Tornadoes/Derechos and Tropical Storms along with (something I am still working on) volcanic activity.

Get it here:


Snowden 'more helpful than dangerous' says ex-Colin Powell aide

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Hiring yes men

I doubt very much that anyone decided to be a Yesman when he left school. Most of us get the best paying job we can find that we can do with prospects or we keep hoping.

That is why they get chosen. People that can use them hire them to do a certain specialist job and if they prove to be loyal as well as useful they may get offered promotion. It's a sticky business because after so many decades at the top you tend to become a yes man because people learn how to push your right buttons -for they too want tenure.

When new broom takes over the whole scene changes sometimes the son or grandson squanders it all before he finds out what he wants to really do. Sometimes he is well directed and gets over it. Sometimes the arse is a chimpanzee and there is nothing anyone can do.

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Them and US

The difference between the British and the USA is that their history is one of executing people who believe in exercising their right to speak to anyone they want to. We on the other hand tend to hang on to our spies in case they prove useful.

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Re: Still laughing at that episode of "Soap"...Bart....Bat!!!

> He decides how it's pronounced. He pronounces it Co-lin.

Not here he doesn't. Does he have the freedom to come here and find out or would the Germans have him arrested?

What you call yourself isn't worth worrying about; what others call you is everything. If history defines you as a murderer or war criminal .. Or you are defined for something that you did that was so special... Wow!

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It would soon be an empty bar

The Fifth Trumpet

The appearance of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle; and on their heads appeared to be crowns like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men. They had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like the teeth of lions. They had breastplates like breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, of many horses rushing to battle. And he wouldn't be wearing a tie!

Like Rolling Stone, with no direction home

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuTUr2WOUkQ (Feels cool actually. Well it IS!)

Ever wondered what the worst TV show in the world would be? Apple just commissioned it

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Re: Incomprehensible but shameless

That sounds like a neat introduction for a book I am writing. May I use it please?


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And the Title?

Liver let die, IT's the FBI.

Computers shouldn't smoke. Cigarettes aren't healthy for anyone

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Re: You think tobacco is bad?

> and the PC's needed regular de-catting.

No unions or decent management I suppose. But a phone call to health and safety at work would have produced an excuse for dole.

I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

Re: Keyboard hell

> smoke doesn't hang around like that

Damp smoke does in cold weather with high humidity as for example weather just prior to a line-storm. It turns into mildew where that condenses. I imagine that was the priciple cause of tuberculosis in the late 1930s until the clean air act.

Water treatment plant hacked, chemical mix changed for tap supplies

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Your View?

> My view is that the answer to that is something similar to Asimov's first law. "A <system> may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm."

You are obviously an idiot or too young to voice an opinion.

A public utility still using internet access after Stuxnet is liable for manslaughter charges and in any case the management need removing urgently, especially their security bods. If this had happened without such mitigation it would be an act of war. It probably still is.

I hope that Trump is as bomb proof as his predecessor because he really sounds like the sort of arse that America's enemies (or Israel's friends) want in.

Iain Duncan Smith's Universal Credit: A timeline

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Re: "the project has been going on too long to be cancelled"

> There should be no need to rely on charities if the same country that paid to train, transport, feed etc.etc. actually continued to appreciate their help.



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Re: "the project has been going on too long to be cancelled"


Dam was reading these in a http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/everyone-on-bus-writing-status-updates-about-each-other-20160321107351 frame of mind.

WTF posts stupid links like that on a serious magazine?!!! Bastard!!! Fucking bastard I can't read any more of this twaddle its all getting unconscionobbly real. Bastard!!!!

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Have an upvote

Not for your trouble but for sorting out my Logic circuitry. I was wondering if this news was a JoeJob or a JoeLogic failure. Now I...

What to call a £200m 15,000-tonne polar vessel – how about Boaty McBoatface?

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Piss poll


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Hot DAMN!!

But I feel so proud.

Is that the unladen weight or the body-line when it is full of dead Linux symbols and blubber?

Apple engineers rebel, refuse to work on iOS amid FBI iPhone battle

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Re: It's likely I'm missing something.

