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London Underground platform Wi-Fi set to cost £2 daily for many



I'd say my average wait for a tube train is less than two minutes. Hardly enough time to even log on.

Lindsay Lohan storm over Hitler, Hurricane tweets: 'It was hackers'

Paris Hilton

auto tweet

I'm guessing she clicked the link on this page: http://theoatmeal.com/djtaf/j/88

Doctors sick of anonymous-coward NHS feedback commentards


All rather predictable

The cast majority of patients probably have a satisfactory and unremarkable trip to their local GP. These people are unlikely to be motivated to go online and leave a comment.

Those who are disgruntled, annoyed or dissatisfied will have plenty of motivation to go and air their grievances.

Eventually you end up with a forum full of complaints and everyone looks bad.

Mozilla releases Firefox 10, adds developer tools

Thumb Down

No Firebug...

No update.

Doomsday Clock ticks one minute closer to annihilation


Running the Doomsday clock must be a thoroughly depressing job

Presumably they spend their entire time thinking about how close to annihilation we all are.

Solar winds are blowing away the Moon's topsoil - NASA



We'll never be able to grow anything there now!

Isolated human genes can be patented, US court rules



So am I going to have to start paying for the use of my genes?

Got a website? Pay attention, Cookie Law will come


Yup they really haven't thought this through...

website: Can I store a cookie?

user: no.

// Next page

website: Can I store a cookie?

user: no

// Next page...

We should at least be able to store cookies so that we know the user doesn't want us to store cookies. Oh wait...

Fast-fingered oldster relieves shop worker of iPhone cash


Charge the shopkeeper.

Shouldn't the police be charging the shopkeeper with intent to purchase stolen goods?

MS warns over zero-day IE bug

Gates Horns

You could...

Follow Microsoft's advice, install extra software, watch a video on how it works and start hacking around so that: "this type of exploit will most likely fail".

Or you could just use a different browser.

'Porn lock' heralds death of WikiLeaks, internet, democracy, universe


We really must protect the children...

Yup, we need to protect the children from the absurd costs such a plan would incur. After all it's them that will be paying for this nonsense once they get a bit older and start work.

Google Earth 'Liquid Galaxy' open sourced*



Now everyone will be able ot have one of these in their home.

Oh wait...

Google's 'instant' search springs keyboard controls



but we already had keyboard navigation. Tab & Enter keys anyone?

How do you copy 60m files?



ctrl + c then ctrl + v?

DoH tells NHS to dump IE6


Ignoring the stupidity of recommending IE7

The DoH themselves still use IE6.

Trojan pr0n dialers make comeback on mobile phones


I for one welcome my nanny state

As my eyes drifted down to this post I was thinking the exact same thing.

Brown offers free laptops to deprived UK schoolkids


Why laptops?

Surely it would be much more cost efficient to provide desk tops?

For sale: Six European virtual strip machines


You what?

The european parliament website has a "for sale" section? Link please?

Need to buy some red tape.

Boffins (finally) publish hack for world's most popular smartcard


Dummies Guide

ok so where's my dummies guide to self re-inbursing the randon £4 that is regularly deducted from my Oyster card?

'Why not try nude female midgets?' says Microsoft Adcenter


Wish I wasn't at work

I'm strangely interested to know what on earth a search for "Duck porn" returns.

'Milestone' Microsoft service pack staples .NET's stomach

Gates Horns

just making it worse...

Whilst they focus on doing the job for you rather than giving you the tools to do the job; bloat is unavoidable.

Spreading the bloat just adds to the problem.

Mac users urged to ditch Safari


@ Adrian Jackson

"Mac users make me laugh. I never have security problems like this, because I use Linux, which is far more secure."

Really so Linux now comes with a gullible user patch?

Virgin warns 800 punters for file-sharing


Need a new ISP

So far this year they have

1: lost customer bank details:


2:attempted to miss-sell broadband speeds: http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news/news.phtml/15820/16844/asa-upholds-bts-virgin-complaint.phtml

3: started throttling download speeds:


4:Increased prices with sneaky letters like this:


and now this :(

Yup time for a new supplier.

A quarter of UK adults to go on child protection database


Nothing really new here.

According to the article the only difference between this proposal and the current CRB checks is that they will also hold data of your current job.

Unless I'm missing something, there is no real story here, people who work with, or even close to kids, need to have a CRB check and it has to be paid for. I'm not seeing much different here.

Mozilla guns for Guinness world record with Firefox 3.0

Paris Hilton

publicity stunt

From what I've seen of Firefox 3 beta the differences are pretty minimal. This is just a well timed publicity stunt jump from 2 to 3. Nicely between IE7 & 8.

Whilst I'm sinical I will still promote the day a bit because it's a great browser and a lot of people would be happier using it over IE.

Paris because she uses Firefox :)

German air passenger quaffs litre of vodka



If he'd transfered the contents of the bottle into 10 seperate 100ml bottles it would have been ok to take it on board?