> "When something seems that obvious, then it's likely that I've either completely misunderstood the problem at hand, or else there are shenanigans going on."

The perp if that is what he was had the foresight to destroy some of his equipment. We don't know that he used pronto mail on them. We don't know if he used his own codes of methods that are traditionally more secure than book codes such as a book codes reading left to right right to left every other word and secret messages hidden in all that secret coding, foreign languages, slang and apparent spelling mistakes that only a very close friends would get even with cheat codes and cribs.

The makers of the phone are suspicious that a government agency might have it in mind that the FBI can still use maccarthyism to make them open up all their phones for wiretapping like in the good old days when nobody suspected that the FBI is as corrupt as the people who burgngled Watergate or more successfully, killed the President of the USA in the even better old days.

Shenanigans is putting it mildly and I am having my appraisal of corporate America raised as if by magic. It feels good. Some of the best advertising a joe Jobs ever accomplished.

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How American ...

> FFS! What is it with the fecking internet that demands we can have a joke and then have to spend 16 posts explaining why it was supposed to be fricking funny?

It's called telling a joke to foreigners. It seems to happen whenever you expect to tell one to Americans. The contumely is that of switching off ones' expectations.

NSW mulls privacy invasion laws

I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

I'd like to go and live in New South Wales.

Two provisos:

1. I have nothing to hide.

2. I wish that I already do live in New South Wales.

3. If I did already live in New South Wales I'd have bloody site more to hide than I already do.

It broke my heart that the Socialist Government in my country removed the last traces of human rights protection and put Julian Assange in prison. You expect that in places like third world countries and the USA.

But here?

Attack! Run. WTF? A decade of enterprise class fear and uncertainty with AWS

I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

And Google? A whole article about cloud, and they didn't get a single mention!

I can remember Open Office when it used to connect directly to Google Docs. I presume that has changed since I moved onto Libre Office. I notice for one thing that the direct import export tool on Libre Office doesn't have a Google connection. Any ideas why that is?

I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

Re: Amazon is the Walmart of the IT world

We can do IT for you Wholesale and then retail IT. What is stopping Walmart opening up it's shops to sell wracked space in empty spaces?

I imagine that there are plenty of fit young lads with empty pick ups looking for work.

And what is it about Amazon anyway that makes them so attractive to IT workers. I worked for them once and they were fucking shit. I don't think that it would take very much for any company to instil pride and financial compensation to anyone that has initiative when the only competition is Amazon.

Am I wrong?

Judge roasts Chipotle for firing guy who grilled bean counters on Twitter

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What lie?

> the lie about all the white rice they foist on you being healthy.

More please.

One in five PCs will be a tablet with detachable keyboard by 2020

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To have and have not

If you really want to know what the future of America looks like you only have to appreciate what life is like for an oil rich country that is being run by a bus driver -against the wishes of the extremely rich as is the case in Venezuela. Imagine more Simpsonesque patching if Trump gets elected. A one party system at war with itself.

The Internet of things will get much worse than what USAnians are already equipped with and the ability to drive a car will depend on the worst of things -which will at least make it easier for law enforcement to see whose selling vegetable derivatives.

So what exactly people will be connecting to HTTP@Register with will be fairly moot by then. NSA will get a cut in funding which will break the international cables as the morale on the submarines that spy on that arm of depredations falls.

Elongation Musk -in charge of satellite connectivity, will be leading religious morals to new heights and all the old military suppliers will get so thin that the Democrats start making inroads into peckerwoodville. I predict things are going to get very interesting. Especially when army recruitment falls so far below record low levels that even the National Guard has to get protection. (Probably from Mexican day labourers. Don't ask, don't tell, intel border guards?)

Trump that.

Mighty Soyuz stands proud at Baikonur

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Alternative others?

> Give me a nice Saturn 5 any day. Puts others to shame!

What others?

The slave labour that the US designers used... ah wait they used Nazi war criminals not slave labour. So who were the blokes that ran gasket goo around the concrete rings they built the errrrmmm someone remind me what did they use Loctite gasket goo on?

It can't be rocket science...

Or do you mean significan't others?